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Best Fonts for Procreate Project: 15 Fonts That You Can Use

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Gather around artists and designers! This is the particular article that you want. A font recommendation of the readable fonts for Procreate. It’s not just the designs, the font is also the most essential part of conveying your work. So, let’s look at our best fonts for Procreate project on the compilation below! 

15 Best Fonts for Procreate

Below are 15 fonts that will make your designs complete. 

1. The Brands Quest

The Brands Quest

Let’s begin with The Brands Quest, a signature brush font. As a brush font, it’s easy to incorporate with this font into a wide range of projects. With a bit of color matching, the font can project a serious, fresh, vintage, or even fashionable atmosphere. 

2. Rustty


Just like the name suggests, Rustty is rusty. This monoline stamp typeface is bold and always stands out. Rustty is not just cool, but it’s also elegant with script-style writing.

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3. Sophiaticha


If you aim to show a feminine, young, and independent vibe in your projects, try Sophiaticha. This handwritten brush typeface is so sophisticated, you can radiate your ideas more easily with it. 

4. Balrog


Balrog is the fascinating font for Procreate if you need to make vintage designs. It’s marvelous in yellow, and what other font looks great in yellow except this one? The font is a monoline type. It is bold, strong, and masculine, but you can explore the ligatures and alternates to add more movement.

5. Mangrove


Another font for your vintage project is Mangrove. This one is classy. It is a sans font with a retro look. Every letter in this font is so full and loud. Mangrove also brings a masculine vibe and claims to be a mysterious typeface.

6. Western Wildler

Western Wildler

What’s wild? It’s Wertern Wildler partners. You already know what this font is suitable for. It is a slab and vintage font. Currently, your best font for Procreate if you need a piece of Wild West in your project.

7. Harllem


Another vintage font, but this one hit different. Harllem is a display vintage font. Harllem is cool, it’s perfect for automotive designs or to bring some vintage vibe to a music-related project. Be careful though Harllem is bold, so you might need to loosen up a bit.

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8. Lamorry


Lamorry has a vintage vibe in it, but also a modern look. The font is a monoline caps font. It’s suitable for clothing design, logos, and many more. Lamorry is mostly masculine, but you can see the elegance in there.

9. Mallorie


Mallorie is a young, catchy, and elegant font. It is the gorgeous font for Procreate if you need a handbrush font. Mallorie is robust, stylish, and fun for any project. It is perfect for fashion projects, culinary, or even cosmetics. 

10. Southwell


Southwell promotes so much beauty. It is a brush script typeface font. Using a thinner touch in the movements, Southwell highlights the beauty of the scratch effect. It’s perfect to pair with cosmetics designs, photos, and many more.

11. Komikaze


Kaboom! Pow! It’s Komikaze. This eleventh rank is a comic sans font. This creative typeface font can bring out so much energy. You can use the font as a fun collaboration in kids’ designs, your product sales, and many more. Have fun with it!

12. Megaloman


Megaloman is a stylish brush marker font. Unlike the regular brush font, a marker one looks stronger. Megaloman is equipped with the ligatures and alternatives to make your design unique. Not to mention the swashes to add emphasis to your work.

13. Wigglye


Wigglye is the best font for Procreate if you work on kid’s designs. The font is fun and joyful, plus it gives you a handwritten taste. Try using different colors in each letter just because you can. 

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14. Rockfull


Rockfull is a capital brush font. Unlike other brush type that has smooth movements, Rockfull has strong brush strokes. It only uses uppercase letters so you can be sure your extravagant title would be seen. 

15. Kattana


Kattana is a specially crafted font to match Japanese-style designs. It allows you to experience the exquisite strokes of Japanese calligraphy into alphabet letters. You’ll get a lot of options in the pack to experiment with your inner Japanese. 

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Well, There You Have Fonts for Procreate

That’s 15 of our best fonts for Procreate projects. You can find all of these incredible fonts at Creatype Studio. There are a lot more you can choose from the website. Feel free to surf the Creatype Studio website to find your perfect font. You can get the most impressive fonts for Procreate only for $1. So, what’s stopping you?

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