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5 Free Photoshop Alternatives With Great Performance


Adobe Photoshop is a standard software used for graphic designing. However, we all know how it requires bigger RAM for this software to run smoothly. Without an adequate processor, you might experience a computer freeze. Additionally, this software is quite expensive for beginners.

However, you don’t have to worry since there are free Photoshop alternatives you can try. While the features may not be as extensive as Photoshop offers, these alternatives still provide great features for your editing project.

1. Photopea


photoshop alternatives



Photopea is a web-based alternative to Photoshop. Just visit their website, and you can immediately work on a project. This software offers various tools that you can usually use in premium photo editing tools.

With Photopea, you can crop images, change colours, blur, add text, and many more. Once you finished editing, you can save your file in PNG, JPEG, SVG, or any other format options. Overall, Photopea is the most similar image editing program to Photoshop.






GIMP not only offers tools for photo editing or graphic creation but also provide code support for developers. Therefore, developers will be able to use their design across websites and customize them to suit their needs.

It offers many great photo editing features so that users can easily touch up their photos. It can be used in GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows, and various other operating systems.

However, GIMP has some potential downsides that you will need to consider. It may require downloading other design tools to make the most of the software. It also has an outdated UI that some designers may think difficult to work with.

3. PhotoScape X


photoshop alternatives



Another Photoshop alternatives are PhotoScape X which offers plenty of powerful tools. You will have all the normal editing tools plus bulk-editing features such as resizing in batch, format change in batch, and overall, more streamlined editing.

This one is a great alternative for Photoshop if you add a little touch to an image or even creating images from scratch. This software works well on Windows and Mac. However, the free version still has limited free tools. But if you only use image-editing software just for a little touch-up, this limitation shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Fire Alpaca


fire alpaca e1619361744248

fire alpaca.com


Fira Alpaca works well on Mac and Windows and has simple functionality for building graphics. This software provides templates for creating graphics; however, you can also create your own from scratch.

With this software, you can have a 2D viewing option and 3D viewing as well. Due to its simplicity, Fire Alpaca is the perfect Photoshop alternatives if you think Adobe software is too complex. However, if you need more complex functionality, this one might not work for you.

5. Krita


photoshop alternatives



Krita is a free painting program and even dubbed as TechRadar’s best painting software in 2019. It is an open-source program and has no limit in terms of editing tools. As such, you will find more than 100 brush types, nine brush engines, and a brush stabilizer.

This software is intuitive and lightweight, making it a perfect alternative for Photoshop and even better than GIMP. While it does have great brush selection, note that this software is more focused on digital painting. You will not have photo editing features that you usually find in Photoshop. But if you’re looking for a free digital painting program, then this is the one for you.

Those are five lists of Photoshop alternatives with great features that you should try. While they have some possible downsides, they are still worth trying, especially if you’re still a beginner in graphic designing and hasn’t ready to invest money for Photoshop premium.

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