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Top-Notch Selection of Famous Brand Fonts, Easily Found Online!

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Famous brands are not only popular for the products, services, or experiences they offer. The fonts they integrate into the branding are also crucial aspects. This time, you can get inspiration from famous brand fonts that may also fit your own brand!

Types of Font Styles Used Frequently for Branding 

Branding also speaks to the emotion, experience, mood, and profile of the brand that a brand wants to convey to its audience. Thus, the font type choice also affects the brand’s identity that the audience captures. In general, there are 3 types of font styles commonly used by popular brands for their logo and branding. Here they are:

  • Serif: great to represent elegance, timelessness, or luxury. 
  • Sans Serif: works best for brands that carry minimalist, straightforward, and modern posture. 
  • Script: script or cursive font style describes artistic touch, classy both in a formal and casual tone. 

Selection of Famous Brand Fonts You May Find Easily

Below are some of the inspiring yet accessible fonts of popular brands. In fact, you might use the same or similar fonts for your own brand since famous brand fonts free download versions are available. 

1. Avant Garde 

Herb Lubalin and Tom Cornasse were the creators of this Sans-serif family font. They crafted Avant Garde back in 1977 to serve logo and display design purposes. In addition to the regular style, Avant Garde has some other derivatives, or glyphs that can create retro and textured style. 

Various big names you heard a lot like Adidas, Calvin Klein, Groupon, Mobil, and Nutella utilize this font in their logo. Lucky you, this font is available for free download through various markets on the internet. 

2. Avenir 

Avenir is another typeface from the sans-serif family that comes with geometric strokes and lines. It was in 1988 when Adrian Frutiger created this typeface in the legibility ambiance. 

With the versatile appearance of the characters’ set, Avenir is suitable for both heading and body text. No wonder that this font used by famous brands like Toyota and Tiffany & Co implements this font for their logo. 

3. Didot 

Named after the creator of the Didot font family, Firmin Didot, this font came in modern serif style. That very style brings elegance and a sophisticated tone. Hence, it’s not difficult to see the reason why brands like Giorgio Armani and Vogue have chosen this font for their logo. 

4. Futura 

Another famous brands font from the sans serif family is Futura. Obviously, this font has sturdy shapes, yet with lavish kerning which shapes great legibility. 

Along with the different glyphs and weights, Futura became a versatile font choice for brands like Cisco, Dolce & Gabbana, Domino’s Pizza, FedEx, Gillette, Gucci, PayPal, and Louis Vuitton.

5. Garamond 

Brands with high-end products like Abercombie, American Eagle Outfitters, Fitch, and Rolex use this serif font design by Claude Garamond. Although some typefaces from the serif family are more suitable for headings or titles, it fits best as body text. Meanwhile, it maintains the ornamental attributes. 

This font sounds authentic and has deluxe nuance which resonates high-class brands. 

6. Gill Sans 

Gill Sans is from the sans-serif family, yet the characters have detailed and incredible consistency across all the uppercase also lowercase character sets.  Eric Gill designed and released it in 1928. 

Afterward, Gill Sans serves BBC, Pixar, Tag Heuer, to  Tommy Hilfiger from different kinds of industries. As one of the famous brand fonts, it offers numerous variations in styles, weight, and width that you can choose for your brand’s logo. 

7. Helvetica 

Helvetica might be your alternative option to Arial. A Swiss typeface designer, Max Miedinger, developed this font in 1975. Today, tons of people around the world utilize this bold style of sans-serif font. 

Helvetica provides characters with various glyphs with a solid, professional, and edgy appearance through dense kernings, firm lines, and strokes. 

Those characteristics fit brands’ modern and minimalist with robust profiles like  American Apparel, Fendi, Jeep, LG, Lufthansa, NBA, Panasonic, Subway, and Target, to Whatsapp.

8. Myriad 

As you may already know, this is called Myriad Pro font used by famous brands like Adobe, iTunes, LinkedIn, Rolls Royce, and Walmart. Adobe System released this font in 1992 with already quirky attributes. 

The ‘e’ and ‘y’ letters seem to incorporate slant which makes them quite distinctive from other letters and typefaces. The character shapes, design, and structures of Myriad Pro make it a legible font choice for display and body text. 

How to Test the Legibility of Famous Brand Fonts for Your Logo?

Since legibility is the key factor you should consider when choosing a font for branding materials, there are at least 3 things you can use to measure it. First and foremost, you can try to put the fonts in color contrast to see which fonts are easier to read in various contrast conditions. 

Second, try out the alignment of the letters and text box to review the visual hierarchy of characters, also between the lines and paragraphs. Last but not least is to modify the spacing between the letters and the lines. 

In addition to the curated list above, you can select a new font collection based on the types explained on the Creatype Studio website. You can get a $1 deal for your first trial of utilization for any type of font choice available. So, let’s dive in and engage more audiences!

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