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Golden Ratio, A Guide to Master Logo Design Structure

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Designers or design enthusiasts should never quail to use the golden ratio as it is a fundamental way for you to fulfill master logo design tasks. Although it’s related to mathematical ratios, it does not mean you have to crack your brain. Take some essential insight about it through this article right here!

What Does Golden Ratio Refer to in Design?

The golden ratio is also known as the golden triangle, divine proportion, and golden mean. In general, the golden ratio refers to a sequence or pattern of numbers that yield and structure an utmost and pleasing aesthetic proportion. References said that that pattern of numbers exposes us through nature. 

Designs, architecture, and arts have used this sequence of numbers for a long time to create balance and beautiful masterpieces. Thus, it is not a secret, nor a sin, that visual or graphic designers were mastering logo design gridding with the golden ratio

Its Origin

Mark Barr, an American mathematician employed a Greek letter, “Phi” to symbolize the golden ratio. Yet, it was Euclid, a Greek mathematician, who first addressed and introduced the ratio through his creation called “Elements”. 

About 2000 years afterward, Martin Ohm who was also a mathematician, from Germany, brought the golden attribute to it. 

Fibonacci Sequence 

Fibonacci sequences simply demonstrate the numbers’ pattern for the golden ratio, which you can get by summing up two numbers before the other. Hence, the common structure is like the following: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,2, so on and so on. 

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Mastering Logo Design Gridding with Golden Ratio: How Can I Apply it?

Since now you have the Fibonacci sequence in hand, the next step is to break down how this ratio is related to the logo design and design in general. First and foremost, to find the ratio, it’s about splitting a line into two. You can name the lines as follows:

  • the longer part as (a), and
  • the shorter one that divides the longer is called (b). 

Eventually, if (a) sums up with (b), it equals the whole line (or a+b) that is split by (a). The formula result is equal to 1: 1. 618. 

3 Ways to Apply Golden Ratio in Gridding to Master Logo Design Creation

By using the ratio as mentioned, one can create logos, shapes, and layouts, to typography. As for logos, you need to incorporate gridding using the following elements. 

1. Placement

Composition of all of the logo elements is vital if you use placement to create a logo. Applying a rectangle grid would be the most suitable once you place the object and generate a harmonious composition. 

2. Proportions

To specifically employ this approach, you need to carefully define the logo’s width and height. Don’t forget to enhance the proportion for the internal element of the whole design.

3. Shapes

Shapes are your best partners to create gridding for your logo design if you’d prefer to incorporate the golden triangle form of the golden ratio. Pick a circle if you want to create a round type of logo design and element. 

Then, imagine that the Fibonacci sequence is a chain of circles. Thus, you just need to arrange them before creating a grid for your logo design. 

Undoubtedly, Apple and Twitter are brands that master logo design using shapes. Otherwise, rectangles and squares are suitable to create tapering angles. 

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2 Tools You Can Use to Calculate Golden Ratio 

As convenient as it could be, there are various tools to calculate the golden ratio for logo designs which you can benefit from. Above all, there are two tools that are sufficiently decent for designers. 

  • PhiMatrix: mainly offers grids you can personalize, along with templates. This tool is perfect for developing logos. 
  • goldenRATIO: with a built-in calculator, featuring the ability to store screen settings and position, you can seamlessly use it to create designs for logos, or layouts.

Why Should I Count Golden Ratio to Master Logo Design Skill?

Golden ratio makes an essential basic thing to help you in structuring logo design from scratch. On one hand, logo design requires creativity but the implementation of golden means, especially to create a grid, helps designers like you to better consider technical aspects. 

Furthermore, it also affects an improvement of the logo elements such as fonts, theme, and the overall design’s harmony. You may elaborate on their usages with other means of guidance for design composition. So if you’re searching for the perfect font, visit Creatype Studio now. Then, get the $1 deal to make the impressive golden ratio!

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