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30+ Unique Cartoony Fonts for Your Designs

30 Unique Cartoony Fonts for Your Designs scaled

A great comic wouldn’t only feature fascinating drawings but also suitable cartoony fonts to create an exceptional reading experience. Hence, consider the fonts you will use besides the drawings to capture your readers’ attention. Look at some recommendations for cartoony font choices you can use here.

Cartoon Fonts

Since we’re going to discuss further the types of cartoon fonts, you may wonder what kind of fonts depict the definition of cartoon fonts. According to Canva Templates, cartoon fonts usually have exaggerated, unusual, and high-spirited styles—no wonder the fonts often have irregular baselines and playful details.

If you’re checking this article, we assumed you need some advice in getting artsy, comical fonts for your work. Look no further, as we will discover many unique cartoon fonts below.

30+ Best Cartoony Fonts to Animate Your Designs

Cartoon fonts won’t only be suitable for your comic but also be fitting for holiday themes, animal drawings, and school assignments. Ensure you pick the right font according to the purpose you must relay to your readers by choosing one of the top choices listed here.

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Cartoony Fonts for Comic

An eye-catching font should be featured in your comic to keep your readers entertained and make them continue to flip its pages. Here are some fonts inspirations for you to use in your manga.

1. Komika

Komika Font for Cartoony Designs

2. Komikaze

Komikaze Font

3. Little Queen

Little Queen Font

4. Hattrick

Best Cartoony Font: Hatrick Display Typeface

5. Kids Now

Kids Now Font

6. Punchline

Punchline Font

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Cartoony Fonts Holiday Vibes

Getting excited for the Christmas or Easter season? For those who’d love to craft their greeting cards, there are some catchy fonts for these moments. Kids would love to see creative types of fonts and engaging cartoon images. So, don’t hesitate to put colorful and fun fonts in your greeting cards! 

7. Hollidays

Hollidays Font

8. Kinderland

Kinderland Cartoony Font

9. Grayson

Grayson Cartoony Font Choice

10. Mathewo

Mathewo Font

11. Barcelona

Barcelona 2 Font for Cartoony Design Theme

12. Summer Beach

Summer Beach Font

13. Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier Joyful Cartoony Font

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Cartoony Fonts Animal

In creating fun and educational content about animals, perhaps you need some font inspirations that would captivate the kids’ interest. By putting cartoon fonts in children’s books, hopefully, they would be thrilled to learn and parents would feel at ease in teaching their kids.

14. Hancoke

Hancoke Cartoony Font

15. Dalmaspot

Dalmaspot Font

16. Hailyland

Hailyland Font

17. Manoline

Manoline Fonts

18. Chillyk

Best Cartoony Font: Chillyk Fun Display Typeface

19. Kidstation

Kidstation Font

Cartoony Fonts for School

Other than learning about animals, of course, kids should be introduced to other kinds of knowledge. For instance, you can teach them about the types of transportation, plants, and flowers, or simple maths. To keep them immersed in learning about them, you can choose some of the following best cartoony fonts.

20. Kids Now

Kidsnow Font

21. Little Jack

Little Jack Font

22. Sticky Marker

Sticky Font

23. Hellobay

Hellobay Font

24. Beattle

Beattle Font

25. Wonder Script

Wonder Script Font

26. Rushour

Rushour Font

27. Kidsjone

Kids Jone Font

28. Playgrowth

Play Growth Font

29. Bubblegum

Bubblegum Cartoony Font

30. Babyque

Babyque Cartoony Font Choice

31. Doodleland

Doodle Land Font

Since there are many kinds of fonts you can pick from the list above, you can first determine the theme of your design. It will help you to easily choose the best font and make those who read your work intrigued to flip the pages. Hence, think carefully about your design’s theme before picking the fonts.

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A Brief History of Comical Book Fonts

Looking at the cartoony font choice above, you might think about how and when the comical font was developed. At first, of course, the comic’s writer must draw and write his comic’s images and dialogs by hand. It was a hard and tiring process. 

However, thanks to their sacrifices, and digitalization, we can now enjoy and use comic lettering with an array of unique choices and rich styling.

Imagine reading your favorite comic using Arial font. That feels off, right? There’s no fun in reading since the font looks boring, even though the comic reflects nice drawings. That being said, typography also plays a great role in the production of comic and kids’ drawing books. 

Choose Your Best Cartoony Fonts Only at Creatype Studio Now!

Remember that the font type that is suitable for the context matters to enhance the reading experience. Either you’ll pick Manoline for kids’ educational purposes or Komikaze for comics, ensure it is suitable for its topic.

You can find excellent cartoony fonts for your comical design theme at Creatype Studio. Beyond the cartoony font choice, you can also window shop for diverse kinds of fonts for billboards, t-shirts, beauty salons, coffee shops, business cards, to restaurant signage.

Don’t hesitate to make your designs more engaging by using the cartoony yet flashy fonts!

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