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21+ Comic Book Font For Your Dazzling Design Project

21 Comic Book Font For Your Dazzling Design Project scaled

With its distinct appeal, comic book font is the genuine choice for capturing the project’s dynamic and expressive nature. Thanks to the tons of comic typefaces, they can be used to spice up creative work. But, how comb through the impressive comic fonts available to discover the perfect suit for your work? Let’s get the recipe below! 

Top Curated Comic Book Font in 2023

Here are twenty-one of the best comic book typefaces selections to try on. You may peruse and download them all.

1. Wigglye Font

Wigglye Font

Designed by Rian Rahardi of Creatype Studio, Wigglye is a perfect fit to present a love and happy ending comic story. This eye-catching font may assist your creations to look charming and appealing.  

2. Babyque Font

Babyque Font

Grab this typeface to give a fun and vivacious look to your typography. Interestingly, Babyque has ink lines and asymmetrical shapes for a youthful handwritten quality.  

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3. Grinched Font

Grinched Font

With a thick-tipped marker, Grinched appears as huge and rounded letters without a comic reputation. Along with the simple character style, this comic font offers neatness and good readability. 

4. Fainland Font

Fainland Font

Getting ready to convey for any fun formal comic project? Easy, the Fainland bold vibe along with its friendly script builds attractive and unique outcomes.

5. Ghostily Font

Ghostily Font

Inspired by a spooky Halloween vibe, the Ghostily typeface gives visuals a strong text character. Featuring frightening with a bouncy and bubbly impression that only requires a touch of lightheartedness.  

6. Breaking the Comic Font

Breaking the Comic Font

As you can see, this is a free comic-style typeface depicting happy euphoria. Breaking the Comic has become one of the favorite fonts on the list due to its cool and bold letter design.    

7. Hattrick Font

Hattrick Font

Hattrick is an amazing comic book font with just the chunky lettered display to make your creations stand out. The groovy vibe not only gives off a retro vibe, but also has a decorative flair. 

8. Hancoke Font

Hancoke Font

You know the vibe, Hancoke embodies playfulness and joyful moments with a gang of cute adventures. It is typically a hand-drawn brush font with colorful styles that are ideal for fun projects, like children’s comics. 

9. Lemon Juice Font

Lemon Juice Font

Incredibly versatile, Lemon Juice can brighten your lovely design for sure. Whether it is being used on busy backgrounds or a standalone headline, Lemon Juice font will look stunning for many creative projects, especially children’s comic books.  

10. Futura Handwritten Font

Futura Handwritten Font

The next selection of comic style font goes to Futura. It resembles a basic handwriting display and its high readability makes it a versatile alternative for comics and cartoons. 

11. Skrapbook Font

Skrapbook Font

Unveiling Skrapbook, is a win-win solution for your next artful comic project. Along with its playful and quirky style, the typeface is ready to capture a wide range of audiences for your comic book! 

12. Brownies Font

Brownies Font

At a glance, this font looks adorable with its colorful yet soft decorative design. Aside from being visually appealing, Brownies has a nice inventive monoline display with a whimsical touch. 

13. Kidsjone Font

Kidsjone Font

This selection is going to be your ideal comic typeface. As part of the Sans Serif family, Kidsjone is cool yet fun to demonstrate your slightly retro charm design.  

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14. Doodleland Font

Doodleland Font

Introducing Doodleland, a perfect font kit for any project of children’s occasions. This comic typeface ensures that your project sticks out with its uniqueness and creative doodle-inspired characters.  

15. Hollidays Font

Hollidays Font

Being one of the most common options for comic book font, Hollidays looks great as a text visualization. The presence of pleasant character effects from holiday sensations can refresh the eyes.

16. Feast of Flesh BB Font

Feast of Flesh BB Font

Whilst the writing style looks tattered and twisted, this font has the modern metric. Feast of Flesh BB is freeware for non-commercial use and independent comic creation only.

17. Komika Font

Komika Font

Try Komika for an incredible journey! It is arguably the best free comic typeface that is specifically designed to look like hand-drawn lettering for children.

18. Badaboom BB Font

Badaboom BB Font

If you want a delightful display font with speed effects, look no further than Badaboom BB! This comic book font is giving a sense of humor and a one-of-a-kind look. 

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19. Mister Vampire Font

Mister Vampire Font

If you are looking for a more spooky and mysterious vibe typeface aligning with your comic story theme, Mister Vampire is made for this season. It is reputedly inspired by classic horror movies and vintage comics.

20. Sticky Sans Font

Sticky Sans Font

Relying on a script style and semi-bold weight, Sticky Sans is an excellent comic typeface to convey an unexpected dash of cheerfulness.

21. The Amazing Spider-Man Font

The Amazing Spider-man Font

As the name suggests, the typeface comes from the title logo of Amazing Spider-Man masthead in the mid-90s. It is a free fancy type, so you can use it on any device.  

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Pick Your Best Comic Book Font Now!

The perfect comic typeface not only ensures high readability but also adds a positive visual impact to any edgy endeavor. Choose the recommendation above and your work will gain more interest! To get the most out of it, go to Creatype Studio for more bombastic font options and a $1 offer now!

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