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21 Recommendations for Happy New Year Font That You Can Use

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As the calendar flips over, it’s time to liven up your invitations and greetings with the perfect touch of the Happy New Year font. However, choosing the right font can bring extra effort. To handle this, let’s dive into some of the best fonts to make your New Year’s greetings truly stand out!

21 Recommendations for Happy New Year Font

Gear up for the upcoming festivities and get ready to ring in the New Year in style with these fonts! 

1. Botanical

Botanical Brush Script Font



Our first happy New Year font recommendation is the Bottanical. Its characteristics include a handwritten appearance with neat curves, varying stroke thickness, and a touch of whimsy is really ideal for conveying a celebratory mood.

2. Peachy

Peachy Handwritten Font



With its gentle swirl and smooth lines, this handwritten font brings a sense of uniqueness to your New Year’s messages and makes them feel personal and heartfelt. Peachy also adds a delightful touch of casual sophistication, whether it’s for invitations or festive designs.

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3. Eugellyca

Eugellyca Script Typeface for Festive Design



With its flowing, yet structured appearance, Eugellyca font encapsulates a blend of sophistication and cheerfulness. Therefore, the font is an excellent choice to infuse your New Year’s creations with a touch of personality and elegance.

4. Foxykids

Foxykids Display Kids Font



Foxykids has an essence of fun and excitement that’s perfectly suited to capturing the playful spirit of the New Year. Its rounded edges and lively strokes exude a sense of creativity to fill your designs with a dash of childlike enthusiasm.

5. Kinantan

Kinantan Fun and Casual Font



Kinantan  has a playful yet stylish demeanor that is perfect for conveying a welcoming vibe. Furthermore, with its vibrant strokes and minimalist appearance, this font captures the approachable spirit of the New Year and radiates a happy ambiance.

6. Scratchy Erratic 

Scratchy Erratic Handwritten Font



As you can see, the Scratchy Erratic type’s dynamic and imperfect appearance adds a touch of charm and personality. No surprise, it became an excellent happy New Year font 2023 choice to convey a spirit of welcoming the upcoming year.

7. Little Lolla

Little Lolla Fun Display Font



Little Lolla is a vivacious font with charming quirky letterforms that are perfect for New Year’s party invites. With its slightly unexpected curves and distinct characters bringing creativity and cheer to any text, it is an ideal choice to add a touch of whimsy to your visuals.

8. Playgrowth

Playgrowth Fun Display Font



Playgrowth is a playful font that’s perfect for adding a vibrant touch to your New Year’s designs. Its bold and chunky characters are eye-catching enough to captivate celebration into your New Year’s greetings, invitations, and party announcements.

9. Sugeng Rawuh

Sugeng Rawuh Monoline Retro Font



Looking for a Happy New Year font that brings retro nuance? Sugeng Rawuh can be your choice! Its smooth and flowing lines evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication, while its vintage charm adds a touch of warmth and familiarity to your festive graphics.

10. Montrelo

Montrelo Elegant Sans Serif Font



Montrelo with its elegance, brings a touch of refinement to festive messages. Its balanced letterweight, stylish curves and clean lines also exude a sense of chic celebration that’s perfectly capturing the spirit of the New Year.

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11. Madaromy

Madaromy Fun Monoline Font



Next, you can use Madaromy for it has clean lines, unique curves, and flexible strokes which is ideal for various New Year projects. The font’s distinct character and charm also effortlessly captivate audiences with its contemporary and timeless appeal.

12. Ballystic

Ballystic Handwriting Typeface Font



With its smooth and flowing characters, the Ballistic font adds a touch of authenticity and warmth to any text or design to enhance its visual appeal. This font makes the creative design stand out with its handwritten charm for any New Year’s design project.

13. Brooklyn

Brooklyn Display Stencil Serif Font



If you’re looking for a Happy New Year font style text that shows spirit with its bold and stylish design, then you need to list Brooklyn. The font’s sleek lines and unique lettering form create an eye-catching display, making it an absolutely perfect choice!

14. Anabella

Anabella Monoline Script Font



Known for its fluid strokes and decorative curves, Anabella is ideal for New Year greetings, invitations, or themed decorations. Its seamless connectivity between letters also creates a harmonious flow; it is an excellent choice for conveying warm wishes.

15. Handbrake

Handbrake Stylish Handlettering Font



Its flowing strokes and vintage-looking characters lend an artistic feel to crafting invitations, greeting cards, and social media posts for the New Year. You can use the Handbrake font as a heading in your designs to leave a strong impression on your audience.

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16. Savannah 

Savannah Signature Script Font



Savannah is a popular calligraphic font style often used for decorative purposes, including New Year’s greetings, invitations, or cards. Its elegant and flowing design features cursive strokes with varying thicknesses resembling a vintage handwritten script.

17. Aurelye

Aurelye Modern Calligraphy Font



Aurelye showcases a harmonious blend of graceful strokes and a contemporary feel to show sophistication and refinement. Its fluid and stylish appearance also evokes a sense of celebration. So, it is an ideal choice for conveying wishes for the New Year. 

18. Buster

Buster Brush Signature Font



With its playful yet sophisticated strokes, Buster font brings a sense of celebration and joy to every project. Its fluidity and unique style can effortlessly elevate your New Year’s wishes and stand out with charm and creativity.

19. Gladiattor

Helloo Gladiattor Brush Script Font



Hello Gladiattor is another stylish Happy New Year font that can bring a vibrant and celebratory vibe to your creations. The font has bold and brushy strokes that embody a sense of excitement which captures the essence of joy.

20. Gisella Anistasy

Gisella Anistasy Lovely Script Font



Another delightful font choice for New Year’s designs is Gisella. The font shows a sense of sophistication and celebration through its letterstrokes’ high contrast and pretty swashes which is an ideal option for crafting invitations, greeting cards, or event banners.

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21. Franchisca

Franchisca Luxury Script Font



Franchisca is the last choice to elevate your New Year’s greetings and designs on the list. With its elegant, flowing strokes and luxurious appearance, this font exudes luxurious charm. Furthermore, its ornate details and stylish curves bring a touch of opulence.

Need More Fonts for Celebrating the Next New Year?

Choosing the right Happy New Year font can totally change how people see your messages during the celebrations. While you’re checking out all the different choices out there, think about the super cool fonts available from Creatype Studio

We have various fonts that grab attention and give your designs a cool and creative vibe, adaptable for various kinds of design projects. If you want loads of options to make your New Year’s messages stand out, head over to our website now!

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