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Christmas Font: 10+ Choices for Your Christmas Letters

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Happy holiday everyone! It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to celebrate the wondrous night of Christmas! Don’t forget to send your loved ones a merry Christmas. You can use our selections of fonts which are suitable for this Christmas atmosphere. Here are our Christmas font this year.

10+ Christmas Fonts for Christmas Letters

We pick our top 10 fonts and a bonus one for your Christmas-themed designs. Don’t worry about the order, you can mix and match these fonts as you please. With that being said, here we go.

1. Snowy Peach

Snowy Peach Font

Snowy Peach is made for this season. This decorative typeface embedded the snowflake in each letter. This should be on your go-to list of merry Christmas fonts. With its unique typeface, it creates a freezing feeling and contrasts with your warm messages.

2. Grayson

Grayson Fun Brush Font

Apart from the Christmas spirit, Grayson also presents a holiday feel. The font only provides capital letters to channel your Christmas spirit. Grayson is a decorative font with a fun brush typeface, perfect for this holiday season.

3. Wonder Script

Wonder Calligraphy Script Font

If you’re looking for a more typical and vintage Christmas font, look no further than Wonder Script! This Christmas font can highlight a wishful joy with its movements while maintaining its legibility. It is a calligraphy script font you see in regular Merry Christmas postcards. 

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4. Hailyland

Hailyland  Typeface

If you want a crazier font for your postcard designs, try Hailyland. It is a decorative serif font with a fun children’s and playful typeface. The font goes along well with script fonts like Wonder Script. 

5. Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier Font for Holiday Season

You know about Comic Sans, right? Well, Winter Soldier is a sans font with a twist. The font presents a more joyful typeface with inconsistencies to portray handwritten letters better. Hence, it is perfect for letters made by or for your little ones. 

6. Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story Display Font

Another selection for a cute Christmas font is Bedtime Story. As the name suggests, it brings a dreamy-like vibe to your designs. It is a display fun typeface originating from a sans serif font. Aside from its fun nature, Bedtime Story offers quite a big pack with 32 ligatures and alternates. 

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7. Magically

Magically Handwritten Font

After all those decorative fonts, you will need some script fonts to go along with it. Magically is a stylish handwritten font that still has a Christmas vibe. It is an elegant font with rich movements to complement the stocky decorative font. Compared to a typical script font, magically brings so much energy with a lot of loops and swirls.

8. Marlyne

Marlyne Script Typeface

Marlyne is another script font for your choice! This one has more humble letterform movements that make it perfect for more formal letters. The font is perfect for your body text since it has both elegance and legibility. 

Marlyne can highlight the Christmas spirit while maintaining formality for business letters to your customers or colleagues.

9. Evangeline

Evangeline Modern Script Font

Evangeline can be a flexible choice for Christmas font because it has both the stocky-bold style of the decorative font and the script writing style. You should take a look at this font’s letters. It displays a unique writing style among other script fonts, which guarantees design attractiveness. 

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10. Stockist

Stockist Elegant Display Font

If you’re looking for a more elegant font for your Christmas letters, you should try Stockist! Stockist’s letters resemble ribbons, you can see the 2D effect from this font, making its appearance an elegant one. Your gift looks will be more delicate by applying this font in the letter. 

11. Disnaily

Disnaily Brush Font

I’d love to add my favorite to this Christmas font list, and let me introduce you to Disnaily. It doesn’t exactly depict Christmas in some of its samples, but the font exudes an abundance of happiness and cheer. Disnaily is a hand-drawn brush typeface with a typical bold style, or you can say, snaily style.

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Capture the Joyful Christmas Spirit with These Christmas Fonts!

Let’s celebrate Christmas with our loved ones, use our font choices on the letter you include in your Christmas gifts. The font recommendations above can add splendor to this year’s Christmas festive. We also provide a few formal Christmas font choices for your business needs. 

If you like our selections and want to browse for more, consider visiting Creatype Studi and grab the $1 deal on top-notch fonts for a limited time. Merry Christmas!

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