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9 Best Simple And Friendly Fonts In 2023, You Must Have!

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Friendly fonts might be important to make any design for your event needs now. If you are a graphic designer, and content creator, and often make templates, you can make your job easier with friendly fonts. There are many choices of beautiful fonts that you can apply for greeting card templates, invitations, brands, apparel, and even just unique social media posts.

Best Friendly Fonts to Make Simple but Aesthetic Designs

When creating a design, you tend to be more selective in choosing the right types of fonts according to the theme and brand character. This allows designers to be more creative with various types of stunning fonts. If you want to find friendly fonts, not only simple but also have a unique impression, some of the recommendations below might be a reference.

Friendly Script Fonts

You will find many of these script fonts in various designs or templates, such as greeting cards and invitations. Moreover, these script fonts tend to have various types of letters with beautiful, consistent arcs and are often used to give an elegant impression.

1. Blestive Script

Friendly Script Fonts

Design with a relaxed theme, with lots of combinations of contrasting color palettes or colorful colors that you can combine with this font from Blestive Script. The letter styles in this font are also diverse and have an artistic impression. It’s available in uppercase, lowercase, and symbols, and it’s free!

2. Midspicy

Friendly Script Fonts

If you are bored with ordinary script fonts, this type of font can be a unique choice. It had a slightly comic style, at first glance, appearing to be neat and eccentric handwriting. These Midspicy fonts are by Allouse Studio, and you can get them for free personal use at dafont.com.

3. Pastella Autography

Friendly Script Fonts

Pastella Autography has a friendly font style that is suitable for those of you who like to place designs with a touch of calligraphy. Unlike complicated calligraphy, this font is much simpler so it is a friendly choice for you.

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Basic Simple and Friendly Fonts

Who doesn’t know basic fonts such as serif and sans serif? Consistent simple letters, giving a neat impression. Almost every design need has at least used a basic set of letters to write product descriptions, subtitles, and even titles on displays.

1. Pricedown

Basic Simple and Friendly Fonts

Pricedown is a font that offers a bold, firm style, but still has the impression of a friendly font. At first glance, this font style is suitable for futuristic designs, so you might find it suitable for game designs and other displays.

2. Bavaria Gates

Basic Simple and Friendly Fonts

Do you prefer light fonts, and have bold letters, but are still artistic for titles or displays? So Bavaria Gates is a basic font that offers an elegant side with curved accents that are not excessive.

3. Moores

Basic Simple and Friendly Fonts

This collection of letters in fonts from Moores is suitable for filling in titles and descriptions. Moores has a collection of alphabets that are light, simple, and with character.

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Fancy Fonts

There are many types of friendly fonts that you might choose for various design moods and templates. But, if you want to find a type of font with one-of-a-kind letters, then some of these fonts give a more festive, fancy, and also unique look.

1. Foxykids

Fancy Fonts

Do you need fonts for displays that have a fun impression? Then Foxykids is the right choice for you. These fonts would be suitable for desktop titles, websites, games, and book covers. If you are interested, get the license now!

2. Kattana Japanese Style

Fancy Fonts

For some situations, you might want to create a design that has a specific theme, such as Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. As the name implies, Kattana Japanese Style is a friendly font with a typical Japanese Hiragana letter style. If these fonts are what you are looking for, then you can get them at Creatype Studio.

3. Kinantan

Fancy Fonts

Unlike the Japanese style, this font from Kinantan offers a more casual writing style and friendly fonts. The style of these fonts feels good when paired with casual templates, which are more romantic, or artistic themes. For example, bohemian, kids, or other fun themes.

Which One is Your Favorite Font?

The choice of these fonts can be important for a design or template. You only need to choose, and you have to be able to place it on the appropriate theme. Based on the font references above, which one made you interested? 

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