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20+ Best Font for Blog Most Popular in 2023

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One of the essential things in your blog visual is font. It’s related to your branding consistency and helps you convey the right message about your blog. There are many font options that you can choose for your blog. In this article, we will tell you about the best font for blog in 2023. 

20+ Best Font for Blog Most Popular in 2023

The font that we recommend here is the most popular in 2023. It’s readable for blogs or websites and it will be rendered well across different browsers, devices, and operating systems. We are sure it will be suitable for your blog! Let’s check the best font for a blog below. 

1. Arial Narrow 7

Arial Narrow 7 Font

Arial Narrow 7 is categorized as a sans-serif font which versatile for blogs and websites. It is a simple and readable font for your blog visitors. In addition, many people also use it in many advertisements, printed media, and online media.

2. Helvetica Grosse

Helvetica Grosse Font

This is the best blog font for creative design and Helvetica Grosse is suitable for any type of display. It’s inspired by the regular Helvetica Font. 

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3. Chanceux

Chanceux Font

Chanceux is the best font for blog posts if you want to bring a pleasant reading experience with a modern stylish serif font. 

4. Darks Calibri Remix

Darks Calibri Remix Font

Darks Calibri Remix is the most popular and the best font for blogs so that inspires the designer to make this Darks Calibri Remix for the artsy version of Calibri. 

5. Venerema Vintage 

Venerema Vintage Font

Venerema Vintage is inspired by the classic capital letters. With this font, you also have the option to define the spacing between characters. 

6. Modest Stencil Sans

Modest Stencil Sans Font

Modest Stencil Sans has consistent spacing, width, and length resulting in a modern and artsy look. Very suitable for a blog. 

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7. Harllem Display Vintage

Harllem Display Vintage

Next, Harllem Display Vintage is a 90’s font with creative looks. This font is excellent for adding a timeless, vintage vibe to your blog.

8. Connecticut 

masculine fonts

This is a vintage stylish serif that was inspired by 60s to 70s vibes. Connecticut will make your blog look classic and elegant.

9. Kalistra

1 Cover Kalistra

Wide character spacing makes this typeface easy to read and makes it the best font for blog posts. So, will you use this Kalistra font to write any article on your blog?

10. Komikaze 

best font for flyer

Looking for a creative and fun typeface for your blog or design? You should use this Komikaze font. Simple yet fascinating to your blog visual. 

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11. Timeless Series

Timeless Series Font

Timeless Series is a pretty popular font and is widely used in print media such as magazines and books. This is the best for professional-style blogs such as educational sites.

12. Roboto

Roboto Font

Roboto is the best font for blog posts because it’s widely used on the internet with geometrics leaning and easy curves that give your website a smooth reading rhythm. 

13. Open Serif

open serif

This Open Serif font is widely used on the web and mobile. We are sure this font will be the best font blog because it can work across devices. 

14. Lobster

Lobster Font

This Lobster font type promotes dynamic and friendly look. It features a unique focus and offers lots of variations on each letter. Perfectly fine for your blog! 

15. Leo Semirounded 

Leo Semirounded 

The next best font in 2023 is Leo Semirounded. It has semi-rounded letters that can convey a homey and warm feeling. It’s suitable for blogs with parenting niches. 

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16. Oxygen

Oxygent Font

Oxygen Font Family is one of the most popular sans-serif fonts because it has a beautiful appearance and is suitable for use on mobile devices and any computer screen including blogs.

17. Hollies Ink  

Hollies Ink 

This is the best font for a blog that is similar to the styling of ink pens. Hollies Ink is indeed a modern and creative version of past fonts. 

18. Coutline Stencil

masculine fonts

This is a fancy font that can be good for a blog post because Coutline Stencil has a separate letter that makes it readable. 

19. Oswald

Oswald Font

Oswald is inspired by the “Alternate Gothic” family. It’s the intent of making them very good for screens to display. 

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20. Teko

Teko Font

The following Teko font is the best font with its simple structure, stroke contrast, and regular square proportions. 

21. Montrello

Montrelo Font

Montrello is a versatile font that looks excellent in large or small sizes. This font has classy, sophisticated, and elegant looks that will be great for an antique niche blog or fashion niche blog. 

22. Brig Maven Font

Last but not least best font for blogs is Brig Maven. It has round edges with antique touch and is excellent for blog viewing on a PC or desktop.  

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Which Fonts That You Love? 

That’s all 20+ best font for blog that you can use on your blogs or website. Which font do you love to use on your blog or website?  Find any other creative, artsy, and beautiful font for your blog or website in Creatype Studio. There are tons of fonts that you will love.

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