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Top 25 Branding and Logo Fonts You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Finding the perfect branding and logo font is a task no one should ever take for granted. The font you choose will influence your audience’s perception of your products. If you change your logo typeface, you change your brand’s overall message and character.

However, the options are just too many that it could be a bit taxing to find out which font is the right one. No need to fret, because you will find a list of curated fonts to give you a head start for crafting logos or other branding design projects in this post.

        1. Gentleman
        2. Vegawanty
        3. Fuji Fantastic
        4. Jordan Dunk
        5. CGF Arch Reactor
        6. Kallisoka
        7. Vallery Qylmor
        8. Ringbearer
        9. Sacramento
        10. Ferrum
        11. Wintter
        12. Quickly Sustain
        13. Printed Circuit Board
        14. Kalistra
        15. The Rave Is In Your Pants
        16. Western Wildler
        17. Hamston
        18. Rubbed
        19. Hypebeast
        20. Genoa
        21. Sugeng Rawuh
        22. Estrela
        23. Demigod
        24. Jelytta
        25. Ninja Naruto


Gentleman_Cover 1

Let’s start this recommendation list with a font under the category of a serif typeface, Gentleman. This casual style font is designed specifically for adding a bold character. Its distinctive curvy strokes make the font appears like no others. Within the pack is a full range of features, such as alternate and ligature characters and glyphs that can be easily accessed on PC and Mac.

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Vegawanty_Cover 1

Introducing Vegawanty—a branding and logo font that will make any design project have an exceptional character. This modern serif features delicate letterforms perfect for logotypes with a classy, elegant vibe. The font pack contains a complete set of characters both in upper and lowercase and other features for you to achieve a chic logotype.

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Fuji Fantastic

fuji fantastic font 6 big

Inspired by the Japanese letters, Fuji Fantastic is a modern logo font that will transport your project directly into highly urbanized city streets in Japan. It features all-capital characters in a small size, allowing it to be one of your options for designing branding projects. Give it a shot, and you’ll figure out how it will make your logo stand out from the crowd.

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Jordan Dunk

Jordan Dunk_Cover 1

Jordan Dunk is a calligraphy font that will make your logo design appear as exceptional as Michael Jordan’s famous dunk. It’s a perfect choice to make your work of art stand out from the generic competitor. Inside the font’s pack are 7 ligatures and 44 alternate characters. All these you can access with no hassle on Microsoft Word and Adobe major design software.

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CGF Arch Reactor

cgf arch reactor 741x415 b0f39c8789

CGF Arch Reactor is a perfect fit for branding design projects that want to make a solid first impression inspired by the Iron Man logo. This bold and bulky branding and logo font are relatively easy to work with despite being only available in all-caps. 

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Kallisoka_Cover 1

Next up, we have Kallisoka—an effortlessly elegant serif typeface to assist you in creating a luxurious logotype. It’s crafted by professionals so that you can save a lot of time when having to create a logo for any occasion. The font offers 10 ligatures and more than a dozen alternate characters that you can wholly use through the best design program on your device.

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Vallery Qylmor

Vallery Qylmor_Cover 1

Rich and elegant as its name, Vallery Qylmor is a font set that evokes the elegance of modern design. You will get everything you need to design a sophisticated branding product with the font’s precisely and neatly hand-drawn characters. Grab it and see how your potential clients will be amazed at your work.

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Are you a fan of The Lord of the Rings and familiar with its logo font? If you do, you will fall in love with this sketchy style typeface. It comes in regular and small all-caps with a complete set of numbers, symbols, and additional characters. It is undoubtedly one of the best branding and logo font choices for giving a design project a unique personality.

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Sacramento_Cover 1

Personality is an essential aspect of a logo design, and you can achieve that with Sacramento. It’s a modern serif font carefully crafted with a look that will make your work unforgettable. Want to make a logo with a classy vibe? You can simply mix and match the ligatures and alternative characters to create the aesthetic you want. Also, the characters are all PUA encoded—meaning you can access them without any additional software.

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Influenced by the logotype of a Japanese sci-fi media franchise Final Fantasy, Ferrum is a font that is hard to overlook. It comes in all caps with wide spacing between each character. If you plan to design a logo for a formal occasion or something with a strong personality, this one could be the font you’re looking for.

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1 Cover 3

Bold and funky, Wintter embodies script font that combines classic and modern chic looks. It’s undoubtedly one of the best branding and logo font options for giving your work an authentic personality. Customize Wintter with its provided features to level up your logo. 

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Quickly Sustain

1 Cover 13

Originally crafted by an expert with years of font-making experience, Quickly Sustain is the logo font type that will have your heart pounding with its beauty. This contemporary serif font is ideal for making easy-to-remember logos. All the characters are delicate, ensuring you have the best possible results.

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Printed Circuit Board

printed circuit board font 1 big

A printed Circuit Board could be one font to describe the integration of futurism and technology. Created based on the logo of HP company, this sleek and minimalist font is an ideal selection for branding design products of tech or entertainment corporations. The font set is available in lowercase and italic letterforms.

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1 Cover Kalistra

Looking for another branding and logo font that can tell a story? Give Kalistra a try! This sans serif is hand-drawn by combining sophisticatedness, elegance, and stylishness simultaneously. Resulting in an awesome font that can bring your latest project to a whole new level. Even your client will immediately say ‘yes’ when they see the final result.

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The Rave Is In Your Pants

the rave is in your pants font

Inspired by the PS4 logo, this font is the true embodiment of the future we all would like to see. It’s sleek and simple, making it relatively easy to employ as a logo font. If you have to make a branding project for a tech business or anything related to technology or sci-fi, this is your best option.

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Western Wildler

1 Cover Westrern

Looking for a vintage font for creating a logo? Western Wildler won’t disappoint. This slab font mimics the wildlife in the west with a bit of retro touch, giving you a one-of-a-kind look. It supports over dozen languages with tons of practical alternatives.

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Cover Hamston

If you want a vintage-looking logo with a subtle touch of a contemporary look, look no further than this Hamston font. This branding and logo font has strong letterforms with unique swashes. It comes in all-caps characters, making it ideal to be the focal point of your branding products.

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rubbed 741x415 885ffa041a

Rubbed, a distinctive logo font with a complete set of characters will show everyone the wacky side of the future that has yet to exist. You can use it to accentuate the quirkiness of your business brand identity. So, add it into your font arsenal and see how it will impress your target audience.

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960x350 Hypebeast

Hypebeast is a Victorian-influenced bold font that comes with classic ornamental elements. This layered typeface comes with more than 500 glyphs and tons of stylistic alternates and ligatures. So, you won’t be running out of ideas when you mix and match them up. Also, it features Adventure and Camp vectors you can use with ease.

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genoa font 2 big

Unlike other branding and logo font choices here, Genoa comes with a bubbly, child-like style. If you’re working on a design product intended for children, this is your font. Inside the pack, you will find some ligatures to help you visualize any fantastic design concept you have in mind. 

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Sugeng Rawuh

Sugeng Rawuh_Cover 1

Sugeng Rawung is a monoline font designed to mimic the conservative lines of actual cursive handwriting. It even looks remarkably natural, thanks to its highly textured letterforms. The font is a complete package to create a logo with a character of the vintage and natural ambiance. In addition, it comes with multilingual support for more than 10 languages.

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Estrela Preview 1

Another cursive writing-inspired font on the list—Estrela, is a charming and delicate font ideal for logo designs and large displays. Its strokes imitate a natural, sophisticated flow of handwriting, giving off a distinct aura to all branding materials. Easily an ideal selection for fashion and beauty businesses.

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demigod oldschool font 1 big

Got a rock band branding project to work on? Give this Demigod branding and logo font a try! The font mimics the hard-to-read scratched handwriting you probably used to have during high school. It only features English alphabet characters, so it will only make a good option for logotypes, headlines, and titles that don’t require higher legibility.

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The name Jellyta refers to the delicate beauty of a woman. You can see from its design that it’s inspired by women’s attractiveness and all of their softness. If you want to make your project has exquisite, stylish, and intelligent characters, don’t miss out on the potential this font brings out to you.

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Ninja Naruto

ninja naruto 741x415 3b49159558

Ninja Naruto is a font whose look lives up to its name. It’s created based on the logo font of many people favorite’s anime, Naruto. If you run a Japanese-related business, like a ramen shop, this font should be at the top of your option. It helps your branding design products have a solid Japanese vibe many are familiar with.

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So, have you found your perfect branding and logo font from the list above? No matter what kind of project you are working on, choose a font that can speak a lot about the brand identity you want to portray. After all, the first impression matters a lot.

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