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10 Best Font for Brochure Text and Headings to Win Your Market!

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Brochures and flyers are important for sharing information about your products and services. The delivery of messages from brochures depends as well on the font selection. For that reason, fonts are necessary for brochures’ clarity. Let’s see our top pick of the best font for brochure that could make your flyers stand out.

10 Top Picks of the Best Font for Brochure

Selecting a font is seemingly simple, but it has a huge impact on your brochure’s success. Therefore, you must be careful to pick the right font. You must consider some essential aspects when choosing the ideal font options for this purpose. It encompasses legibility and readability, space and size, and your branding theme. 

1. Vallery Qylmor

Vallery Qylmor

Vallery Qylmor is a brilliant and elegant serif font. Your design will look fantastic with this typeface. The font looks clean, stylish, and neat. It also has distinctive thick and thin strokes. Moreover, those dramatic extra strokes also make your brochure and flyer more distinctive.

Vallery Qylmor is suitable to promote a luxurious brand. You can also use this typeface to add an elegant and romantic feeling. 

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2. Hamston


Hamston is the best font for brochure with a retro and fancy look. This font reflects your brand as modern with a vintage touch. The font has a bold shape with unique ligature ornament, which makes your brochures look more splendid.

3. Pacifico


Pacifico font is a handwritten style typeface with an energetic and quirky tone. You’ll have the freedom to create a cool design with this font. You could decide whether your brochure design theme will be cool, charming, fun, energetic, or eccentric.

The font has clean and neat handwritten strokes. It is also bold enough to be read clearly and comfortably.

4. Kamilya


Kamilya is the best font for brochure that adds a romantic and fancy tone. This handwritten style font stroke looks natural and classy. If you are looking for a fancy handwritten heading, use this typeface. Elegant and eye-catching, the reader would stop and glance at your flyers.

5. Pricedown


Pricedown would be the best font for brochure headings. The strong view would be perfect for creating a professional and vigorous look. Using this for flyers, brochures, magazines, advertisements, posters, or headlines will improve the text readability for your customers.

Not to mention, the font has a remarkable and attractive look with extra bold lines. It would be the perfect font to attract new customers. 

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6. Klassik


If you want to add some antiquity to your brochure text, Kassik font is the best font for brochure. With a retro look and bold strokes, your brochure’s design will have seamless and vintage views. The font would be suitable as a heading to hook your potential customers. 

7. Komikaze


Komikaze strikes attention with its creative personality and fun vibes. The font has a strong and bold shape. It would be a perfect choice if you put a cheerful and playful branding theme for your brochures and flyers. This font will brighten the message. 

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8. Hello Sunny

Hello Sunny

If you want a dazzling typeface, the best font for brochure would be Hello Sunny font. This typeface fits for brochures related to children or summer events. You can also use this font for a playful and fun design project. With this font, your design will be more astounding and lively. 

9. Madaromy


Madaromy has high contrast in its character strokes which makes this font more noticeable in a playful way. Yet, it has a calm and casual tone makes it fit for friendly and informal situations. You could use this font for your brochure to reflect a casual and friendly brand identity.

10. Greenos


Greenos is an ideal font for brochures and flyers. Why? Well, it has a unique shapes represented through its decorative lines and ligatures. It exudes a classical aesthetic view with adequate readability and legibility. The font will help you engage with your customers through the text in your brochure design. 

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Pick the Best Font for Brochure

The right font will make your readers understand the message you want to share and get an interest in your offer. On the other hand, poor fonts will confuse your customers and make them distrust the message.

Creatype Studio offers an extensive collection of best font for brochure to suit your branding purpose. Our crafted fonts reflect many tones and moods, a match for your creativity. For $1 only, you can try all fonts and find your favorite one. Explore our website right now and get the best font for your branding.

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