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30 Remarkable Styles of Vintage Font to Reminisce the Old Days

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Working with some kinds of vintage projects could be tricky if you haven’t found the key. In addition to the choice of color shades and suitable illustrations, one essential feature you shouldn’t miss out on is the font. With the right choice of vintage font, you will be able to present a touch of nostalgia in any project involving vintage or retro themes. Here is the complete list of excellent fonts to use when you are dealing with an antique style of graphic design.

1. Tropikana Monoline Vintage Typeface

vintage font

Introduced as a carefully crafted vintage font, Tropikana brings back the old-fashioned style of product labels and advertisements. This monoline vintage typeface comes in a complete package of typography, including lowercase and uppercase, numeral and punctuation, ligature, alternate letters, as well as some international characters. This font will successfully convey a classical retro vibe whether you use it for packaging, advertisements, or invitation.

2. Chopin Script Font

chopin script font 1 big e1629522742248

Reawaken the trend of the hand-lettering font by using Chopin Script in your design. The elegant attributes and wonderful symmetry of this font will remind you of beautiful vintage letters from the good old days. You can feature those cursive beauties in your vintage-themed wedding invitation. The font will look as good when you use it as the main title of your website—because there’s nothing more welcoming than the flowing cursive of the antique script.

3. Moanster Vintage Stamp


Looking old but gold, Moanster Vintage Stamp is exactly what you need to present an extra touch of retro style in your design. Combine this font with earthy color tones such as beige or maroon to get the complete vintage ambiance. Besides, there are lots of other things you can do with Moanster since it supports multilingual letters in addition to typical letters and numeral cases.

4. Carnivalee Freakshow Font

carnivalee e1629522868184

Combining Western and vintage characters, Carnivalee Freakshow serves as a great addition to your retro project. This font can be used to display product labels or website headlines featuring the theme of old-fashioned circus and carnival. Its heavy graphics are also great for published works, such as magazines or booklets for a performance show.

5. Broadway Vintage Monoline

vintage font

Broadway Monoline vintage font offers everything you need in antique typography, from the curves to the lines. In the past, this font style is usually featured in movie posters or show advertisements. Today, you can use it in practically any design project. Use it to highlight your antique store website or print it in large fonts to advertise your brand in a packaging set.

6. Monsieur La Doulaise Font

monsieur la doulaise font 2 big e1629522996853

Monsieur La Doulaise represents the characters of calligraphy and hand lettering designs from the 1930s to 1950s in the United States. It is originally retrieved from The Script Collection of Charles Bluemlein. In a modern application like today, this font is considered a perfect choice to complement digital typography with vintage style in mind. You can maintain the authentic designs while expanding the script typeface.

7. Connecticut Modern Vintage Typeface

vintage font

Who says vintage and modern can’t be in the same room? In Connecticut Typeface, you will see how those different styles complement each other. The font offers a vintage serif with a touch of a modern aesthetic. As a result, you will get the feeling of the 60s-70s era that conveys a timeless elegance. Supporting more than 10 languages with its international characters, this font is surely versatile for every occasion.

8. Team Spirit NF Font

teamspirit font 1 big e1629523126128

Adorn your sport-related design project with a vintage vibe by including this font in the package. As the name suggests, Team Spirit Font provides the proper retro font to spice up your sports teams. This font is actually adapted from the standard typography of Monotype Script. In addition to classic letters as the main course, it comes with a signature ribbon banner at the bottom to support team unity.

9. Enternal Vintage Stamp Typeface


Coming from the big family of sans serif, Enternal Typeface is loaded with vintage features in the forms of textured effects and a multitude of ligature letters. This font will be an ideal match for any design project, from product packaging to branding posts. There is also a set of alternate fonts for specific letters if you are looking for an easy way to improvise.

10. ExtraOrnamentalNo2 Font

extraornamentalno2 font 1 big e1629523306565

Fancy is the right word to describe this vintage font. Rich in ornamental and decorative effects, ExtraOrnamentalNo2 will give some flair to your designs. Therefore, this font should be on top of your list whenever you need to highlight the sense of the old-but-gold era in all uppercase letters.

11. Jabottabeck Vintage Monoline

vintage font

Jabottabeck is an excellent monoline font for your vintage design, featuring various swashes, alternate letters, and multilingual characters. Let it shine among backgrounds in warm colors when you use it for product packaging, brand advertisement, or even printed t-shirts. The font is easily editable and accessible as well.

12. Grenadier NF Font

grenadier font 1 big e1629523443743

Originally named Modernistic, Grenadier offers simple yet influential characters that represent the retro style of the 1920s. This font belongs to the collection of Deco type-meister created by Samuel Welo. Of course, the inspiration is taken from the art deco decoration style which mainly features simple shapes and lines with the addition of strong, bold colors.

13. Western Wildler Slab Vintage

1 Cover Westrern

Imagine a life in the olden days’ western side when you can see “Most-Wanted” posters for infamous criminals. The poster would benefit greatly if this font style were available back then. As for today, though, you can use Western Wildler Slab Vintage for any western-related project. Outstanding board for western restaurants and printed booklets for western festivals are some cases in point.

14. Park Lane NF Font

parklane font 1 big e1629523543119

Are you familiar with the classic font in the opening credit of old movies? If you want to use the same style of typography, Park Lane is the one you are looking for. Named after an actual street in the creator’s old hometown, this font is decorated with elegant letterforms and consistent lines. Those features make it suitable for any upscale design involving a vintage vibe.

15. Rontrelan Monoline Vintage

vintage font

Rontrelan has rough, natural looks that give you a chance to combine vintage and nature in a single design. In addition to main letters, characters, and numeral cases, the package comes with a bonus illustration to complete your design. From animals to a mountain range, the nature-themed illustrations serve as a perfect addition to this gorgeous antique font.

16. Lucien Schoenschrift CAT Font

lucien schoenschriftv cat font 1 big e1629523649257

Glorious and elegant, this calligraphy font flawlessly reminisces the beautiful, long letters from the olden days. Script and swash from caps to tails make it an excellent choice for typography in a wedding invitation. The original font was introduced in 1928 by designer Lucian Bernhard. In the modern version, its main features are expanded into sturdier form and classier ligatures.

17. Hamston Display Vintage

vintage font

Hamston offers a vintage typeface display with a luxurious touch of a retro vibe. That’s why this font has timeless, unique features that will make any modern design look stand out. The characters are strong and seem even bolder with the addition of ornament swashes. Any creative project with a vintage core in mind will be lucky to have Hamston as typography.

18. IM FELL French Canon Font Family

im fell french canon font 1 big e1629523758508

This font is originated from the printed types of the Oxford University Press in the seventeenth century. It features simple and seamless characters that you may encounter in the old newspapers. For this reason, IM FELL will be a good option to support your published works, whether it is a small booklet or book cover.

19. Whisholder Vintage Retro Typeface

vintage font

Embellish your modern design with decorative and ornamental elements of Whisholder font. Popular for vintage signs and art projects, this font offers Victorian-style lettering with bold and solid characters. The font package also includes some illustration bonuses in addition to authentic ligatures, alternate letters, and multilingual characters.

20. QuentinCaps Font

quentincaps font 1 big e1629523870917

This is another unique typography that combines the essential features of the vintage vibe and western world. One of the main reasons behind the uniqueness of QuentinCaps font is the characters that are both contoured and shadowed. It will come in handy when you use it in larger projects such as signs and posters. Although it belongs to the old-fashioned fonts, QuentinCaps is adorned by 3D characters, making it easier to blend with modern designs.

21. Hypebeast – Layered and Vintage Font

Cover 1

The complete package of Hypebeast typography includes beautifully layered fonts and ready-to-use vector illustrations featuring the Camp and Adventure theme. This decorative font would be hype in the past for creating the remarkable signs of carnivals and circus camps. Meanwhile, you can add it to creative product labels or engaging brands on the web for its present use.

22. Old Gate Lane NF Font

oldgatelaneoutline font 1 big e1629523990266

Reworking the classic font of Art Deco design style, this font takes a lot of inspiration from its older predecessor, Binner Poster. In this modern version, you may notice a more condensed typeface with an embellishment of charming outline and antique shadows. Whether you use it for fun or formal, Old Gate Lane will be your go-to font on any occasion.

23. Striped King Vintage Script

vintage font

Blending vintage script with a swoosh of modern typography, Striped King presents a stylishly elegant font for a wide variety of projects. Among the most notable features of this font are the swashes on the top and the shadowy effects in every letter. What’s make it more interesting is the addition of alternate characters and ligature options for several letters and characters.

24. Copasetic NF Font Family

copasetic font 1 big e1629524114372

Back in the days when computers are not involved in graphic designs, there was a typography catalog called Letraset that mostly features Art Deco typeface. Copasetic—the modern version of this style—reinstates such glory by portraying the fonts in alternate letterforms, including upper and lower cases. Claimed as a new and improved vintage font, it is highly suitable for different purposes of design in the present times.

25. Rampage Monoline Script

Rampage Preview 1

Sweet and beautiful, the vintage script of Rampage Monoline revolves around grace and movement in every character. All of its features are designed with an old-fashioned style in mind, creating an eternal elegance that you can use for any aesthetic project. This font is available in two different versions: rounded and regular. Therefore, you can opt for the most suitable version to support your own design.

26. Fancy Pants NF Font

fancypants font 1 big e1629524231403

Initially introduced by designer Wadsworth A. Parker in the 1920s, the font family of Metro Retro has been revised and reformed over decades. Among the newest addition to this typography group is Fancy Pants. While the main design is more or less still the same, this modern version reduces some excessive uses of flairs and lines. As a result, it features lighter decoration than the original style.

27. Antipathy Stamp Retro

1 Cover 16

If you happen to work with a vintage or retro design project, consider using Antipathy Stamp in your main typography. The rough texture of this font effectively reveals the beauty of design back in the olden days. Antipathy typeface is rather simple, but you can always improvise by using its additional features, including letter ligatures and multilingual cases.

28. Lobster Font

lobster font 5 big e1629524342811

A favorite choice for blog and web posts, Lobster Font maintains its vintage quality by depicting bold typeface along with a multitude of alternates and ligatures. This font is perfect for both headlines and branding projects. You can also use its lovely font features to complete your design in every vintage project.

29. Klassik Style Retro Bold Script

vintage font

Klassik is absolutely classic, proving that the retro bold script is beautiful in its own way. This style of typography is also relatively recent because it was still a hype in the 70s to 80s era. Whether you use Klassik for posters, restaurant signs, or printed t-shirts, the font will always serve as an outstanding feature of your design.

30. Betty Noir Font

betty noir font 1 big e1629524468120

With Betty Noir Font, you can make a trip down memory lane to the golden days of the 1920s. Back in the day, this typeface is often used as a title font for movies or performance shows. Meanwhile, in the present times such as today, the possibility to use it is endless. You can include this font in practically any vintage design, from signs to labels.

That concludes the timeless options of vintage font styles to help you complement the old-fashioned designs. With those fonts in hand, you can transport any project into another era, from the classic 1920s to the retro vibe of the 80s. It’s such a good time to experience the best design from every glorious decade.

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