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Liven Up Your Design Project with Playful & Classy Hawaiian Font


If you are a novice graphic designer, you need to explore fonts more. Thus, you can search and find font types that support your design well. Try to consider Hawaiian font if you are working on a tropical project. This font has a playful design with a classy touch.

The hallmark of tropical design is a cheerful look because it is usually associated with beaches, holidays, and summer. There are many types of fonts that you can choose from and match the design concept you want to present. Want to know the recommendations for suitable fonts to enliven your design project? Take a look!

Interesting Free Hawaiian Fonts

You can consider some of the free fonts below to impress your design with elegant and cheerful touches.

1. Magic Land

Hawaiian font

Try using the Magic Land font if you want to accentuate a playful and lovely design. Magic Land font has curly letter designs on each side. The curly accent is simple, so it doesn’t interfere with the readability of words or sentences.

Moreover, it is a free font that comes fully featured as it includes lowercase, uppercase, punctuation, and numbers. You can use this font to create party or event designs related to summer or the beach. The display of letters also looks perfect and proportional because it has medium thickness.

2. Halau

Hawaiian font

The next Hawaiian font that deserves to consider is the Halau font. You can use a cheerful yet elegant display of letters to create summer or spring project designs.

The Halau font writing design is quite simple but still has an accent, so it’s not boring. If your target audience is adults, then this font will work well. The lowercase letters from a, g, l, k, and uppercase A, E, K, R, and Y will spice up your design because they have unique details.

Halau font comes in five options, namely thin, light, regular, medium, and bold. Well, you can also adjust the font choices to make titles, logos, or text content. The level of legibility is very good because the display is not complicated.

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3. Watermelon Sundae

Hawaiian font

If you want to make your design stand out with unique typography, try the Watermelon Sundae font. Display each character looks like a handwritten stroke. You can use this font choice for a wide target audience, ranging from children to adults.

The letters d, g, and o are added with a touch of graffiti to give an eccentric vibe. Apart from that, the upper dots on the letters i and j have also been replaced with a heart design to sweeten the look. The Watermelon Sundae font only provides lowercase letters, while only B and Q are uppercase.

This font also includes numbers and some cute icons. Icons that can make your designs look adorable are diamond rings, diamonds, stars, monsters, and heart-eyed emoticons. Watermelon Sundae has a medium thickness, so the display looks like handwriting. There’s no problem with legibility either because it’s clear enough and easy on the eye.

4. Tiki Tropic

Hawaiian font

Want to use bolder fonts for your topical project designs? Give Tiki Tropic a try! Regular designs have bold and wide fonts. However, you can use Tiki Bold Font if you want it to look bolder and wider. In addition, Tiki Tropic font is also available to give a perky vibe to typography designs.

The Tiki Tropic font is complete because it provides not only uppercase and lowercase letters but also numbers, letter symbols, and cute icons. These icons include hibiscus flowers, coconut trees, sunsets, and other Hawaiian-related ornaments. Let’s try this Hawaiian font to liven up your design.

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5. Hawaiian Punk

Hawaiian font

You can bring a summer or beach vibe to your project by choosing the Hawaiian Punk font. This font comes with bold characters and a simple yet quirky design. You can use it to create covers for children’s books, movie titles, product names, and much more.

Interestingly, Hawaiian Punk also provides complete features, such as uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, and numbers. So, let’s make a more stylish design with a wacky display!

Ready to Use Hawaiian Font to Make a Quirky Design?

The five font recommendations above are suitable for you to choose to create a fresher, modern, unique, and eccentric design. If you want to bring a design with a classic vibe, then you can choose the Hawaiian script font. However, the font has less legibility.

I recommend checking your preferable font from Creatype Studio. This place has unique and fancy collections, allowing you to choose the best for your design. Not to mention it offers a $1 deal for all clients. Hence, visit the website now! 

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