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How to Get Canva Pro for Free Lifetime – An Easy Guide

How to Get Canva Pro for Free Lifetime An Easy Guide

Canva makes the major thing about visual design easier and accessible for various social backgrounds with its free access. However, the Canva Pro features seem to cover all the things you need and want. While the subscription fee can be pricey for some, there are actually a few alternatives on how to get Canva Pro for free legally!

Before you scroll down, kindly take this disclaimer seriously: the tips require certain criteria to get access in the right way. 

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What You Can Get When Using a Canva Pro Account?

This platform frequently enriches the visual design essential aspects to create impressive design material. Of course, they need revenue to grow and serve the user and community better. One of their revenue streams is by requiring paid access to unlock some of their great and helpful features. 

Compared to Canva for free accounts, the Canva Pro has the following features you may need at times. 

  1. Designs
  • Removing the background from both video or images with a single click,
  • Access to the Magic Resize tool infinitely,
  • Limitless access to premium content (templates, stock photos, graphics, video, to audio as well).
  1. Broader utilization of AI design tools (Magic Designs, Edit, Eraser, Write, Text to Image)
  2. Brand Management
  • Content planner basic,
  • Using the 100 Brand Kits to get your key visual element for branding,
  • Content scheduling for social media to 8 platforms,
  • Brand control,
  • Workplace tools.
  1. Full access to collaboration features
  2. Service
  • 1 TB cloud storage,
  • Customer support is available 24/7.

There are many other features that you can get by using a Canva Pro account that were not mentioned yet in the list above. But just with what is already explained, the features are surely tempting!

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So, Is There a Way How to Get Canva Pro for Free Forever?

If you want to use Canva Pro legally, you can choose one of the following alternatives if you are eligible for the criteria. The first is by using the Education plan, and the second is for the acknowledged non-profit organization. The two options mentioned grant you free pro access without monthly or annual billing. 

1. Education Plan

This type of plan is only eligible for those who own an official education email, both as teachers or as students in primary and secondary school grades. 

Besides an official education email, you also need proof like an official ID (for teachers), or else proof of enrollment in the school. Once the registration succeeds, you get Canva Pro access for free. 

2. Non-Profit Plan

If the earlier legal Canva Pro access is specifically made for K-12 schools and districts, the second way how to get Canva Pro for free is through the Nonprofit Plan. This plan targets both individuals and teams who are part of registered Non-Profit, Social Impact, and Public Health organizations. 

  • First, you can go to the Plans and Pricing page on Canva’s official web or through the mobile application. 
  • Under the “For Individuals and Teams” tab, scroll down until you find the Canva for NonProfit banner, just above the FAQ section. 
  • Hit the Register Your NFP button, and you’ll be directed to register the non-profit of which you are part. 
  • Click “Get started”, and fill in all the required sections (including the official website address for the registered nonprofit organization). You need the required proof of registered non-profit organization as documentation, on a country basis. It means that the documentation is different from one country to another.
  • If the registration is approved and succeeded, then you’ll be able to use the Canva Pro account legally.  

3. Invitation

In case you are not eligible to use the Canva Pro plan for both Education and Nonprofit plans, there is still a third way how to get Canva Pro for free. The easiest and safest way to legally use a Canva Pro account is to get an invitation. 

  • If you are a student, and one of your school teachers has access to Canva Pro teachers for free, you can also ask him/her to invite you to their team. 
  • Should you be an individual, ask a family member/friend who has the Canva Pro as part of a team member. Sometimes, influencers are also giving away access to Canva Pro as part of their team members, through their personal branding and marketing campaigns. 

Don’t be worried, since you will also have the same access to all the Pro features as the owners. 

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Are There Any Differences in Access Duration According to the Plans Mentioned?

When you want to know how to get Canva Pro for free a lifetime duration, note that the Education and Nonprofit plan grants lifetime free access for each of the team members.

Whereas you are invited as a team member through a family member or a friend,  your Canva Pro account will be automatically cut off. But, it only happens once the owner stops their pro subscription. So, are you ready to get the premium features now?

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