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Bring The Groove with 10+ Best Retro Font Canva Free

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Creative industry trends keep returning to the past, now and then. You will easily spot them happening across the graphic design industry, where the usage of vintage and retro fonts strikes. As you use Canva for your visual designs, you can access an extensive free retro font Canva collection. 

Let’s dig out the retro font you can use to decorate your Canva visual design down below!

10+ Idyllic Free Retro Font Canva

The charm of retro fonts is that seemingly-handwritten strokes make the fonts feel more personal and human. It also brings out groovy and lively vibes. Hence, not only eligible for quotes, posters, and packaging design, this type of font will make the signs, labels, and event invitation design more impressive. 

So if you’re looking for any recommendations, this article will list ten free retro fonts on Canva. Let’s find your preferred font in the list below now! 

1. Retropix

Retro Fonts Canva

As oldies it can be, with a pixelated appearance, Retropix can give an old-fashioned version of Pacmaan video-game nuance to various graphic designs. Not only is it the actual retro font, but also it is free in Canva.

2. Genty

Genty Fonts Canva

Genty is one of the typical flowy and chunky tilting style fonts retro in Canva. This font can add an energetic vibe to the message you want to spread through diverse kinds of visual material. 

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3. Bright Retro

Bright Retro Fonts Canva

In addition to a slightly curvy style, Bright Retro has that spiky edge in each numbering, alphabet, and character it has. Those characteristics reveal a bit of modern touch to the retro feel, making this a distinctive retro font you can use for branding purposes. 

4. Pacifico 4 1

Pacifico is the right choice if you want to give your designs a strong nostalgic feel. It has a similar stroke to the handwriting styles from the 50s to 60s, with a more wavy and slender build. Therefore, Pacifico would work for a culinary and fashion brand.

5. Monoton

Monoton Fonts Canva

Get to work on posters? Monoton could be your perfect choice, especially if you want to use that 80s energy! This free retro font Canva has that hypnotic element in its build. Yet, its thick shape makes it a more visible and exciting choice for headlines or titles. 

6. Lucidity Condensed

Lucidity Fonts Canva

Lucidity Condensed is another font with an 80s vibe in Canva. But, some of the elements that set it apart from others are its bold and thick shape in a straight-line build. Those aspects bring formal touch to this retro typography. 

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7. Neoneon

Neoneon Fonts Canva

Neon box style inspires brands to create logos and posters using look-a-like fonts to make them more lively and eye-catching. Neoneon covers that need; not only is it neon-like, but the letters still are bold, making it visible yet also stylish. 

8. Rustic Printed Stamp

Rustic Printed Stamp Fonts Canva

Retro font should also evoke that vintage feeling, and that is what makes handwriting or printed letters appealing. 

Rustic Printed Stamp is seemingly simple in terms of lines and shapes. Besides, this decorative font takes it to another rustic level with uneven lines and fading textures like an old printed material.

9. Special Elite

Special Elite Fonts Canva

Similar to Rustic Printed Stamps, Special Elite has irregular shapes with intense line texture. What differentiates Special Elite is that it takes the form of a typewriter style. Undeniably, those traits make this font retro Canva an attractive choice for designing stationeries, book covers, to posters.  

10. Metropolis

Metropolis Fonts Canva

A Serif font that should make it to your retro font collection is Metropolis. This font has both a modern industrial and classic vibe since it was inspired by no other than the typography of the 20s and 30s in industrial theme. These attributes make it versatile for your headlines, displays, or even body text. 

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Bonus of Collections

You may not have an eye on the previous lines, so below are the bonuses you may find: 

1. Gliker

Gliker Fonts Canva

Gliker may look modest and less decorative compared to other retro font choices you have here. However, those rounded and plumpy shapes leave it as a dashing font option for animation and/or amusing graphical design projects. 

2. FS Gravity

FS Grafity Fonts Canva

Need a broader spectrum of pixelated typography? FS Gravity is an attractive choice. Compared to the first mentioned in the list, this font has a lot thicker lines with proper spacing between each of its characters and letters. Its thickness and spacing make FS Gravity more readable yet entertaining, especially as a header. 

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Which Retro Font Canva is Your Favorite?

Canva users know that there are many fonts on its platforms. After reading the above-mentioned recommendations, you may also get new inspiration for your projects. What if you need more fonts? No worries; Creatype Studio is ready to help with massive collections and $1 deals. So, are you ready to make your design more appealing?

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