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How to Make Money From TikTok (13 Secret Strategy)

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TikTok is a wide base platform that is extremely dominating around the globe. In addition, this platform will become bigger and allow us to make some good money. Therefore, learn more from our article about how to make money from TikTok!

13 Ways to Make Money From TikTok

Basically, there are various ways to get money from TikTok because this platform supports our productivity and wide base of users. Without any further ado, let’s learn how to make money from TikTok.

1. Joining the TikTok Creativity Program

The TikTok Creativity Program is a great program that replaces the TikTok Creator Fund. With this Creativity program, you can make content-creating efforts to make money. However, you should have at least 10K followers and 100K authentic video views within a month before joining the program.

2. Following the Affiliate Program to Get Income

Not only TikTok, but most online shopping platforms are also popular with affiliate marketing. With this program, you can do various ways to earn affiliate income. For instance, recommend products and services on your TikTok videos and use the affiliate link to certain stores. 

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3. Selling Products on TikTok Shopping

The next way how to make money from TikTok is by using TikTok Shopping. It’ll allow you to directly sell your products on the platform. The upgrade of TikTok Shopping adds a shopping tab to the profile, letting users discover products from your Shopify catalogs.

4. Improving the Sales with TikTok Ads

If you use TikTok Shopping, then you should boost the traffic using the TikTok Ads. You can also lead the viewer to your website, e-commerce outlet, or even your TikTok Shopping. Run in-feed image ads to promote your products or be creative with TopView ads or fullscreen takeovers.

5. Building and then Selling TikTok Accounts

Have a knack for gaining followers quickly? Then you can try this way. You can create a genuine TikTok account for personal use. At a certain time when the account has solid followers and becomes valuable, try to sell it.

6. Going Live to Get Live Gifting

If you are questioning how to make money from TikTok live then it’s the best option. These days, your followers and viewers can send coin donations that can be exchanged for cash. Remember you must have over 1K followers to go live on TikTok, and must be 18 or older to obtain gift points.

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7. Using a Patreon for Donation

If you’re a creative content creator you can ask your viewer to support you on Patreon for unlocking premium content. It can be exclusive content, SWAG, live chats, etc.

8. Raising Money Through Crowdfunding

Many people love to take part in crowdfunding campaigns—whether financially backing the project on Kickstarter or supporting on GoFundMe. Thus you can try to use crowdfunding to help your startup to grow.

9. Collecting “Tips” from the Viewers

If you actively create content on TikTok, you can ask for the viewer or fan support through tips. Therefore, you can ask for donations by lead using platforms like Venmo, Buy Me a Coffee, and Tipeee.

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10. Referring to Friends

The TikTok Rewards referral program may not provide you with a huge amount of income but it’s worth trying. You can copy your unique referral link to share it with friends and contacts. Then, if they join TikTok using your link, you’ll earn reward points 

11. Promoting Songs

Surprisingly you can get paid by adding songs to your videos. Nearly all videos on TikTok have a background song. If you have a large enough following and engagement, musicians will pay to have you promote their music in your songs. So, if you’re a musician, use TikTok to promote your music.

12. Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are similar to sponsored content, but it helps more in a long-term capacity than a one-off post. If you’re a well-known influencer, you can be a brand ambassador and you’ll receive compensation and free products. This program is similar to a collaboration between the brand and the influencer.

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13. Publishing Sponsored Posts

Questioning about how to make money from TikTok videos? Luckily, you can make sponsored content to get good money. You don’t have to be an extremely famous influencer since smaller brands will still pay to work with micro-influencers. 

Let’s Apply These How to Make Money from TikTok Steps!

All in all, TikTok is more than an entertainment platform, it offers various ways to become more productive. However, since its nature as a video-sharing platform, you need to focus on creating engaging video content to grab the viewer’s attention.

One of the ways is using your video editing skill and elements like fonts to enhance the content looks. Unfortunately, TikTok fonts are pretty limited which restrain your creativity. No worries, visit Creatype Studio to discover an expansive font collection for your alluring TikTok video!

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