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What Are Script Fonts and How To Apply to Your Design


Each type of font is designed for different uses. For example, dripping fonts are suitable for use in horror film posters or Halloween invitations. But what about script fonts? What are script fonts? What kind of applications are these fonts suitable for? No need to worry; this article will help you out.

Here, we will talk about script fonts, starting from what is the script font to what are script fonts used for. Excited to get your hands on this valuable information? Then, let’s get started!

What Are Script Fonts?

In general, script fonts are a type of font that mimics cursive handwriting. It is a font that possesses a touch of calligraphy and a handwritten font-like appearance. Most commonly,  This font are divided into two types: formal and casual.

What’s the difference between the two types of fonts? Well, formal script fonts are a fancy type of script font that is identical to excessive curls and elongated embellishments at each edge. Whereas casual script font is a type of script font that is more fluid and less structured, suitable for casual design applications.

What Are Script Fonts Used For?

In most cases, all types of font scripts, both formal and casual, are widely used for a wide variety of design projects. These types of fonts can be used in formal and elegant branding schemes, autograph logos, wedding invitations, social media graphics, and anything else that needs a touch of elegance and originality.

Using script fonts can be a wonderful way to uplift the sense of sophistication and flair on any design project. Script fonts can also add a personalized flair and make your designs simply stand out.

Better yet, script fonts are suitable to layer with other fonts due to their versatility and how perfectly they complement and differentiate other fonts.

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How To Use Script Fonts Properly in Design

Script fonts can add a unique and elegant touch to any design. These fonts can be used in titles or as body text for invitations, branding, and beyond. There are many rules of design when it comes to using script fonts in your designs to make them stunning and fitting.

If you want to familiarize yourself with script fonts and start using them in your designs, follow some tips and guidelines below.

1. Must be Readable

The essence of your design is to be readable. Therefore, the first thing you should do when using script fonts in your design is to make sure it’s readable. You can give enough space between letters and avoid using over-complicated script fonts with various indentations at each end.

2. Only Use One Script Font

When you are learning to apply script fonts, you should never use a script font more than once. Why? Because with so many script fonts in one design, it will make your design harder to read.

3. Avoid Script Fonts with Large Letters

In short, a script font is a font that is designed to be used as lowercase letters. Large letters can’t give the same effect as handwriting or calligraphy. Besides, using script fonts with all uppercase letters will also affect readability.

4. Pair With Sans-Serif Fonts

Script fonts work well when paired with most sans-serif fonts, especially if you pair a light script font with a bold sans-serif font. As a result, it creates an eye-catching contrast between both fonts.

Get Some of the 5 Best Script Fonts

After you have known the answers to the questions of what are script fonts and what are script fonts used for, now it’s time for you to explore the 5 best script fonts. Check them out!

1. Halimun Script Style

What Are Script Fonts and How To Apply to Your Design

Halimun Script Style is a modern and fresh new script with handwriting and script style that makes this font elegant, natural, stylish, and flawless. Moreover, it is perfect for any project that needs a sense of handwriting.

2. Gistesy Signature Collection

What Are Script Fonts and How To Apply to Your Design

Gistesy Signature Collection is a signature collection font featuring natural movement that brings an elegant, classy, and chic vibe to your newest project.

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3. Peachy Handwritten Script

What Are Script Fonts and How To Apply to Your Design

Peachy is a handwritten script typeface specifically created by the hands of experts, giving this font a wonderful and natural look. This font can be used for projects using natural, beautiful, and charming handwriting nuances.

4. Simple Thread Script

What Are Script Fonts and How To Apply to Your Design

Simple Thread Script is a calligraphy script that comes with a thick and luxurious font style. It is a font that is suitable for posters, advertisements, and more.

5. August July Script

What Are Script Fonts and How To Apply to Your Design

August July Script is a type of handwritten script that has a minimalist yet fancy-looking font design. It features some curves on each end to showcase its luxury.

Let’s Start Your Design Journey With Script Fonts!

After the question, what are script fonts, have you figured them out and plan to apply them in your next design project? If so, you can choose from our five recommended fonts, or you can explore them on your own at CreatypeStudio.

There, you can get various types of top-quality fonts with various designs for only $1. Interested? Head over to creatypestudio.co now!

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