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10+ Recommended Fonts for Food Brands, Extraordinarily Worth It!


Font for food brands is very important for the continuity of a business. It is because every font used will be a highlight that always appears whenever business branding is concerned. As a result, choosing the font that you will use for a brand or logo must be careful. 

Best Font for Food Brand: Unique and Interesting

Every font must be able to define each business brand’s vision and mission. So here is the best compilation you can choose for your food products. 

1. Milkshake

milshake font

First things first, this font will be suitable to apply to brands in the food and beverage sector. As the name implies, Milkshake is a handwritten font that emphasizes semibold writing designs. So, you can use this as a display and the title on the logo. 

2. Foodlist

foodlist font

Food brand is a business sector that has a very expansive range. Choosing a brand image is also quite complex. This font design from the Foodlist can be a decent choice of font reference for many food brand images. For example, you can use it for dessert brands, fast food, or even products that sell main courses.

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3. The Brands

the brands font

If you look at The Brands‘ alphabetical sequence, it might not look like a font for food brands. Don’t get me wrong, because The Brands font will make your food brand even more unique and different from other food products. 

Its stylish design is typical of font ligatures which are a minor bold, making this font suitable as a display or logo for your food brand.

4. Codigra

codigra font

Next, let’s take a look at the Codigra font. This font is inspired by the retro style of 70’s fonts but creatively done with a touch of a better modern style. 

Typical retro fonts are starting to appear again, so using this font will help your food brand seem different. Besides that, this font will also suit to combine unique types of food and specialty foods from a region.

5. Mabook

mabook font

You may have seen this type of handwritten font before. But if you look closely at this font from Mabook, it has a unique side. 

The alphabet set on this Mabook is a capital font with a cartoon touch. Hence, it may give a playful and fascinating impression. This type of font for food brands will be suitable for branding dessert or appetizer food.

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6. Sushi Moshi

sushi moshi font

As the name suggests, Sushi Moshi is the best font for a sushi brand. If you plan to open a franchise business in the form of Japanese specialties, you can also use this font as your brand display. Apart from being unique, this font is quite noticeable, making it easier for the audience to remember your food brand.

7. Kamryn

kamryn font

Different from the previous font for food brands, Kamryn is one of the unique fonts. The appearance of the design that looks like your usual serif font is also suitable for food brand highlights. Especially if you aim to use this font as a fast food brand. For example, fried chicken restaurants or bars and restaurants that sell snacks.

8. Heavy Brush

heavy brush font

Your desire to have a successful food business and be easily remembered by customers must be a priority in choosing a brand design. 

One of the unique and memorable fonts is Heavy Brush. The design is special, with heavy brush strokes making each letter effortlessly visible. This font design will be suitable if you pair it with fast food types, such as burgers or breakfast menus.

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9. Fresh Food

fresh food font

Seeing the letters from the Fresh Food font makes our minds directly focus on fresh types of food. It might be a brand of salads, appetizers, fruit juices, and other fresh foods. Fresh Food can give a more cheerful impression on your food brand design. Carrying a cute, fresh theme makes this font more playful and attractive!

10. Food Zone

food zone font

A font for a food brand should be easy to read and more upbeat. Therefore, it will attract potential buyers who are not starving to be craving the food. Food Zone is a font with a bold and beautiful style, so this font might be suitable as a brand for foods such as donuts, ice cream, and others.

11. Ramen Steak

ramen steak font

Some people tend to choose to use a more playful font for their food brand. This Ramen Steak is one of the best recommendations for your noodle or ramen restaurant. With a quirky font display, this Ramen Steak will make your brand even more gorgeous!

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Let’s Find Your Gorgeous Font for Food Brand!

Those are 11 recommendations that every entrepreneur may find. Whichever font you want to use for your designs, ensure that it may employ the real food you’re going to sell. 

But what if you’re not satisfied with the font recommendations above? Then you can look for other font references for your food brand at Creatype Studio. The fonts are well-written, and the place offers a $1 deal! So, let’s search for the one you’re most comfortable with now!

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