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15+ Fonts Similar to Comic Sans, More Models and Styles!

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Vincent Connare’s creation, Comic Sans, has created a lot of opinions since its appearance in the late-mid 90s. Many people openly liked this font’s playful style, but there are also haters. If you are looking for a playful font but don’t quite heart this one, try some other fonts similar to Comic Sans with playful yet respectable styles! 

16 Selections of Fonts Similar to Comic Sans

If you look at the details of Comic Sans, you’ll find that the font has the characteristics of a monoline font with few straight lines other than the stems. Comic Sans also ends the strokes with rounded edges, making it look less stiff. Based on this fact, let’s take a look at some similar fonts to Comic Sans below!

1. Sticky Marker

Sticky Marker Typeface

Sticky Marker adopts the fun and cute typeface of Comic Sans. However, the font tends to show more of the marker strokes than the Comic Sans’s charm. 

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2. Madaromy

Madaromy Monoline Fun Typeface

One of the closest alternatives to Comic Sans is Madaromy. The font has the same monoline typeface, but Madaromy’s letters kerning are denser; they are closer to each other.

3. Kinantan

Kinantan Casual Font

Kinantan is basically Comic Sans in a more decorative style. This fun & casual typeface introduces longer swashes and tails in each letter, making it unique.

4. Searghy

Searghy Fun Typeface

Next on the list is Searghy. At a glance, it’s just other fonts similar to Comic Sans. But the longer you look at it, the font’s shapes are goofier, and the proportion is all over the place. Arguably, more stylish than Comic Sans.

5. Hollidays

Hollidays Font Similar to Comic Sans Typeface

Claims to be a fun and bold typeface, Hollidays certainly serves the point. Other than using it in the text body, using it as a Heading is better.

6. Wigglye

Wigglye Fun Typeface

The most distinguishable difference between Wigglye and Comic Sans is the ornament around Wiggle’s letters. It adds a moving-like effect and fun expressions to the word.

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7. Googlynes

Googlynes Bubbly Comic Sans

Similar to Wigglye, Googlynes also has an ornament in each letter. However, Googlynes’s ornament is inside the letters, making it look bubbly.

8. Story Telling

Story Telling Playful Sans

One of the fonts similar to Comic Sans belongs to Story Telling. The main difference is, that this font has dense slanted strokes. 

9. Nightmare

Nightmare Horror Typeface

Well, this is a wild one. Nightmare has the characteristics of Comic Sans in its letter basic lines and strokes but with a hint of bloody drips. That detail gives it a horror touch and vibe. It’s not your typical body text font, it wants to stand out. 

10. Mandaly

Mandaly Children Font

For one of the fonts similar to Comic Sans, Mandaly is a little on the chubby side. The font gradually gets thicker in the middle. With its weight, the font becomes cuter and funnier than the regular Comic Sans. 

11. Comic Neue Sans

Comic Neue Sans Alternative to Comic Sans

Comic Neue Sans is another alternative if you want fonts similar to Comic Sans free. It has some characteristics of Comic Sans, but this one comes in more loose and casual strokes.

12. I hate Comic Sans

I hate Comic Sans Font Similar to Comic Sans

Ironically, these two are similar. I hate Comic Sans also has the monoline typeface but with more childish letters for the lowercase. Just like Comic Sans, this font is also completely free.

13. Hey Lucky!

Hey Lucky! Playful Display Sans

As one of the fonts similar to Comic Sans, Hey Lucky! is really different. This font doesn’t provide capital letters, but rather another model for the lowercase. Perfect for completely informal use.

14. Jumper

Jumper Fun Display Font

If you need an easy-to-read font, it’s better to look somewhere else because Jumper is rich with ornaments, swashes, and tails. However, the uncontrolled nature of the font makes it really fun to work with to create an eye-catching display design.

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15. Scratchy

Scratchy Handwritten Sans Font

Scratchy is arguably the most creative alternative for Comic Sans. It has a comical and fun display with a natural touch of handwriting. You can say it also has a brush font characteristic.

16. Foxykids

Foxykids Children Typeface

Let’s end the list with something extravagant, Foxykids. This is a big pack, offering alternates to both uppercase and lowercase letters with multiple options. You can have the ornamented letters (with the stamps) and the plain ones (the ones similar to Comic Sans). 

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Which One Are Your Favorites Fonts Similar to Comic Sans?

Sans serif typeface can create a friendly impression on other people, which makes Comic Sans popular in the first place. Its popularity spawned many other fonts that adapted the characteristics. 

You can find the other quirky sans-serif fonts from Creatype Studio. Take advantage of Comic Sans’s familiarity and add your personal touch with our fonts!

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