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Logo Design Trends: 5+ Trends to Elevate Your Design

Logo Design Trends 5 Trends to Elevate Your Design

The design world is dynamic, with a constant change of trend train to ride. Depending on the cultural and technological advancements, it continues to evolve the general taste of people. It’s also applied in logo designing, so, let’s take a look at the latest logo design trends!

What are the Logo Design Trends in 2024?

As businesses strive to make a memorable mark in this competitive world, the art of logo design becomes a pivotal element in the visual communication aspect. Refresh your inspiration with the logo trends 2024 you’ve been waiting for below!

1. Bold Color and Style

Spotify’s Vibrant Logo

Spotify’s Vibrant Logo | pinterest.com

Aside from the perspective of wanting to be seen, using bold colors and styles better reflects the interest of Gen Zs. So, a logo in this style feels familiar in their mind (or relatable), which can bring them closer to our businesses.

The contrast color selection in this bold style is usually very vibrant, adding to the boldness and playful concept. Among the numerous font styles, a blocky font can complement the playful nature of the style, making this logo design trend stuffy.

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2. Wordmark or Lettermark Logos

Wordmark Logo Design Trends

Wordmark Logo Design Trends | designmantic.com

With the rapid rise of indie or small businesses, some owners choose to take the clear introduction route. This type of logo consists of only text with a particular style, such style does not include any graphical features. 

Wordmark logos usually want to associate the word with their line of business immediately. It can be an actual word, a made-up word that sounds like a real word, an acronym, an initialism, or just a series of letters. They leave out the icon to help people focus on their name and value.

Wordmark Logo of Makinrajin

Wordmark Logo of Makinrajin | makinrajin.com

Aside from graphical logo design trends, this style works well for big companies. Take a look at H&M, Google, Vans, FedEx, Sony, or Coca-Cola, their logo is just distinguishable text without any icons. 

3.  AI Logos

Logos From AI

Logos From AI | pinterest.com

This trend is a staple of how advanced the technological era is. Bypassing the difficulties of finding a particular designer with the same preferences as you, using an AI logo generator can be a quick solution. 

AI logo makers have their own merits, like quickly made modern logo design and cost-effectiveness. With this kind of commonality between the rising business owners, it’s not completely one of the logo design trends but it’s more like an unintentional trend. 

However, some people show interest and prefer to use an AI logo maker rather than a graphic designer’s service. Again, the similarities between the rising business owners’ tastes make this tool a trend. The quick and affordable service might be the trend here.

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4. Handmade Aesthetics

Handmade Panda Logo

Handmade Panda Logo | pinterest.com

With the rise of modern logo design trends 2024, new technology, and a professionally sleek logo, some people are trying to bring up more organic logos. Filling our list with the prestige of handmade designs, from luxurious to artsy logos. 

Numerous business owners still adhere to the principle that originality and human touch have their own warmth. A different approach that prioritizes the feel of the design and aims to make the logo appear wholesome, grounded, artsy, and fun.

An overly professional look can make people feel intimidated, but using the familiarity of human strokes on the letters and icons can ease the feeling. Although the handmade design is great, it has to take into account what business you’re running. 

5. Lowercase

Lowercase Logo Trends

Lowercase Logo Trends | myfreelogomaker.com

Logos with lowercase typeface design are more than you think. The Mastercard logo, for example, uses only lowercase letters. This method has become one of the logo design trends because it still has a professional look and type, but the lowercase letters imply a friendly and relaxed impression.

Additionally, lowercase letters are more versatile to integrate with other elements (such as an icon). Logos using lowercase texts are considerably easier to read, and the height & width of lowercase letters are similar, making them visually unified.

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6. Simple Design

Simple Logo Design for 2024

Simple Logo Design for 2024 | Image source: Pinterest

Most logos use only two colors (mostly 4, like Google and Toys ‘R Us), and simplicity is still a trend. The complicated logo design, featuring a glint, shadow, or gradient mostly has been remodeled into a more simple one. So, when creating a logo design, remember this trend and make it simple.

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Which Logo Design Trends Are Your Riding?

Logo design trends are a reflection of design identity, stamping the era it was made. Although you can seek to make a timeless design, an adaptive logo that can ride any trend is an option. The logo design trend expresses the uniqueness of that era. 

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