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Why Fonts Matter: Reasons and Which Style Should You Use

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Why must one care about fonts? Their existence sounds relatively trivial compared to other elements in the publication area. If you have the perspective, you may want to reconsider: because getting readers’ attention in seconds requires the perfect font selected. Here is what you must know to understand why fonts matter.

Why Do Fonts Matter?

Printing or digital works, fonts—for typography—serve as a reliable medium to convey your voice or message. Other than balancing the appearance of other elements of design added (as they can be different depending on the form of the media), there are several reasons that fonts are the most important in delivering your messages, such as:

1. A Medium of Communication

Colors and shapes might represent your voice well; a lot of digital works rely on them to interact with the audience. However, when needing specific information, typography is the best of all. For example, a visitor to a website will need a detailed explanation of a product through a description rather than a picture only. 

In addition, one must arrange which type of font is suitable to increase readability on the website. It can even involve colors and sizes. Another example, books or newspapers only convey their messages or share the most updated information through writing. Imagine if typography did not exist; there could be no more of those media.  

2. Attracting Readers’ Attention

Traditional printing uses a standardized font due to formality and readability; there might be little room for creativity. However, designers receive more flexibility to decide the most suitable styles to get the audience’s attention. This can be one of the reasons why fonts matter most in digital works. 

For example, on a brochure, typography contains information about what a company is attempting to showcase. However, if the size is too small or the quality of the style is poor, readers may lose interest to learn more about the information. In other words, it is vital to select the most eye-catching font. 

3. Represent Mood or Feeling

Times New Roman is one of the font styles well-known for its formality; academic documents or books perhaps will always choose it in publication to represent the mood of simplicity, readability, plainness, and professionalism. On the contrary, media-like games might need to set an exciting or playful mood for the players. 

Sans-serif might be one of the best choices to represent the mood. It can be seen as glamorous for the games to read information or instruction, yet, the font can persevere the fun attitude a game is supposed to have too. 

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Most Suitable Media for Font Styles

Why do fonts matter? Typefaces or font styles hold multiple advantages or psychological traits suitable for specific media according to their characteristics. Below are some of the examples which you may use to align with your needs. 

1. Equality Serif

Equality Serif Font

Equality Serif is an example of an improved font style of the transitional serif. It might be the fonts that matter for physical media. Its elegant strokes, classic mood, and sophisticated appearance are incomparable, more or less: the reason why academic and formal institutes are loyal to the font styles. 

The other popular styles are Georgia, Palantino, Times New Roman, and Garamond. 

2. Drakoni Sans

drakoni sans font

Drakoni Sans is one of the many sans-serif font styles. Although always being mistaken as serif due to the similarity in names, sans-serif font alphabets are rarely used by book publications but by companies with straightforward goals. The font styles are quite clear and clean as well. 

Moreover, the styles require less space and, therefore more efficient. The classic examples of the font style are Arial, Calibri, Futura, and Helvetica.

3. Lombardia Script

lombardia script font

Most script fonts represent creativity and nature. The styles are more casual and perfect for messages. Moreover, their elegance and unique designs can reach the mood at a personal level: so dedicated and familiar. You can even choose various and unique styles inside the category, including Lambordia Script.

There are other selections of script styles: like Tangerine, Lobster, Alex Brush, and Pacifico. 

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Anything Catch Your Fancy?

Fonts’ existence might sound trivial, but many media depend on their different styles to convey their voice and messages. All of them can lose their readers or audience without using the perfect form to gain attention or share information. This is why fonts matter, undoubtedly. 

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