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15 Dazzling Cursive Fonts for Logo Design to Evoke Awareness

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If you want to tone your logo design projects up with romantic, glamorous, and classy moods, the cursive fonts are your choice! Let’s take a glance at our selection of cursive fonts for logo design that will embellish your projects.

What’s a Cursive Font?

Cursive fonts are typefaces that mimic the style of handwriting. The letterform consists of fluid strokes that make cursive lines and elegant loops. Cursive fonts feature detailed swashes, dramatic strokes, and stylized uppercase characters.

The typeface is suitable for designs that need an artistic and intimate feeling. Thus, you can use this font to enhance your logo design.

Doll Up Your Branding Using The 15 Best Cursive Fonts for Logo Design!

Design element, like fonts, for the logo should not only provide clear legibility but certainly needs to be remarkable. Therefore, consider the following font list for your current or next logo design project. 

1. Peachy


Peachy is a lively and natural handwriting font. The letterform has a unique shape, making the font look casual yet charming. This font has the characteristics that suit essential products, giving those products’ logo designs a more intimate and serene mood. 

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2. Gilliant


Gilliant is a handwritten script font that has consistent letter shapes and contrast. The font has elegant and stylish strokes and loops.

As one of the cursive fonts for logo design from Creatype Studio, this typeface features alternative glyphs and ligatures. Those included styles allow you to explore creativity and create a strikingly elegant logo design. 

3. Bilanthy


Bilanthy has a design with rounded curvaceous loops and lines. The font gives you a feeling of easy-going, peacefulness, and friendliness. You can use this font if you want something semi-formal with a hint of boldness for your logo design, so don’t hesitate to go with Bilanthy!

4. Agatha Christy

Agatha Christy

Beautiful yet mysterious is the right word to describe this font. Agatha Christy font gives a sense of femininity, mystery, and cleverness. The letterform has a thin weight that makes it more elegant, noble, and respectful. Additionally, the font features stylized swashes and ligatures to add more sense of beauty.

This font is one of the cursive fonts for logo for you who want sensibility in your design.

5. Tahu


If you want your logo design be more playful and robust, then try Tahu! Tahu is a cursive font with bold weight and strong contrast that leaves a strong impression, yet it is still readable. It evokes a playful and friendly manner. Using this for your logo design for various products will hook customers.

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6. Bulgatty


Bulgatty is one of the best cursive fonts for logo that perfectly combine modernity and a classical vibe. The stokes make the font look modern and luxurious. Meanwhile, ligatures and swashes of the font reminisce to a classical or Middle Eastern vibe. If you want your logo to look magnificent, Bulgatty font is the answer.

7. Hadrey


Need an option with a retro and vintage mood? Add Hadrey to your list of fonts for the logo! The font clearly has a bold weight with unique ligatures and swashes that bring you back to the retro era and nostalgia. 

8. Gading Retro

Gading Retro

Gading Retro is another retro script font style on the list!  The font has a plump and playful design. Not to mention, it brings back a vintage and nostalgic vibe. It makes a good element for the logo of apparel, barbershops, automotive, or sports brands.

9. Aesthetic Note

Aesthetic Note

A dynamic and beautiful handwriting font, Aesthetic Note font gives you a sense of romance and yearning. This font will be a perfect company and applicable for women’s product logo designs that need natural yet elegant dashes and curves.

10. Cherly Blossom

Cherly Blossom

Cherly Blossom is one of the beautiful cursive fonts for logo design from Creatype Studio. It has a stylized design and unique curvy swashes. The font combines the style of retro and modern views. 

As a result, it looks modern and elegant. The swashes of the letters are clean, neat, and pleasing. The font gives the vibe of magical, adventurous, joyful, and playful,

11. Yesie


This font has quirky curves and letterform style in its characters set. Yesie is a monoline cursive font with thin strokes and lines that shape an aesthetic style. This font also includes uppercase and lowercase letters, ligatures, and swashes, which provide good readability and legibility in logo design when combined properly. 

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12. Wakanda


Wakanda would be perfect for logos, wedding invitations, and branding elements for even masculine products. The reason is that this hand-lettering font comes in a modern style. The letterforms are minimalist in contrast and decoration with distinctive round shapes and curves. 

13. Anthony


Anthony is a choice of the astounding cursive fonts for logo design. The letterform is clear, and the weight of the strokes is medium thickness. The font looks masculine, neat, and classy. It will look good in black-and-white contrast, monochrome, and vintage-theme logo design.

14. Samanthy


If you want some graceful font, try Samanthy font. The font has a curvy brush-like letterform. It evokes a sense of femininity, tranquility, and truthfulness. It is a suitable logo font for business brands in a casual and friendly manner.

15. Anttelope


Anttelope exudes refinement in its handwriting-style font. Try this font to add a luxurious and affectionate vibe to your logos, brands, invitations, and crafting projects.

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Still Hesitate to Create Beautiful Brands with Cursive Fonts for Logo Design?

Cursive fonts are very helpful in creating beautiful logo designs. Its unique design exudes various atmospheres, from elegance, friendliness, and luxury to tranquility. Using cursive fonts for your branding will be a good idea to catch customers’ attention to your business.

Do you find it difficult to find cursive fonts for logo design? Visit  Creatype Studio to review a spectacular choice of fonts for your branding. Additionally, you can try all of those fonts for only $1 before deciding on the one ideal with your design values!

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