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7 Carnival Fonts Make Your Design Look Beyond Ordinary

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Currently, there are many conveniences that you can get to create various types of designs with unlimited themes. Some people need a design display that is different from the others, such as a decorative design. The type of carnival font below will match your design needs.

Best Carnival Style Font for Extraordinary Design

Feeling bored with the basic typeface? Then the following fonts with various types of unique decorations will make the design look more lively. On the other hand, this carnival font can also be the best choice for displays and brand logo designs. Without further ado, let’s start the discussion!

1. Cute Notes

cute notes font

If you glance at the letters from Cute Notes, this font is more suitable to complement a decorative and fun design. Besides, the choice of letters here gives a comic impression, which can add to the feel of being much more friendly and casual.

By their appearance, the fonts from Cute Notes will be the carnival font that is suitable for designs with relaxed themes. For example, the theme for birthdays, parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and others.

2. Junkies Style

junkies style font

You can make a design change 180 degrees only using the right font. The festive impression typical of a carnival party will be well-represented using this letter from Junkies Style. If you pay attention, actually, this second choice includes a type of script font with a bold curved accent.

So even though it looks like strict calligraphy, this font is not calligraphy at all. In contrast, the curvature of this Junkies Style alphabet gives your designs a much more retro and unique feel.

3. KG Chasing Cars

kg chasing cars font

Some people prefer carnival fonts that are much more decorative. The reason is that those fonts are charming enough to display a design. For example, this KG Chasing Cars is a free carnival font with a flag on the outside. 

The collection of serif letters that are irregular in it also gives a relaxed impression. Fonts from KG Chasing Cars could be suitable for fun and extraordinary designs. Interested in trying this font? 

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4. Magic Stary 

magic stary font

Hearing the word ‘carnival’, what you have in mind is probably a celebration party. This celebration will be synonymous with something lively, lively, fun, and also non-formal. Therefore, some of the fonts that best describe this theme are fonts that are full of decorations.

Magic Stary provides a collection of fonts that can represent typical carnival-related themes. The font from Magic Stary has a comic alphabet set with a mix of star images that give a festive impression. This font will be suitable to complement a cheerful and relaxed display.

5. Zawtturee Monoline Vintage

zawtturee font

Bored with the typical comic carnival font and too many decorations? Perhaps you can minimize the appearance of the design so that it is more casual but still luxurious and unique. One way is to choose this font from Zawtturee Monoline Vintage, to fill your design space.

The typewriter-inspired letter style, with the addition of curved creations on several alphabets, as well as a more vintage look of the font, are its characteristics. Using a font that you can download freely will help your design look more festive, old, but still gold.

6. Cufis Decor

cufis decor font

You could say that the font from Cufis Decor has something in common with KG Chasing Cars. How could it not be? You will find this carnival font type with additional decorative accents in the form of beautiful flags on the outside.

Designs that are fun, lively, and give the impression of a carnival-style luxury party will go very well with this font. The small flag illustrations of this font are inspired by the colorful flags you often find at carnivals and celebration parties. 

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7. Heavy Rain

heavy rain

The font from Heavy Rain might be a slightly different letter recommendation than other fonts. These light but firm letters are a type of font with a medieval theme. So the look produced here gives a more classic impression but is still luxurious with ornaments around the letters.

If you need a unique, classic carnival design, then this set of alphabets from Heavy Rain might be the right choice for display.

Browse Other Interesting Carnival Fonts Here!

If some of the fonts above haven’t met your expectations, maybe it’s time for you to find other unique font collections at Creatype Studio. There are so many unlimited fonts that you might like. Even better, it offers $1 deals that allow you to purchase your desired font. So, let’s give it a visit!

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