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5 Core Aspects for Choosing a Font for Your Brand

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Choosing a font for your brand helps you to market your brand’s image. The right font would give a good impression on your customers. For that reason, your font must reflect your brand’s image. It also should be attractive and memorable. Let’s take a look at this article and find out how font selection is important for your brand.

Why is Choosing a Font for Your Brand Important?

The choice of font style will have a massive impact on your brand. How so? While there are plenty of reasonings, here are some of the most essentials about its font’s role for your brand. 

1. It Delivers Meaning

The right font could carry meaning within your brand design. It can be the goal, personality, or mood of your brand.

2. The Font Conveys a Bond with Customers

A readable brand would give customers a good impression. The font that could reach people’s attention would boost your brand awareness. 

3. It Influences Your Brand Recognition

Related to the previous points, the right font will raise your brand’s popularity. By using a synchronized font, people will feel familiar with your brand’s personality and identity. Hence, it’s easier for people to trust your brand because of its familiarity. 

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Here’s How to Choose a Font for Your Brand!

There are several things you need to consider when you looking for a font for your branding. Don’t skip any of them anyway!

1. Decide Your Brand’s Identity and Personality

The first thing you need to do is decide your brand’s image. Understanding your brand’s identity would help you to determine your business’ tone. You may brainstorm the vision, mission, and values of your business. Then, you can decide what kind of tone or mood represents your brand.

For example, if you run a business with a serious and professional look, a serif font fits your brand. Meanwhile, a modern and innovative brand will go well with a sans-serif font.

2. Learn about the Type of Fonts and Their Personality

The next thing in choosing a font for your brand is matching the font with your brand personality. Therefore, you should be familiar with each font type and their personality.

a. Serif

serif fonts

If you consider a typeface of font that has a professional look, you may use a serif typeface. Serif fonts are the most classical and traditional typeface. You can identify the font by the extra strokes or small flicks at the ends of each letterform.

This font style exudes the feeling of historical, formality, authority, integrity, and nobility. Serif fonts suit formal and serious businesses like law firms and financial services. 

Nevertheless, you can also use this font to add a sense of trustworthiness and respect to your brand. Famous brands, like Prada, Vogue, Rolex, Honda, Sony, and Mercedes-Benz, use this typeface for their branding. 

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b. Sans Serif

sans serif fonts

Sans serif fonts are considered a more modern and simple typeface. The letterform is straightforward without extra ornament or serifs at the end of characters. The overall design is simple, clean, and sleek.

Sans serif fonts represent a sense of modern, tech-savvy, and minimalism. However, the thickness of its characters’ strokes could give a different atmosphere. The thicker sans serif fonts have a sense of boldness, masculinity, and hard work. Meanwhile, the thinner one develops a noble, fancy, and glamorous atmosphere.

The sans serifs fonts fit for you if you like the brand with a straightforward and modern attitude. With their simple design, sans-serif fonts have high legibility. It would be a perfect brand that puts clarity on its logo. The brands using this typeface are Google, Facebook, Adidas, Macy’s, and Linkedin.

c. Script

script fonts

If you are considering choosing a font for your brand with a fancy and elegant tone, script fonts would be the best option. This font looks like handwriting with cursive loops and detailed lines. The font evokes an elegant, fancy, and sometimes feminine vibe. Using this font for your brand would give a sense of uniqueness and intimacy.

Some prominent brands using script fonts are Cadbury, Barbie, Coca-Cola, and Instagram.

d. Display

decorative fonts

Display fonts or decorative fonts are the most playful and creative typefaces. Usually, display font has unique and appealing strokes and lines. Thus, it fits a brand that needs to represent a uniqueness and trendy mood. However, be careful to avoid overdesigned fonts or unprofessional fonts, like Comic Sans and Jokerman.

This font represents famous brands’ branding, such as Disney, Fanta, Sega, and Lego.

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3. Pick the Legible and Versatile Font

After learning how to select fonts for your brand, you need to examine their functionality. Pick the fonts that are legible and easy to use. Be consistent with the usage of the font. 

It is recommended to put not more than two fonts for your branding purpose. Too many fonts will make your branding look busy and distractive.

4. Try to Pairing and Styling the Font

The next thing you need to consider when choosing a font for your brand is styling your brand. Ask yourself this question: does your brand’s logo suit better to thicker or thiner characters?

Find your ideal font by exploring every feature of the glyph style, like bold, italic, alternative glyphs, and ligatures. Through the glyph variations, you can examine the weight of the font and review which one is the best to represent your brand characters. 

If you pick more than one font, make sure that the fonts complement each other. Generally, you also should think about which one should be the header and the other follow as a subheader. Don’t hesitate to play around with the order to see which layout is the best for your brand.

5. Ask for Feedback

Since the brand is meant to be seen by audiences, you certainly need feedback. Ask people you trust with honest opinions about your design. Their response would be valuable for you to improve your branding designs. 

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How Does Choosing a Font for Your Brand Affect The Business?

The right font would give you a vast impact on your business. Your brand’s font is actually its personality. Whatever mood and personality you want to share with people, the font will definitely represent and convey it to the audience.

Therefore, either you go all out or choose the typeface, it will affect your audience’s perception of your brand and your brand awareness as well. 

Creatype Studio simplifies your tasks in choosing a font for your brand. With an array of handcrafted font styles, you can just pick one that suits your brand’s profile. Benefit from our $1 deal to try all of our font collections for your logos and other design projects before deciding which one you adore the most! 

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