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Inexpensive and Staple Tips for How to Design a Landing Page


To drive your website’s visitors into conversion efficiently through the landing page, there are some necessary strategies you should implement. Absorb the detailed tips on how to design a landing page that works better for your marketing and business through the coverage below. 

Apply The Underrated Tips to Design a Landing Page that Triggers Conversion

There are many references that already covered the importance of a landing page for businesses. But practically, making an impressively efficient landing page is not a piece of cake. A basic understanding will help you pave the way to create a better one. 

1. Determine the Ultimate Goal 

There are various reasons why you need a landing page in the first place. It benefits you not merely to get signups and registration, or purchasing. Basically, you can create a landing page to get more leads and build awareness. Or else, you can use it to promote a new marketing campaign that converts. 

So, before creating one, what type of outcome do you want to get by creating a landing page? What benefits do you expect to get from that very specific-purposes page? Try to answer the questions before knowing the second tips. 

2. Focus on People

Now that you clarify your objective to create a landing page, keep in mind that the very first move that a page should make is to engage better with your audience. 

Why? The reason is that once the landing page captures your audience’s interest, they’ll stay longer to learn better about your offering. Then, when they engage with the content, the possibility of leads and conversion would open wider. 

Therefore, the best practice for how to design a landing page is you need to research, observe, and develop your buyers or audience persona. You may use Google UX guidelines, and try to understand the way your audience interacts with a website design through competitor analysis of group discussion.

3. Stipulate the Anatomy of the Landing Page

When you already determined the goal and understand your buyer persona, the next step is to create the landing page design accordingly. However, the layout should also be able to show the visitors the most necessary part that they look for. 

Thus, to ensure a seamless user experience, pay attention to the anatomy of the landing page. Begin with a simple layout that has 8 vital elements, as compiled based on Neil Patel’s page. When you create a landing page design, it should consist of:

  • Page headlines and copy that support one another. 
  • Clear, compelling yet concise headlines that speak to the particular point of the content on the landing page.
  • Copy with simple and digestible language and terms. 
  • Any reliable kinds of social proof that reveals credibility (contact information, live chat plugins, testimonials, or press mentions for example). 
  • Plain and direct CTA (Call-to-Action).
  • Eye-catching yet non-distractive foregrounding elements. 
  • Fewer links or navigation and representable media (images and/or video related to the copy and message). 
  • Strategic and relevant location for the button and important part of the landing page. 

4. Make a Responsive Landing Page 

The fourth of the tips to design a landing page that works is that you always need to make sure your page loading time is fast enough. In addition, having a responsive landing page also means that the page is adaptable across all devices, be it desktops, smartphones, and/or tablets. 

5. Conduct A/B Testing

All and all, no matter how simple and attractive your landing page design is, you still need to prove it works well for a real audience. Consequently, designers need to prepare an alternative to their primary design and throw them to the audience to get their reviews and feedback. 

Based on the feedback, designers may do some tweaking and modification on the landing page element and design to accomplish the goal. 

Some Examples of Lucrative Landing Pages 

Here are a few inspirations of various kinds of landing pages you can find in online platforms and markets. 

Modern Landing Page Design Inspirations





What Elements Help Make a Perfect Landing Page Design

Eventually, all of the landing page elements are the elements that shape a good landing page. However, in terms of design layout and aspect, the principles of Anatomy of Landing page from Neil Patel’s page or Wix incorporates a checklist that you can use as guidance. 

Also, pay careful attention to the foreground elements that consist of backgrounds, button color, shape, font choice, color, size and shape, white spacing, and placeholder. Should you need a font recommendation, don’t hesitate to visit Creatype Studio. Then, you’ll have access to well-designed choices at only $1 now!

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