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5 Humbling and Best CMS for Website to Amplify Efficacity

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CMS is no longer a mere system to manage content and/or media for a website, nor a mere blogging platform like it used to be. As of today, the best CMS for website functions covers website builders, certainly systems for various content management, to SEO tools. Then, let’s explore the list of CMS for the website down below! 

Hand-picked Recommendation of Best CMS for Your Website

Although there are the most popular ones you’ve already heard about, there are tons of others that may be more relevant to your website’s objective and theme. Here is the list!

1. WordPress

WordPress is still the most favorite and popular CMS choice around the globe. However, fewer users are aware that there are two different versions of WordPress. The WordPress with .org extension is a free open-source and self-hosted type of CMS. While the other one with .com is a commercial and hosted type. 

WordPress offers comprehensive features such as extensions, add-ons, and plugins with flexible paid plans. Moreover, this CMS is a handy one to create a humble blog or even a complicated website. 

2.  Drupal

Drupal fits to accommodate an extensive amount and types of content, with higher flexibility and control. Thus, it’s a comparable option to WordPress. With community support, built-in modules available for websites, and a high level of security, it’s logical that many universities use this as their CMS.  

Then, it’s without exaggeration to say it’s the best CMS for education website choice in the industry. 

3. Kentico

One of the good sides of Kentico is the power to deliver content seamlessly through various platforms. Besides, you can boost engagement and reach using its integrated marketing system. It also offers the most recent feature to back up your content data.  

Since this CMS focuses on enterprises’ needs, Kentico may be the best CMS for a company website that matches your advanced technical skills. 

4. Shopify

There’s a thing that makes Shopify one of the best CMS for ecommerce websites, and it’s about its simplicity. This hosted CMS provides a smoother experience in developing and growing your e-commerce business. 

Moreover, it offers you an integrated payment gateway and various support channels you can look up to. You can adjust the theme and add numerous options of extensions that align with your needs. 

5. Contentful

By using this CMS, you can organize and manage various kinds of content. Besides, delivering the content to different digital platforms won’t be difficult with its flexible adaptability. 

Even though Contentful still requires technical knowledge to operate this content management system, this is the best CMS for news website along with others mentioned in the list. 

Bonus: CMS for Businesses and Marketers

You may need another recommendation other than the 5 mentioned above. So if you want to know CMS for business and markets, here they are: 

6. Hubspot CMS Hub

Hubspot CMS Hub always comes with marketing in mind. Therefore, the features this CMS has will help businesses and marketers a lot in getting a larger market segment. With integrated HubSpot CRM, they will assist you to convert your website’s visitors into customers. 

This CMS also allows you to streamline the operational workflow with their email marketing tools. 

7. Joomla

Although Joomla is more suitable for developers and creators with broader experience in terms of technical and operation, it still offers ease in content editing without touching any codes. 

In E-commerce, different organizations from universities, professionals, and businesses with multiple web administrators can explore the extension and templates to create websites according to their needs. 

What You Should Examine Before Choosing a Good CMS for a Website?

Since every CMS has its own good and downside, you can use some practical and technical elements to get the best cms for website that are aligned with your objective. Foremost, practicality is necessary in terms of operating the CMS. Thus, the easier and more convenient it is to use, the better. 

Second, whatever your goal is, the functionality of the CMS is also an important aspect. If the CMS library provides comprehensive plugins (themes, fonts, or SEO) and built-in features that allow you to elevate content management, it will facilitate growing and development of your platform. 

In addition, security and support are always indispensable things to think about. On top of those aspects, do not forget to examine the cost and fees. Choosing an option with an all-inclusive cost may seem expensive. But eventually, you may end up saving more than you thought.

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