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Brittany Signature Font: A Recipe for Spellbinding Designs!

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P9 4The typography of the handwritten font style gives that feeling of exclusivity and congeniality, making the visual designs feel approachable. One of the most-try of these font styles is Brittany signature font. Find out why this font should be added to your to-utilize fonts in this article!

Font Brittany and How Does It Look Like

Brittany Signature Font

Originally designed by Rian Rahardi, the Creatype Studio presented this pretty handwritten font to the public for personal use. Otherwise, a license to buy before usage and application are mandatory for commercial use in printing and digital projects. 

Like many other signature types of handwritten font style, Brittany looks like a person’s personal handwriting. The lines, curves, strokes, thickness, and contrast diverge for the upper and lower case. While it only has a single style, the components mentioned make this handwritten style feel more personal and appealing. 

Brittany Signature Font

In addition to its flowy yet artistic design, you can easily download and access it through various types of software, be it Microsoft Word and Adobe applications like InDesign, Illustrator, and the common Photoshop. 

Moreover, the designer made it available for diverse types of glyphs. But this stylish font also supports multiple languages such as Swedish, Spanish, Scottish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Italian, Irish, Indonesian, German, French, Dutch, and Danish to Afrikaans.

Brittany Signature Font

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Use of The Font Brittany As Spellbinding Branding Elements

The personalized style of handwritten font like Brittany is identical and perfect for personal work like name cards or watermarks. However, this font can be an appealing weapon as a visual element for other media and purposes. Here are some ideas on integrating this font into your design projects. 

1. Photography or Magazine Cover 

The slanted lines of Brittany will not only beautify a photograph, but it can create strong readability if applied to the magazine cover. If you want to capture attention through a sparkling yet nostalgic ambiance, you can use it as the title or headline and combine it with sans-serif font style as body text or sub-heading.

Brittany Signature Font Brittany Signature font

2. Landing Pages

A concise and easy-to-digest message on the landing page is the key to getting a conversion for a marketing campaign. Yet, a striking, smooth, yet clear font can also affect the message’s visibility. 

In the image below, you’ll see that a combination of a simple image, script font style, and Brittany signature font as a pair enhanced the key promotion word that triggers a Call to Action (CTA) to visitors. 

Brittany Signature for Landing Page

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3. Product Packaging or Hangtag

P10 3Need a supple and neat product package or hangtag design? Using earth-toned color, less decorative elements, and putting them together with font Brittany in a sleek layout like the following example will do! 

Brittany is not only a pair with feminine products or projects but can also relate to masculinity if needed. Find out what it will look like in the example below.P4 4P5 4

Brittany Signature Font

4. Wedding Designs and Invitations

A wedding is a personal project where personnel and human touch become subconsciously mandatory. Whether you want to utilize the font in the wedding invitation wording, souvenirs, or other wedding-related products, Brittany can suit it perfectly. 

You can apply it to mark the date, highlight the bride and groom’s names, or make the announcement look louder. 

Brittany Signature Font

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5. Social Media Post

To create captivating social media posts, aside from using interesting and speaking images, you should use readable fonts to deliver the text message. While Brittany has ligatures and can be curvy occasionally, the linings between each alphabet are properly measured to make them legible. 

You may also try to bring contrast while combining this font with another type of font style to enhance the text’s readability. How? For example, color gradation or even putting different yet harmonious colors to the text. This strategy will help you maintain the letter formation for readability, as in the following example. 

Brittany Signature Font

What Else Can Brittany Signature Font Do For Your Visual Designs?

P3 4As explained above, this handwritten font has the characteristics of a human hand signature. Yet, it is sleek with firm and proper lining and strokes, making it legible and compatible with numerous designs on different media, including online platforms. 

Help yourself get the licensed version of Brittany Signature font through the original publisher Creatype Studio for abundant usage at a competitive price!

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