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Need Stylish People Drawings for Design? Use Humaans

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Using people drawings for your designs will make them look lively and dynamic. However, drawing human figures from scratch can be time-consuming, especially if you need a lot of different images. Humaaans helps designers getting fresh, stylish people drawings that can be adjusted for design purposes.


How Humaaans Works


Humaaans is a web-based image library full of modern-style people vector drawings. Users can download various images with a wide range of skin tones, outfits, body shapes, and hairstyles. All drawings have a fresh, minimalist style with clean lines and bold colors.

Humaaans also provides an option to modify the image. You can change different parts like hair, body, outfit, and limbs using the document library. The huge number of options in the library allows you to remix the image, creating a new, fresh figure for customized designs.

Once you finish the modification, you can easily download the vector images. They can be used for various design purposes or further modified with design tools.

Main Features of Humaaans

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Humaaans is simple but interactive, with helpful features for an easier design process. The features include:

1. Digital Library

The digital library contains references to hairstyles, skin tones, limb positions, outfits, and other elements in people drawings. All are available for mix and match like “LEGO blocks.”

2. Simple Customizing Tool

Each drawing in Humaaans can be customized with simple functions, like repositioning, rotating, and resizing. No specific design skill is needed.

3. Free Licensing

Forget attributing for every single image you use even for personal purposes. Every default image in Humaaans has a free license. You can use and modify them for various design purposes without attribution, including for commercial projects.

4. Background Ambience

Give your image extra context with ambience! Humaaans makes it easier for you to combine the vector images with background images to create a unique atmosphere. The background is stylish and modern without overtaking the main images. You can add various background illustrations such as charts, abstract images, interior, sceneries, and such.

5. Blush Compatibility

Want to use Humaaans with your favorite design tool? It offers compatibility with Blush, allowing you to create more personalized drawings.

6. Easy Use to Design Templates

Start from templates to give you a clearer prediction for the final image. Humaaans helps you create template models in various forms, such as grids, onboardings, hero images, and presentation slides. You can see how well your modified images when actually placed in proper settings.

Benefits of Using Humaaans


Say goodbye to time-consuming drawing for design projects. Humaaans gives you fresh, stylish vector images without making them generic or boring. The ability to transform an individual image with a digital library gives you a wide range of possibilities in creating illustrations.

Humaans’ digital library is diverse, perfect to create an inclusive illustration for representation and other great projects. It is also perfect for companies, educational institutions, and brands that want to be more inclusive. Add some ambience, and you get perfect images for presentation slides, commercial products, official websites, and many more.

Creating vector drawings from scratch is not always convenient, especially when you are faced with a lot of design projects. Use Humaaans to create and modify vector images of people, and make your designs more interesting in an easier way.

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