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Bad Kerning in Typography: Here Are Also The Examples and Tips

bad kerning in typography

Designing an advertisement is tricky because you need to consider many factors, including the fonts. However, some designers underestimate this factor which results in bad kerning. Do you know what is the meaning of this typography’s term? Let’s find the definition under the explanations below! Without further ado, let’s jump into it now! 

What is Bad Kerning?

Before digging deeper, you need to know what kerning is. It is a space between two letters which can be a number or any character. 

Kerning is known as an adjusting act to give a space between characters. Simply put, bad kerning is an act by designers who underestimate space, which leads to misunderstanding. 

Commonly, this kind of mistake is normal, and many designers are used to it. However, you cannot repeat it since it may influence the advertisement. 

Even worse, people may misread and make jokes about your designs. So please give more attention to your work so that your clients will be happy and may increase sales.  

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Examples of Bad Kerning

You learn enough about the definition. To fulfill your curiosity, I will attach four different examples. So take a guess which mistakes the designer makes in the following pictures. Here they are! 

1. Massage Therapist 

bad kerning examples

Image Source: LinkedIn

After looking at the picture above, I know you guess it right. The text on the advertisement above should be “Massage Therapist”. Unfortunately, the designer gives a space that changes the meaning. 

It is unforgivable words because the message is out of the topic. The mistake leads to “Massage The Rapist”, which is dangerous to several factors. Hence, you need to double-check your design before releasing and printing it out to your ad location. 

2. Shitake

bad kerning examples

Image Source: LinkedIn

By the time you see the picture above, I bet you are laughing out loud! You do, don’t you? This mistake is funny yet tragic because it must be written “Shitake”, a kind of mushroom. 

Unfortunately, the designer misspells it to be “Shit Ake”, which is out of the box. Even though the mistake is funny, the owner of this product must not be happy with the spelling. So please be careful while spelling your client’s product’s name. 

3. Box Out The Been Done

bad kerning examples

Image Source: LinkedIn

Who says bad kerning only relates to the letter’s space? Definitely, not! You can say that the image above is also bad due to the unpleasing look and irregular placement of the letters. 

Truthfully, the designers may write “the” letters regularly without giving too much space. However, they make this mistake which makes readers slightly hard to read and understand. So, please consider the letter’s place so that it can be arranged neatly. 

4. 10 Flickering Lights 

bad kerning examples

Image Source: LinkedIn

Last but not least, the mistake comes due to the similar look of the “li” to the “u” letter. This is unforgettable because the real writer must be “Flickering”. However, the designer underestimates the font, which results in “Fuckering”. 

I know that you are the designer, but please avoid making this kind of mistake because it may give disadvantages to the clients. Hence, please be more cautious in choosing the fonts.  

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Tips on Bad Kerning

So what should you do to avoid bad kernings? Then, here are two tips to consider to satisfy your clients! 

1. Avoid Underestimate Tricky Letters

First things first, you need to avoid underestimating tricky letters. Please give more attention to this kind of letter because it may disadvantage your design, name, and even your clients. 

It is better to check on another font that gives a better look. If your clients insist, then give them the understanding that this font may lead to misspellings and misreading.

2. Give Letters Room to Breathe

To avoid bad kerning, you can give room to your letter to breathe. This tip is important because it may lead to a better understanding for the readers or customers. 

So not only is the design look more readable, but also it can attract more people. Do not forget to double-check and ask for your client’s approval before launching the design. Hence, you can make your clients satisfied and not result in any misunderstanding. 

Let’s Be More Meticulous to Avoid Bad Kerning

Designers can avoid bad kerning if they give more attention to their chosen fonts. It is not easy but still, you need to do it so that people will not misunderstand. Merely follow the two tips above and you will get better results. So, get yourself together, and let’s design a perfect font for your clients now! 

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