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What is Chop Suey Font? Here are The Description and History 


Sometimes, we find any font and refer it to any specific ethnicity. It is what happened to Chop Suey font. People think this font represents Asian culture, especially Chinese. 

But chop suey is also cool and has been used for decades. In this article, we will explain chop suey, its history, and the reason why people find chop suey font racist. So, let’s check it out! 

What is Chop Suey Font

You might find many fonts with a Mandarin-look style. It’s called chop suey font. For years, this font has been used to represent Asian culture, especially Chinese. Since then, western-type designers have developed a number of their own versions of chop suey. 

If you’re interested to find this kind of font, you may check it on the internet with some Chinese vocabulary. For example, Peking, Wonton, Jing Jing, Ginko, Shanghai, Fantan, China Doll, Martial Arts, Karate, Chow Fun, Ching Chang, and Chang Chang. 

History of Chop Suey Font

Typography artist Linus Boman sat down with designer Raven Mo, to learn more about the so-called “chop suey” font that has been fairly commonly used to identify Chinese food originating in the United States.

The chop suey font is a subcategory of the so-called “ethnic” presentation fonts and is a uniquely American innovation rooted in the 170-year history of Chinese immigrants in the United States.

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Is Chop Suey Font Racist?

It is worth noting that in 1930s America, some Chinese immigrants themselves used the chop suey font on restaurant signs, menus, and advertisements to enhance the exotic appeal of their establishments. 

A very private Asian American is disrupting the beauty industry, and “oriental simulation fonts” (or letter forms designed with the aesthetic characteristics of a particular culture) did more than resemble Chinese calligraphy. 

Decorative fonts such as El Dorado and Taco Salad were designed to represent Mexico. The same applies to the Pad Thai font, whose strokes are borrowed from the Thai script. Likewise, many crude hand-drawn fonts claim to capture the aesthetics of the entire African continent.

Typography evokes emotions. In a visually saturated culture, we live and breathe type, devouring letters and shapes with many implications. Finally, in an age of prejudice, the racialization of type is important as long as it leaves room for nuance in context.

But there are also examples of fonts that harmlessly evoke national or regional pride. Let’s take a look at his distinctive Euskara script, which is used in seven provinces of the Basque Country and is used on everything from monuments to restaurant menus. 

The “big-footed, big-eyed Roman character” was his 19th-century chronicler of the monuments of the region, which emerged at the height of his Basque nationalism in the late 19th century. 

So is chop suey font racist? It is depending on your perspective and opinion. Many Asians, especially Chinese, they never triggered by this font. Even many people are using it for restaurant names, Asian shops, and many more. 

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Example of Chop Suey Font 

There are font styles that you can use. Here are some examples of this font. 

1. Karate

Chop Suey Font

Karate font is a font with bold shadings like someone is doing karate. This font is suitable for those of you who want to do promotions for your dojo or karate arena.

2. Peking Duck 

Chop Suey Font

This Peking Duck is not the cuisine you commonly know. Instead, it has a similar look to a Mandarin letter written with a brush. The shape is simple but still highlights the thick side of Asian culture. 

3. Jing Jing 

Chop Suey Font

Jing Jing is a font that is very similar to Chinese writing. The form of the writing is like writing with a brush, conical from big to small or small to big so that it leaves a distinctive impression of Chinese culture.’

Want to Get More Chop Suey Font?

In this internet era, many font styles are found. In fact, they have many styles. There is plenty of chop suey style that you can find online. Not only are they well-designed, but also you can use them for specific functions. 

If you are interested in chopping suey font, you can find it on Creatype Studio! This website provides any font that you need for your design. It’s very affordable, and you will be satisfied if you use any font provided by talented artists. So, let’s go check them out!

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