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MasterBundles Marketplace: How We Have Found a Worthy Place To Sell Our Works

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The joke that a good artist should always be a little hungry to work efficiently is not really funny. In today’s world, artists need to make a lot of effort to find their audience online and be able to receive a well-deserved income regularly.

We have been freelancing for quite some time, but the process of finding a client was incredibly time-consuming — this is the main reason why we started looking for various marketplaces. We think many artists wanted to work without being distracted by communication, discussion of prices, and other topics far from creativity. After researching several portals, we settled on MasterBundles. And in today’s article, We`ll tell in detail about our experience of cooperation, the main advantages of the marketplace and the points that you should know about in advance.

What Is MasterBundles?

So, first, a few words about the marketplace itself. MasterBundles is a two-way platform that helps artists sell their work and customers find the perfect item. According to the founders, they started rather modestly in 2016: they collected several works from familiar designers, presented them on the site, and waited for the sale. There were few sales, but it was a success, so the marketplace received some funds for development — and now, after 6 years, the platform has become quite popular.

We heard about it before, but we thought about cooperation only now. And from the first clicks on the site, we realized that we would most likely stay here — in comparison with the platforms where we had already tried to sell our works, it was much better. Firstly, an intuitive interface, secondly, quick registration, thirdly, a convenient form for submitting your works, as well as many other advantages, which will be described below.

Portal`s Features & Advantages

Speaking about the advantages of the marketplace in general, we can highlight its scale — both vendors and customers can see many products on a wide variety of topics, finding the perfect option for their project or just an inspiration. In addition, the platform combines thematic products into bundles at a very nice price for a customer, wholesale is more profitable. Recently, the portal has divided users into three roles:

  • vendor — presents their unique works;
  • buyer — purchases works;
  • affiliate — recommends the marketplace and receives passive income in the form of % from the sale through a referral link.

Moreover, users can take on all three roles — create their own items, buy the ones they like and, of course, work with the referral program. It’s also worth paying attention to a useful blog and a convenient filter system for finding the appropriate item.

If we talk about the benefits for the vendor, then for ourselves we have identified the following advantages:

  1. The marketplace welcomes artists and designers of all levels — here you can find the works of professionals and beginners.
  2. The registration process is simple as a vendor takes just a couple of clicks.
  3. Uploading your work to the marketplace is straightforward. With the help of the Sell Your Deal form, the process is fast and the risks of not passing moderation are minimized (the vendor sees all the requirements with examples).
  4. The moderation period is also short. If you have any questions regarding it, you can contact the manager.
  5. Money management is convenient, the withdrawal is usually hassle-free.

In addition, the platform helps vendors develop and promote products by constantly publishing useful blog posts.

What About Cons? 

Also, it is worth mentioning a couple of MasterBundles`s shortcomings:

  1. The platform often packs several themed products into bundles — not all vendors like this.
  2. Withdrawals are possible only when the account accumulates at least $50.
  3. The product can appear at public access only after moderation.

On the other hand, they are quite minor and are unlikely to spoil impressions from your collaboration experience.

How Did We Start?

After carefully studying the features of the platform, we decided to upload the first 5 works using the Sell Your Deal form, it took a little time. Moderation took place within a day and after that, our items appeared on the platform with the appropriate thematic division. In addition to freelancing, MasterBundles proved to be a great addition to our budget as our works were sold for both personal and commercial use. By the way, you can see our designs and choose something you like in the CreatypeStudio Store. Here are some of our favorite ones:


Broster Slab Typeface

Broster is a slab typeface with stamped looks and extra ornament. This font is perfect for branding projects, wedding designs, logos, social media posts, product designs, labels, photography, invitation, watermark, invitation, and any other projects that need handwriting taste.

Cover Broster

Wintter Modern Chic Serif

Wintter is a perfect font for those, with truly sophisticated taste. It will help you to upgrade any logo, label, social media post, photo, or any other project that needs a hand-drawn font.

1 Cover

Brittany Signature Business Font

Brittany Signature Script Font is a nice idea for branding projects, wedding designs, logos, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, label, product designs, and watermark. This font will make your product look absolutely remarkable.

Brittany Signature_Page 1 1

Hand Lettered Fonts Bundle

Cover Bundle MasterBundles

In this minimalistic bundle, you can find more than 16 hand-lettered fonts — their look is quite unique, so they will be relevant for any kind of design. 


Final Thoughts

And although this marketplace is unlikely to become your main source of money, it copes 10 out of 10 with the function of a platform for receiving additional income! In addition, the portal is actively developing and gaining popularity. By uploading works, you can earn about $500 – $1000 within six months, which is already a great amount! So, just try — you won’t regret it!

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