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OTF vs TTF Fonts: Breaking Down 5 Main Differences

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Many designers use OpenType (OTF) and TrueType (TTF) in their designs. Consequently, OTF vs TTF fonts can lead to the discussion “Which one is better?” Although these font formats seem similar, they have unique characteristics and functions. Learn better about these font formats in this article! 

OTF vs TTF Fonts: Are They the Same?

There are many types of font formats designed for different purposes, but OTF and TTF fonts are more popular. These font formats can hold data for display and print in a single file. Furthermore, both font formats are applicable on multiple platforms. Read the description below to understand better about those fonts!

What Are OTF Fonts?

OpenType Format (OTF) Font

OpenType or OTF font is an expanded version of TTF fonts. Microsoft and Adobe develop this font to broaden the capability of TTF font. As a result, the font gains more access across operating systems and platforms. 

Furthermore, the OTF font offers more advanced features than its predecessor. While TTF font has limited data storage, OTF font can store more font data, including glyphs, swashes, ligatures, and alternate characters in a single file. 

This wide storage can be handy since the designers don’t need multiple files to access the same font. Therefore, the OTF font is often favorable among designers and hobbyists. 

What Are TTF Fonts?

In the 1980s, Apple and Microsoft worked together to make a cross-platform font, especially for Windows, Mac, and most printer products. Thus, they created a TrueType Format font. TTF font’s function is straightforward. However, it has limited storage for special characters, unlike OTF fonts.  

Regarding TTF vs OTF fonts, TrueType Format fonts might be too old to compete. Nevertheless, TTF is still functional for general use. Moreover, its simplicity makes the system easily load the data. 

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OTF vs TTF Fonts: 5 Main Differences

There are five main differences between OTF and TTF fonts. Let’s see the comparison below!

1. Typography Features

OTF font offers over 65,000 glyphs, while TTF font provides approximately 250 lines. The broad data storage in OTF font allows designers to make more elaborate designs. Therefore, they can explore their creativity to create unique designs.

Not to mention, OTF font also supports alternate glyphs, like ligature, swashes, subscripts and superscripts, titling characters, small caps, and stylistic alternates. 

Meanwhile, TTF only supports the usual characters, like alphabets, numbers, and punctuations. More than that, the font needs a separate file. 

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2. Language Support

OTF font compatibility in various languages

Regarding OTF vs TTF fonts, OpenType fonts are superior to TTF fonts in language support. The OTF font supports a broader range of language and character variations, like Chinese or Arabic scripts. Consequently, the font is compatible with multilingual typography.

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3. Compatibility 

Both OTF and TTF fonts have impressive cross-platform compatibility. Despite being older, the TTF font remains accessible on multiple platforms, especially older systems. Moreover, its small size allows the system to proceed with the data quickly.

On the other hand, the OTF font is more advanced and can access more platforms, particularly the newer systems.

4. Printing and Scaling

Comparing OTF vs TTF fonts in printing and scaling, both font formats are the best in their ways. With the advanced features of OTF font, you can print more detailed glyphs. Thus, it would make your overall design look professional.  

Meanwhile, TTF will be more convenient for simple use. Additionally, it is also scalable in various sizes without changing the quality. 

5. File Size

The OTF font has a larger size due to its capability to store various glyphs. However, it can also cause the systems to work slower since there are many data to load. Additionally, OTF font can be more expensive than TTF font.

On the other hand, the TTF fonts are more popular due to their compact size and cheap price. The simple font format also makes the system load the data faster.

Which One is Better for You?

After knowing the differences between OTF and TTF fonts, you may question which one you should use. The answer can be different depending on your purpose. 

From the discussion regarding OTF vs TTF which is better above, you can conclude that the OTF font since it’s more advanced. Furthermore, extended features of OTF font are beneficial for designers.

However, if you need a simple font format, the TTF font is the better choice. Even though it has limited typography features, the font is more simple and suitable for general use. Furthermore, it has easy installation. Therefore, you can use the font effortlessly. 

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OTF vs TTF Fonts: Pick the Best One for Your Project!

As a designer, picking a complex font format will be convenient for your project design. Thus, OTF fonts will be a good option since they provide more innovative features. Nevertheless, TTF font is also handy for simple and basic typography. 

Talking about picking a font, have you found a place to purchase a font? If not, visit Creatype Studio. This website is a handy place to discover extraordinary fonts. On top of that, you can test all these fonts for $1 only. 

Don’t worry about the format since most fonts are available in various font formats, including TTF, OTF, and WOFF. Hence, you can use the fonts for varied purposes, like printing, UI for apps or games, and web design.  

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