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Spark the Year of The Dragon 2024 Designs with 8 Artsy Fonts

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The Lunar New Year is coming! You can choose a font type that is related to the dragon character since it is the year of the dragon 2024. According to the Chinese, dragons are mythical animals with enthusiasm, charisma, and intelligent characters. 

Present the characteristics of your projects by choosing fonts that suit your audiences. Amplifying your design is like walking in the park if you use fonts from Creatype Studio.  Let’s catch a glimpse of the best font recommendations as follows!

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8 Alternative Fonts to Ramp Up Your Design for the Year of the Dragon 2024

The following font recommendations are available for children’s designs, elegant greeting cards, or even mythological poster themes. Let’s give them a go!

1. Kingvoon Font

Kingvoon Medieval Font



Since dragons are mythological animals that have existed for 4000 years, it will be perfect if you collaborate on the Lunar New Year design with the Kingvoon font. This font with a typical medieval display only provides uppercase letters. Yet, you can combine it with ligatures and alternate letters to make the design more artful.

2. Harajuku Font

Harajuku Japanese typeface for Year of the dragon 2024 design



Although the Lunar New Year originates from China, you can use Harajuku fonts to bring an eccentric feel to your designs. This is because the display of the Harajuku font resembles Kanji in the Japanese language. Let’s give this font a whirl for your poster design.

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3. Kattana Font

Katana Japanese Typeface



Another alternative font for the year of the Dragon 2024 is Kattana. The Kattana presents the Japanese concept with a writing style like brush strokes and ornaments around it. You can use Kattana font to give a touch of Asian vibes.

Since this font is versatile, it fits to design greeting cards, menu posters, calendars, and Lunar New Year ornaments.

4. Kayooh Font

Japanese Display Typeface



Kayooh font is another Japanese type that is also suitable for Lunar New Year designs. The letter display looks like bold brush strokes without ornamentation. It enhances its readability so you can also use it for designs whose audience is children. 

In accordance, the letter design that looks like a series of broken lines gives a playful and artistic feel.

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5. Blackpearl Font

Blackpearl Decorative Font as the Year of the dragon 2024 design element



To give a mysterious and mystical touch to the thematic designs, you can put on-the-line Blackpearl font. This decorative font will not fail to enchant the audience because of its quirky letter design. Hence, you can apply this font to create a suitable design for the Year of the Dragon 2024 prediction theme. 

Along with that, Blackpearl font comes with complete features such as lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, ligatures, and alternate letters. Combining both lowercase and uppercase letters with alternate letters will polish up your typography design.

Alternate letters such as b,d, f, h, k, and r have swatches that form a hat. Meanwhile, the swatches for the letters f, g, j, y, and z are at the bottom and look like a tail.

6. Mangrove Font

Mangrove Sans Retro Font



You can also liven up your Year of the Dragon 2024 design project by giving Mangrove font a shot. It is worth choosing because the letter display is singular with exceptional ornate yet it has excellent legibility.

This bold font has ears in the middle of the vertical lines of the letters that look like dragon scales. Moreover, some letters have swatches that curve in waves like snaky dragons.

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7. Bentley Font

Bentley Monolite Vintage Font



You can use a typography that has curly swatches twisting around since the appearance of a dragon is like a gigantic snake but has legs. Bentley font can be an excellent alternative for your design.

To get a typography display with a snaking line accent for your Year of the Dragon 2024 designs, you only need to combine it with alternate letters. The Bentley font which has terrific readability, is suitable for all ranges of audiences and diverse types of designs.

8. Hanessy Font

Hanessy Feminine Font



You can also use a calligraphy font with a lovely touch for your design project. The Hanessy font is effective for providing an element of attention-grabbing with a simple yet elegant design.

Thick and thin strokes will give a dramatic feel, while the simple connections that bridge each letter give a neat and clean feel. Hanessy font has a strong feminine feel, making it suitable for creating designs for female audiences. Similarly, you can also use this elegant font for the 2024 year of the dragon greeting cards.

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Are You Ready to Gain Ground in Your Year of The Dragon 2024 Projects with Creatype Studio?

In a nutshell, all the finest font recommendations above are from the Creatypestudio collection. Interestingly, you don’t need to pay a single penny for personal use.

However, for commercial use, you can get it at an affordable starting price. Let’s unlock other best collections by visiting the official website Creatype Studio right away to create your thematic design projects!

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