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Japanese Font: 15 Fonts to Japanified Your Projects

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With its unique blend of artistic expression and functional design, Japanese font highlights the distinct essence of Japanese culture and language. Whether traditional calligraphy or digital typefaces, you can tell a Japanese font style. Let’s get cultured with these beautiful fonts!

The 15 Finest Japanese Font

Japanese-style fonts typically use brushes, and the style can be traced back to ancient times when scribes and calligraphers created characters on scrolls. The traditional calligraphy called “shodō”, laid the foundation for the developing font styles. Review fonts with a Japanese touch on them by Creatype Studio below!

1. Kattana

Kattana Japanese Typeface



We present to you the Kattana. With a name that blatant, you know this font is firm, beautiful, and doubtless. It is rich with ornament and Kattana is uppercase only, leaving the lowercase spot filled with another selection of ornaments.

2. Kayooh

Kayooh Japanese Font



Kayooh presents itself with a more blocky style. This display typeface still affixes the original brush style but with a modern look. It is a bold and fun font with a touch of Japanese calligraphy.

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3. Harajuku

Harajuku Japanese Style Typeface



Aside from the style, Harajuku also mimics the Japanese writing too. Making it more Japanese than just the style. Harajuku prefers a modern writing style, ditching the brush edges and using rounded edges for the serifs.

4. Old Japanese

old_japanese font



As the name suggests, Old Japanese is the font you regularly see in old Japanese movies. With just a glance, you can recognize the font from your nostalgic memories. It’s the perfect font to complement your vintage-themed campaigns.

5. Kamikaze

Kamikaze Font from Dafont



Kamikaze is a Japanese font in a robotic style. It has four selections to choose from, the original, italic, gradient, and gradient-italic. This font has bold strokes and weight which makes its presence even more solid and remarkable.  Use it in your next action-packed design project! 

6. Almost Japanese Comic

almost japanese comic font



Almost Japanese Comic font has an eccentric appearance. It has the Japanese imbued alphabet and the Japanese alphabet (Hiragana and Katakana) mixed into one. Its eccentricity states that how they “should” sound does not really matter. If it looks like an alphabet, just put it in. 

Hence, it is an ideal choice for experimental display design. 

7. Manga Style

Manga Style Font



If you need a dreadful font, try Manga Style typeface! It captures the long brush style with a patchy end, that creates a longing and eerie feeling. Thus, this one should pep out your thematic poster design! 

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8. Tokyo 2097

Tokyo 2097 Display Typeface



A futuristic collection for your Japanese font is Tokyo 2097. It is a blocky bold and italic font, highlighting a speedy action behind each letter.

9. Osaka Sans Serif

Osaka Sans Serif Font



Taking a trip around Japan to Osaka Sans Serif! This font also has a blocky display typeface in a slanted style. Not just Japanese-themed, it is a versatile and fun font to combine with any design project with good legibility. 

10. Tokyo Soft

tokyosoft font



If you want people to read your message properly, use Tokyo Soft futuristic font! This one is a stylish font with otherworldly levels of futurism. Taste a hint of futuristic Japanese font with Tokyo Soft now!

11. Katana

Katana Display Font



Katana font really highlights the form of a sword which is usually associated with Samurai from Japan. The font looks like a sheathed katana, with a clean cut on the end. It is an all-uppercase font pack with two slightly different styles of each letter, providing a possibility for excellent styling. 

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12. Kashima Brush

japanese font kashima brush



One of the most unique Japanese fonts is Kashima Brush. It highlights every stroke when brush is made, incorporating all the thick and thin forms simultaneously. The contrast of its letterform becomes the ornamental element without many ornate details. 

13. Samurai Blast

japanese font samurai blast font



Samurai Blast font has a flowy looks through its wavy lines. You can imagine the zig-zag and the speed of the sword of a Samurai in this font. Yet, this font presents more side of fun rather than mystery. You can use this font for designs related to children’s thematic in Japanese styling. 

14. Japanese Emperor

Japanese Emperor Japan Style Display Font



If you want a more modern look in a Japanese font, pick Japanese Emperor! The bold font has quirky letterforms. Besides, the pack provides uppercase and lowercase glyphs to accommodate your creative desire!

15. Hiragana & Katakana

Hiragana Font - Japanese Font




While on the topic of Japanese font, why not introduce the original writing too? The actual Japanese alphabet is these two, Hiragana & Katakana. Hiragana is commonly used to write anything of Japanese origin, while Katakana is for loanwords. They have the same sounds but different forms. 

Katakana Font - Japanese Font




There’s another alphabet called Kanji actually and most of the glyphs have their own meaning, not just a sound. There are over thousands of Kanji letters and I doubt that someone made a complete font for it. Still, if your design targets Japanese, the fonts mentioned here should be your top choice!

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Embracing Tradition and Innovation through Japanese Font!

In general, you can see that there are plenty of collections of Japanese font styles plus the original scripts. You can use the fonts in Japanese styling for various kinds of designs and mediums with related themes to your brand or design objective. 

Expand your font collection by scrolling and choosing the handmade typefaces from Creatype Studio. Let’s shop through the official website, and seal the deal that appeals to you the most!

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