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10 Magnetic Fonts for Apps Project You Are Creating

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Selecting the right fonts for apps is essential to make your design visually appealing and make your content legible. A good font gives your audience a better User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). It also means you’ve built an app with good performance. Choose the most suitable from our curated collection!

7 Pleasantly-Looking and Best Fonts for Apps Design

The font is a medium to deliver your content to your audience. It is necessary to help users navigate your app easily.  Hence, we’ll introduce you to our handpicked list of effectively captivating choice of typefaces for your app design projects. 

1. Kalistra

Creatype Studio - Kalistra

Kalistra is a stylish and elegant font that will look astonishing for your design project. The font has noticeable ligatures that make it modish yet legible. It will be a perfect choice if you want to add an elegance and serene touch to your design. 

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2. Bestari

Creatype Studio - Bestari

Bestari is one of the best fonts for apps that adds an aesthetic touch to your design. The font looks pretty and visible with its decorative swash. It will look fancy for an app with a luxurious theme. The font also looks great for branding projects, like social media posts and advertisements.

3. Roboto

Dafont - Roboto

Roboto is one of the safest fonts to use for app design. It is a good font if you are still not sure about the right font. This typeface has good kerning and a clean appearance, making it comfortable to read. Moreover, it is one of the most used fonts for UI design. 

4. Hildany

Creatype Studio - Hildany

Hildany is one of the best fonts for apps with a cheerful tone. It has unique shapes in a brush-like style. You can use this font as a display text for your header. The letterform is eye-catching and readable, so it hooks your audience.

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5. Heading Now

Dafont - Heading Now

Heading Now is a prominent font for designing UI for your app project. This typeface has a modern aesthetic design with a vintage touch. It also looks outstanding as a display header. Moreover, it’s safe to use this font since it provides good readability and consistency while being eye-catching and easy to use. 

6. Vallery Qylmor

Creatype Studio - Vallery Qylmor

Vallery Qylmor is one of the elegant fonts for apps. The typeface has a simple, clean, and neat design. Vallery Qylmor is a serif font with unique thick and thin strokes for its letters. It is a perfect choice to add a fancy and charming mood. 

7. Ageo

Dafont - Ageo

Ageo is a geometric sans serif typeface. It has a clean and straight strokes design with good kerning. Those characteristics make this font a perfect choice for your app design with optimal readability and legibility. There is a trial version in Dafont, but you can purchase the full version for more access.

8. Coutline

Creatype Studio - Coutline

Coutline is one of the best fonts for apps coming in a fresh and modern stencil style. The font emits a futuristic, military, minimalistic, and urban graffiti vibe altogether. Thus, this one would be perfect to add a quirky touch that elevates your app design. 

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9. Thrello

Creatype Studio - Thrello

Thrello is a unique monoline sans serif. It has noticeable letters with dramatic swash. Its eye-catching design is perfect for creating striking appts with retro and vintage tones. 

10. Modest

Creatype Studio - Modest

Modest has a distinctive design for its characters but is still legible. The font exudes a retro-futuristic or urban graffiti vibe, which is ideal for attaching a bold and impactful atmosphere. 

How to Pick the Right Font for Your App Design

There are several things you need to consider before picking your font.

  1. Select the font that matches your overall design and mood. 
  2. Make sure that the font is comfortable to read in any size.
  3. Optimize the font size to fit the layout of your app’s UI.
  4. Make sure that the font is readable across any type of device, like mobile phones, tablets, or PCs.
  5. Limit the font options to just one or two choices. Too many different fonts will distract the user.
  6. Always test the font to your app design. 

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Pick the Right Fonts for Apps to Elevate Your Design

The font is important to help users to understand your apps. Therefore, selecting fonts for apps for your project can be tricky. You need fonts that are not only visually appealing. Rather, readability and legibility are most essential. 

Pick the font that offers appropriate readability through many devices, like mobile phones, tablets, or PCs.

If you’d like to buy some awesome fonts, Creatype Studio offers many fonts worth buying, with impressive designs that are readable and compatible across any type of device. Moreover, you can try all of those fonts for $1 only. Check them on our website and find your favorite typeface for your app design project!

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