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Control – A Jumbo Set of 108 Stylish and Customizable Illustrations

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We can say that Control is like a big library containing countless packs of illustrations. They are available in customizable and sophisticated characters, scenes, and styles.  Authored by the creative team of craftwork.design, 108 Control Illustrations in PNG format are free for use. If you want more, you can consider purchasing a pack or getting pro access.

The above paragraph implies the outlines we are going to discuss in the following review.

Control Illustrations


Control is a combination set of stylish and customizable fully-vector illustrations. It is an extensive library of 108 illustrations, each with 18 characters in three different action scenes and two styles.

100% vector illustrations, they are compatible with vector graphic editors like Figma, Sketch, and Ai.

You can use PNG-format illustrations without any payment. However, if you want to get full editable access to SVG and Ai files, you can buy a pack(s) or get a pro-access.

The formula

Control works in a simple yet interesting formula: 18 characters x 3 scenes x 2 styles = 108 illustrations. It means that for each illustration, you will have 18 characters in three scenes and two styles (solid and linear).

The Preview

As stated earlier, you can try the free-of-charge version of PNG-format 108 scenes. It offers you to experience the Control illustrations.

You can use the constructor to create any unique scene you prefer. By using many different sides, you can create your own story perfect for your app or website.

Also, you can see the full preview of the difference between solid and linear styles for each available scene.

How to Start Control

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If you are ready to use Control, you have three options to choose from: free, full, or pro access. Let’s take a look at each of them.

  1. Control Free

You can use or have 108 illustrations for free. The illustrations are available in two styles and are downloadable in PNG format. All downloads grant you free personal and commercial licenses.

  1. Control Full

By purchasing for $38, you can get 108 illustrations that are downloadable in 100%-vector format. The illustrations are available in two styles and are compatible with Figma and Sketch.  All downloads or purchases grant you free personal and commercial licenses.

  1. Craftwork Pro Access

By paying $89 per quarter, you can get thousands of fully vector illustrations in $4,109 total price. You will get access to full edit of SVG and AI files. There are first-rate UI/UX kits you can access to enhance your workflow. Also, you have the chance to unlock free new design assets during the year.

The Author

Screen Shot 2021 08 16 at 3.43.24 PM e1629103438448

The craftwork.design is the team behind the success of Control illustrations. It consists of illustrators, designers, curators, and front-end developers.

In the case of control.rocks, they do their best every day to create digital artworks that are unquestionably universal.

For the pro-access subscribers, you will see that the team tries to deliver the products regularly, one or two new designs each week.

On 17 March 2020, Control Illustrations got the award as #1 Product of the Week from Product Hunt.

That’s right. The craftwork.design team always tries its best to create digital products to help your design work easier, faster, and nicer. Control – a combo set of 100%-vector illustrations – also has become the best-seller and favorite product.

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