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12 List of Famous Typographers You Must Follow in 2023!

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In 2023, typography’s gone way beyond dusty books or the screen you’re looking at. It’s a lively art which is always changing and now a big deal in the digital world. Check out the famous typographers who make new styles and catch our eyes. Let’s jump in and find the font pros you can’t afford to miss!

What is a Typographer?

A typographer is like the designer, however a typographer works to make fonts look good and easy to read. They create fonts and decide on things like size, spacing, and style for the text.

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12 List of Famous Typographers You Must Follow in 2023

We’ve got a list of 12 famous typographers who were the creative minds behind some famous fonts. Check them out!

1. Lex Wilson

Lex Wilson Typography

He’s a British designer, and is a pro at 3D typography. He uses traditional tools to play with semantics, visuals, and symbols in his freehand work. His tricks involve optical illusions, perspective, lighting effects, and 3D modeling to create captivating pieces. 

2. Peter Strain

Peter Strain Typography

Peter Strain is an award-winning illustrator from Belfast who gets his inspiration from music, movies, and important cultural, social, and political topics. He’s known for his unique style such as blending custom lettering, eye-catching visuals, and a good dose of humor in his art. 

3. Paula Scher

Paula Scher Typography

Next, there’s Paula Scher, a renowned American graphic designer and painter, who is famous for mixing pop culture and fine art. She’s even been called a “master conjurer of the instantly familiar” and was the first female principal at Pentagram. In the ’90s, she made vibrant typographic world maps as a reaction to the overload of misleading news.

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4. Ralph Ueltzhoeffer

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer Typography

He’s one of the famous typographers from Germany who lives in London and Berlin. This guy is known for his “No Clean State” project. He creatively blends text and images to create portraits of famous people, like Madonna, Kate Moss, Dalai Lama, and more.

5. Fred Eerdekens

Fred Eerdekens Typography

He’s an artist from Belgium, who explores the connection between visual images and language. Fred uses materials like copper and nickel to play with light and shadow. You can find his art in museums, such as the Museum in Italy, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, and in the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum.

6. Ged Palmer

Ged Palmer Typography

Ged Palmer is a London-based British artist. He’s one of the 12 famous typographers who is a pro in custom lettering, design, and graffiti. Ged is well-regarded by the International Society of Typographic Designers, the Type Directors Club, and global publications.

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7. Laura Meseguer

Laura Meseguer Typography

One of the famous typographers in 2023 that you must follow is Laura Meseguer. She’s a graphic and type designer from Barcelona who works on various projects. This gorgeous woman works on creating custom lettering for logos as well as designing fonts for branding, books, and publishing.

8. Juan Villanueva

Juan Villanueva Typography

Juan Villanuevan is a type designer and lettering artist in Brooklyn. He’s part of the Monotype Studio in NYC, where he creates custom typefaces for clients like Tencent Sans, Ricky Zoom, and various Google Noto fonts. His designs like Walbaum and Sagrantino are part of the Monotype Library.

9. Ines Davodeau

Ines Davodeau Typography

Ines Davodeau is a graphic designer who’s into editorial and type design. He crafts typefaces for distinctive projects with a strong character. His Asfen display typeface recently got an upgrade with a variable font and it gives users the freedom to customize their look.

10. Alexis Persani

Alexis Persani Typography

Next, Alexis Persani is one of the most famous typographers who’s known for crafting 3D letters and alphabets. A year back, she designed 26 futuristic letters showcased on Fubiz. In her project, she creates letter illustrations with unique textures and influences, using 3D and illustration techniques.

11. Sabeena Karnik

Sabeena Karnik Typography

She is a talented artist who creates letters and words from colorful paper, giving them a lively and tactile feel. Her paper designs are vibrant and full of joy. She’s worked with major companies like Google, Adobe, Instagram, Disney, Tanishq, and more.

12. Pae White

Pae White Typography

Lastly, there’s Pae White, a California artist who combines tech and craft to create distinctive and temporary art. She’s renowned for her hanging mobiles that portray nature and everyday objects. Her art encompasses sculpture, design, architecture, and installations.

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Now, You Know List of Famous Typographers to Follow in 2023!

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