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Creating Mesmerizing Designs from the Web: Webflow University Reviewed


Webflow University isn’t a literal university, for a starter. And now we’re getting that out in the open, let us introduce Webflow University to you properly: it’s a web-based design platform enabling users to produce their best works as seamlessly as possible.

Webflow University visualizes a realm where everybody can produce supple and well-built powerful, flexible websites, and apps as comfortably as they make documents nowadays. It’s because the mere aspect better than the internet is an internet we can all create for.


Webflow University features an extensive course library where users can browse through their curated collections of lessons. These classes are set from beginner to advanced level to accommodate users with various skills so that they can learn web design with fun and produce something amazing from CSS and HTML basics to CMS and SEO essentials.


Recently introduced is Webflow University 2.0, which is self-explained as “a time machine” that visually teach the concepts behind SEO, accessibility, animations, 3D transforms, CSS, HTML, and the principles of long-range quantum entanglement. Users have an option to select from hundreds of educational courses, lessons, and videos to learn web design and development visually—hence their tagline: to “explore the future.”

webflow webflow

Once you’re logged into Webflow University, you’ll get to browse the Dashboard and create New Project. Various templates are available according to your needs:

  • Blank Site: Begin with a completely blank canvas and sketch precisely what you’re envisioning.
  • Portfolio Starter: An ideal starting point for constructing a quirky portfolio without exactly developing from scratch. Users get to adjust each pixel of its spotless, perceptive layout, hence allowing them to prepare a portfolio that sets them apart as seamlessly as possible.
  • Business Starter: Create a professional and exclusive website for your brand or business in no time. Feel free to adjust the contact pages, blog, work, and team to successfully represent your brand or business.
  • Store Starter: Sketch a similarly responsive and distinctive online store with Webflow University’s adjustable template. Coming in a pre-formatted and seamlessly customizable category, product, and checkout pages, every online store using this template won’t need a long time to get finished in perfection.

Available templates you can also choose for your brand:

  • New
  • Free
  • Ecommerce
  • Agency
  • Restaurant
  • Landing page
  • UI Kit

Some of the popular tags circulating the platform are:

  • Portfolio
  • Agency
  • Blog
  • Designer
  • Real Estate
  • One Page
  • Photography
  • UI Kit
  • Restaurant
  • Business
  • Startup
  • Ecommerce

Main Features of Webflow

  • An extensive range of template options, and each comes in loads of features to match users’ needs.
  • A user-friendly platform, suiting beginners to advanced-level designers’ skills

We hope the Webflow University review above helps you with your typography design platform research! We can’t wait to see your creation on Webflow University.

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