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10 Best Calligraphy Font Free Commercial Use

7. Autery Script Font

If you want to add a beauty and personality touch to your designs, calligraphy fonts are the most plausible option. Although these fonts aren’t the most readable, they’ll spice up the design with a creative and aesthetic touch. Fortunately, many best calligraphy font collections are available, but finding the best one is difficult.

Since every font has different characteristics, some calligraphy fonts can be simple or stunning for certain designs. The good news is you have tons of the best free calligraphy fonts that you can choose carefully depending on the message you want to deliver.

Thus, here we’ve compiled our favorite font for commercial use to make it easy for you to find the best one!

Collection of the Best Font Calligraphy Free

Mostly, calligraphy fonts are designed from traditional handwriting with extra elaborate strokes and additional ornaments. As a result, it has its own authenticity and decorative appearance. 

Many artists share their unique calligraphy fonts that have different styles. However, not all fonts are free to use. For premium calligraphy fonts, you need to pay a certain amount of dollars. So, here are our recommended calligraphy fonts that are free for personal and commercial use:

1. Good Vibes

Good Vibes Font

The first recommended calligraphy font is Good Vibes by Peter Olexa. It is a remarkable font with uneven handwriting design. It features realistic imperfections and chunky stroke wishes. This combination indicates the distinct character that makes the work stand out.

2. Germanica Font

Germanica Font

Germanica is one of the best calligraphy fonts with a blackletter design which is great for any special projects and branding. It also has plain, shadowed, embossed, and embossed with shadowing styles. Moreover, it is free for both personal and commercial use.

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3. Old London

Old London Font

Like the previous font, Old London also has a traditional blackletter design. But it’s a modern version with white space between the words and letters. The decorative caps are also pretty compact, with no overabundance of swashes.

4. Miama

Miama Font

If you want thin letters with a feminine touch, consider the Miama font above. As you can see, It presents a charming and feminine handwritten feel. The ascenders and descenders are also pretty long with thin strokes, making them great for greeting cards and other decorative work.

5. Bukhari Script

Bukhari Script Font

Simple yet elegant design with readable letters, Bukhari Script is one of the most recommended letters. It has a bold monoline cursive with several OpenType features. So, you may apply it to create awesome ligatures and variations.

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6. Cursif Font

Cursif Font

Cursif font is an ideal free font for short lines of text. It is formed with a tall and classic calligraphy style that gives an elegant touch to any design. Therefore, you may use this font to attract more readers for specific events, such as exhibitions. 

7. Autery Script Font

Autery Script Font

Autery calligraphy font is perfect for branding products geared toward younger audiences. This font is designed with a chic and captivating design.  Moreover, it has a playful look combining both bold and thin strokes.

8. Nickainley

Nickainley Font

Nickainley is a neatly lined font with a monoline design. It also has a large x-height design that is remarkably readable. You may use the italicized calligraphic for headlines, logos, and others.

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9. Blenda Script

Blenda Script Font

Blenda Script is a font that has a bold headline with an outstanding collection of stylistic alternatives of lowercase characters. Furthermore, readers can read this font effectively with a slightly vintage touch. So it’ll be great for logos and titles.

10. Freebooter Script

10. Freebooter Script

Even though there are a lot of favorite calligraphy fonts, this Freebooter Script will be the last option. It has a precision and elegant design that exudes femininity. Thus, it’ll be the best calligraphy font for your design’s glamorous and refined look.

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Have You Discovered Your Best Calligraphy Font?

Calligraphy fonts are indeed very unique and sophisticated, with a myriad of designs and characteristics. These fonts will be great for titles or highlights that portray the personality of your brand or design. Fortunately, you can find fantastic arrays of free fonts on the internet.

Above are the favorite calligraphy collections you can enjoy for free for commercial use. But, if you want to explore more with authentic and stunning fonts, you can visit Creatype Studio. So, scour its website now to get the best calligraphy font at only $1!

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