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8 Best Fun Summer Fonts to Add Cuteness to Your Design

Summer Font

If you are a new graphic designer and working on a summer project, then you need to know how to create an amazing typography design. Typically, summer tends to be a cheerful and fun atmosphere. Well, you need to choose the right summer fonts to support your design. The choice of font will affect and evoke the emotions of the audience.

Font designs for summer projects usually use beach elements, namely gentle breezes, beach sand, rolling waves, and other summer-related things. In order to give an artistic and cute touch to your design work, you can have a look at a collection of attractive fonts from Creatype Studio.

8 Fun Summer Fonts Recommendations 

Let’s try using the 8 types of fonts below from Creatype Studio to improve your design!

1. Hello Sunny Fun & Bold Typeface

Hello Sunny Fun & Bold Typeface

Hello Sunny Fun & Bold Typeface looks bold with a handwriting-like concept. Writing text using this font will look cute because each side of the letter has rounded corners, so it looks fat. You can use this font for children’s or family theme designs because it can bring an element of joy.

The design of each letter is simple enough to make it look clear. This will certainly increase legibility so it can convey information properly. To use this cute font, you need to pay $20. 

2. Summer Beach

Summer Beach

Next summer font inspiration that presents a simple look but will take your designs to the next level is Summer Beach. This font choice is suitable for those of you who like the look of handwritten typography. Besides having a fun font design, the Summer Beach font also brings a warm feel to summer project designs.

The letters look neat and not too bold. One part of the letters uses double lines so as to give a unique touch. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money to buy this fun font, as it costs around $20.

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3. Crully


To make a design that creates a strong impression of excitement, you can choose Crully. The design of each letter looks wavy, making it suitable for beach event designs. The curly edges of the letters also make it look more unique.

Even though it looks more complicated than the two previous types of fonts, Crully still has pretty good legibility. Curly and wavy details add aesthetics and artistry to the typography

4. After Sunset

After Sunset

A summer font design with a simple and neat handwriting concept that you should use to beautify your typography, namely After Sunset. The shape of the letters is thinner, and the design extends upwards.

If you use lowercase letters, the height of the upper and lower bounds will look even. After sunset font also gives typography a unique and cheerful touch.

5. Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

If you want to use a bold font but look simpler, then you can consider the Sunday Morning font. The appearance of this font is somewhat similar to Summer Beach. Summer Beach only uses double lines on one side of the letters, while Sunday Morning uses double lines on all parts.

In certain letters such as a, b, h, k, l, r, g, j, y, and p provide alternative design choices. The ends of the letters that extend like plant vines present a sweet and pleasant appearance.

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6. Fruiti Juicy

Fruiti Juicy

Another summer font that brings a fun vibe to typographic designs is Fruiti Juicy. The appearance of each letter is bold, and the angles of the curves appear sharp. In order to produce a relevant design, collaborate the font with typical summer colors.

7. Wigglye


if you got a project to make a happy summer event design, use the Wigglye Font with a cute look. The design is like handwriting and added strokes on the outside of the letters.

8. Kelombang


Are you looking for a font with a sweet and cute look? Try using the Kelombang font. The letter design on the Kelombang font is suitable for formal projects but with a casual look. The price of this font is a little more expensive than the previous recommendation, which is $ 23.

What Is Your Summer Fonts Choice?

Those are 8 recommendations for cute summer fonts from Creatype Studio that you can use to present a typography design that is more than mediocre. The price range for the fonts offered is quite affordable, just starting from $ 20 – $ 23. Are you interested? 

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