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10 Best Font Style Aesthetic, Free Download Stylish Font


Nothing makes a designer happier than finding a font-style aesthetic to fill their design. You may realize that every element in a template design has a big impact on the result of the design itself. The same goes for finding the right font for your design requirements.

Aesthetic Font Style for Your Best Design

Let’s look at free font recommendations with many styles with various nuances. You may find the required font here!

1. Basicaline

basicaline font

The first font style aesthetic recommendation came from Basicaline, which is a serif font type with minimal styling. This makes Basicaline looks neat and also gives a formal image. Every constant thin line in this font gives a professional but stylish impression.

2. Rotterburg Stylish

rotterburg stylish font

If you are a fan of basic script fonts with thin lines, Rotterburg can be your next beautiful font collection. In contrast to basic fonts in general, which don’t have many stylistic looks, Rotterburg is very fashionable. Each alphabet has a unique style gives it an elite and aesthetic impression.

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3. TT Ricordi Allegria

TT Ricordi Allegria font

You might think that most typeface fonts don’t have significant stylistic differences. But seeing this font from TT Ricordi Allegria you will think differently. 

It is a contemporary font style aesthetic. At first glance, it looks like a basic font, but many small details make it unique and classy. In addition, you can get 2 different styles of this font which are beneficial for your design. 

4. Vintage Aesthetic

vintage aesthetic font

Typical handwriting fonts like Vintage Aesthetic are perfect for applying to designs requiring a font style name aesthetic. 

Apart from the characteristics of handwriting fonts which have beautiful curves and are not too consistent, this font type is often used to write name initials. Vintage Aesthetic is a handwriting font that is also often found in romantic-themed templates.

5. Mutalish Fashion

mutalis fashion font

Next, the font style aesthetic comes from Mutalish Fashion. It is a serif font that takes inspiration from the modern style of typical fashion brands. If you often read magazines, blogs, or clothing line brand names, you will find many basic fonts that have been created to make them more luxurious. 

Without reducing the value of art, you can also apply this font from Mutalish Fashion to more minimalist and formal designs.

6. Belgan Aesthetic

belgan aesthetic font

Tired of font designs that are too basic? Then this is what you are waiting for. Belgan Aesthetic is here for lovers of aesthetic decoration fonts. 

As one of the serif typeface fonts, Belgan Aesthetic has a design that is full of decoration, stylish but not exaggerated. So that it still prioritizes an elegant and luxurious appearance.

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7. Maglony

magnoly font

Another unique font that you can get is Maglony. When you’re starting to get frustrated about what fonts you should use for your designs, you should try Maglony. This font style aesthetic has a very specific and unique font style. You can apply it to displays, titles, subtitles, and even as initials on your business cards.

8. Hello Stylish

hello stylish font

Some people define aesthetic fonts as those with curves, unique styles, and are not rigid. So, if you are one of them, the font that is suitable for you is a type of handwriting font, calligraphy, or script. 

This Hello Stylish font is a stylish script type with a light appearance. Therefore, you can use this font as a display in a minimalist design.

9. Glory Signature

glory signature font

Still discussing stylish script fonts, the next recommendation comes from Glory Signature. Currently, you can use Glory Signature as a display or title with a romantic and elegant theme. As a modern font style aesthetic, Glory Signature is also suitable to fill in fun or minimalist designs.

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10. Ligatures Script

ligatures script font

Switch to the next font, Ligatures Script is a typical handwriting font with a firm style. You may often find fonts like Ligatures Script in designs with elegant and romantic nuances, such as wedding invitation templates and greeting cards. Therefore, this font will be a great choice whenever you need an aesthetic option!

Fonts Style Aesthetic to Make Your Design Lovable

There are many ways to make your designs easily loved by many people. Choosing a unique font is one of the tips that you must know. You can get other stylish fonts at Creatype Studio beside the fonts above. Not only are the collections massive, but also you may get the font at only $1. So, let’s download it right away!

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