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20+ Valentines Day Fonts to Express the Warmth of Love

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Valentines Day is coming! Many couples around the world will celebrate this sweet moment. This celebration is always identical with chocolate, roses, and greeting cards. To make your greeting card more special and attention-grabbing, ensure you choose the best Valentines Day Fonts from Creatype Studio.

Keep scrolling the screen to unfold the secrets of stunning Valentines Day project designs!

21 Seductive Ideas Valentines Day Fonts

The following best fonts are worth considering to scale up your Valentine’s Day design project!

1. Endless Loveness

Endless Loveness



It will never go wrong to choose a calligraphy font for Valentines Day design objects. The thick and thin strokes on each letter give it a dramatic touch.

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2. Gisella Anistasy

Gisella Anistay



You can bring a warm and sweet feeling to the design by using the Gisella Anistasy font. This Valentines Day font has alternate characters with a love knot design at the end of each letter.

3. Buster




Another fine font option is Buster, which comes with a brush stroke style. Built-in ligatures and alternate characters will spice up your design.

4. Attena




Attena is a modern calligraphy font with excellent readability because the kerning is less dense. Since this font has alternate characters with love knot designs and alluring swashes, it is suitable for darling Valentine’s project designs.

5. Anabella




Valentine’s Day font with fine readability yet tempting is Anabella. Although this font has a medium thickness, the seductive swashes on the alternate characters will make your design spellbinding.

6.  Hallimun Signature

Hallimun Signature



To present an authentic and quirky feeling to your design, try using the Hallimun Signature font. This handwritten writing display will look more effortful, giving a singular impression.

7. Mackyloo




Macklyloo can bring warmth and sweetness to the copy at the same time. Furthermore, the Mackyloo font looks classy and stunning with simple swashes.

8. Hannesy




Hannesy is a happy Valentines Day font that is suitable for giving a bold feel since it has thick letters. Additionally, thinner ligature line strokes sweeten the display. 

9. Franchisca




Make your design more dynamic and supple by choosing the Franchisca font. Ornamental caps and swashes at the beginning and end of the letters will make the writing elegant and dazzling. 

10. Westlynn




If you want an artsy and exquisite typography display, you can try the Westlynn font. Since the brush strokes are quite thick and the kerning is loose, it has fine readability.

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11.   Raysha




Do you want to present a less-is-more concept for your Valentine project design? Consider the Raysha for Valentine’s Day font which looks stunning in its simplicity. 

12. Cristabella




Creating a luxurious and adorable Valentine’s project design will be effortless using the Cristabella font. The curly calligraphy letter design with excellent readability and swashes at the beginning and end of the letters will create a spectacular display.

13. Merlyan




Amplify your design by choosing the Merlian font since it has thick and neat brush strokes. Its simplicity yet modern touch is the secret to heavenly design.

14. Kalyna




Since Kalyna has puffy loops, it will give a strong lovely feel to your design. However, this font looks cute and elegant with rather thin lines.

15. Magically




Another Valentine’s Day font recommendation that will make your design irresistible is Magically. The writhing ascender and descender loops will take your design to the next level.

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16. Brittanya Goldenite

Brittanya Goldenite



Brittanya Goldenite is another simple calligraphy font choice with a catchy design. The kerning is quite loose, making its readability beyond doubt.

17. Gilliant




Do you want to present a design that’s to the point but still classy and stylish with a minimalist touch? Gilliant font can be the ultimate solution for that objective.

18. Alesandra




Another Valentine’s Day font with supple loops is Alesandra. Ascender and descender loops that are less puffy make it look more concise and neater.

19. Eleanor




The Eleanor font gives an authentic artistic touch with very loose kerning. It looks proportional and seductive since it has medium-thickness line strokes.

20. Scarletty




Applying Scarlett font is a surefire trick to grab your audience’s attention effortlessly. This is because of the thick brush strokes and darling minimalist letter design.

21. Sydhartta




Sydhartta font is a stylish signature that will elevate your Valentine’s design project. This minimalist concept will actually create a remarkable design.

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Let’s Use the Best Valentines Day Fonts for Design Bewitching!

In a nutshell, Valentine’s Day font will be perfect for using modern calligraphy types. This is because calligraphy fonts usually have swashes and ornaments which can beautify the typographic display.

You can use all the recommended fonts above by subscribing to Creatypestudio.co. Check out the official website for more font inspiration!

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