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Drawing Illustrations Made Easy with Open Peeps

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Drawing illustrations is not as simple as it seems, especially if you need constant references for fresh designs. Open Peeps helps you create hand-drawn characters with numerous styles, expressions, and body shapes. It is a perfect reference library for illustrators, designers, and brand marketers to draw the perfect characters for your goals.

Getting to Know Open Peeps

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Open Peeps is a free library of illustration references, a place where you can mix and match elements using available vectors. The drawing follows a cartoon style, simple but expressive, with black and white outlines. Open the website, and you will immediately see tons of hand-drawn figures with various expressions and details.

This library uses stock figures called “Peeps” as basic references. You can browse through the collection to find the perfect Peeps for your project. Use your drawing tools to combine elements like hairstyles, facial expressions, hand gestures, clothing, and accessories!

You can use Open Peeps to create illustrations for various purposes. Draw personalized wallpaper and profile pictures, create illustrations for brands, print stickers and posters, create presentation slides, and many more. There are no limits to imagining what you can do!

Main Features of Open Peeps

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Open Peeps offers a collection of Peeps, the pre-drawn illustrations you can download. They come in various gestures, hairstyles (including hair accessories and coverings), outfits, and facial expressions. You can download them in PNG and SVG formats, whether to use directly or modify.

However, you can do so much more with Open Peeps! Other features you can use include:

1. Worry-free Licensing System

Forget worrying about the license status of your stock illustrations! All Peeps are in the public domain, which means you can redraw, modify, print, distribute, display, burn, and remix without any permissions. Feel free to get creative with Peeps without hidden licensing problems!

2. Drawing Tool Compatibility

Get creative with your stock Peeps figures using your drawing tool. Open Peeps is compatible with XD, Figma, Sketch, and other design tools. You can create your figures using the Peeps as the inspiration.

3. Downloadable Library

If you often draw figures for your job, download the Open Peeps library. It gives you the Peeps collection that acts as the “building block”, allowing you to combine vector faces, arms, outfits, hairstyles, accessories, and facial expressions.

4. Showcased Works

Scroll down this web-based vector library to see the “Showcase” section. Look at featured artworks and design projects from various creators to find inspiration.

Why Using Open Peeps?

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 7.09.38 PM

Open Peeps is more than just an illustration library with free licenses. It allows you to create illustrations for various media, from digital to printing and audio-visual. The basic black-and-white hand-drawn figures give you blank canvases to unleash your ideas.

Are you looking for more diversity in your illustrations? Browse through the Open Peeps library and see rich representations. You can find figures on wheelchairs or artificial limbs, people with hijabs, turbans, various natural hairstyles, and a lot of body shapes—a great resource for more inclusive, diverse illustration projects.

Having a library for hand-drawn illustrations gives you the freedom to create various projects, from personal to commercial. Choose Open Peeps to start your design project and unleash your creativity with its wide options.

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