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9 Best Font for Advertising Campaigns in 2023 to Choose

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The best font for advertising has an incredible ability to engage, communicate, and mold perceptions. They perform a crucial role in advertising, grabbing attention, and delivering messages. They are also perfect for creating brand identities that inevitably leave a deep impression on everyone who reads them.

Let’s say you’re looking for the best advertisement font for your marketing project. We can say that you’ve come to the right site. This article has compiled the 10 best font for advertising for you. Thus, you can choose the one that best meets your marketing campaign. Check it out!

9 Best Font for Advertising

Every stroke, curve, and progression of advertisement fonts has the enormous potential to trigger emotions, encourage action, and build a strong connection with your target audience. Therefore, the right advertisement fonts can elevate your marketing campaign from ordinary to extraordinary.

Below are the 10 best advertisement fonts we collected from Creatype Studio. Please decide which font best suits your marketing campaign, from sans serif fonts to display fonts.

1. Mandhy




If you’re looking for the best font for advertising with a thick brush style, Mandhy might be the one for you. Featuring a brush-like writing style with a chunky design, Mandhy can really emphasize the marketing campaign you want to share with your audience.

2. Broster




Second on the list is Broster. This advertisement font comes with a thick and unique brush style with rounded curves at the end of each letter. What’s great about this font is the additional ornamentation on each initial letter of a word. That ornamentation makes it perfect for conveying the message of your campaign.

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3. Modest




Modest, as the name suggests, is an advertisement font bringing a modern yet minimalist style suitable for your various marketing campaign themes.

Coming with a cutout style in each letter coupled with a simple design, we believe Modest can easily win the hearts of your audience and be interested in the marketing campaign you create.

4. Greenos




Fourth on the list is Greenos. If you are looking for an advertisement font with a modern yet beautiful design to embellish your project, this is the best option. Greenos brings a contemporary style and impression to every letter with its bold-thin style, perfect to elevate your various marketing campaigns.

5. Komikaze




You can never go wrong with Komikaze if you’re searching for a comic-style advertisement font. Just look at how it carries a bold style with a little shadow at the end of the letters, strongly symbolizing a comic font. Suppose you have a marketing campaign project with a playful design, Komikaze is the one for you.

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6. Vantage




Vantage might have the same meaning as Vintage. Do you agree with that? If not, try looking at the lettering type in each font identical to the older styles. Aside from that, this font also comes with a bold funk design, perfect for highlighting what you want to convey in your design.

7. Kidos Park

Kidos Park



Are you looking for the best font for advertising to complement the marketing ads for children’s clothing? If so, let Kidos Park embellish your design with its fun and playful font style. What’s awesome about this font is the additional ornaments in some letters, making it look cute and interesting.

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8. Barcelona




Did you come to this article looking for an advertisement font that can complement food product advertising designs? If so, we highly recommend this Barcelona spice up your design.

This font has a bold typeface style, giving it a unique impression to attract your audience to read your marketing campaign.

9. Kids Now

Kids Now



If you are currently working on a marketing campaign for your children’s learning course, this Kids Now might be a suitable font for you to choose. It comes with a font style that pleases bold designs, making it able to explain the intent of your ad design. Do you agree?

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Have You Found Your Best Font for Advertising?

Those are the compilations of the best font for advertising that you can choose according to your marketing campaign needs. As we said, you can get these nine fonts from Creatype Studio

Do you know what Creative Studio is? It is a website offering a wide variety of fonts perfect for beautifying any design project you are working on. One of which is your advertisement design. So, pick Creative Studio and get your ideal font!

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