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Top 7 Bold Fonts for Logos Design that Are Attractive to Look At

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A logo is an essential element for all businesses, so it needs high creativity. If you create a logo design in writing, be sure to choose a type of font relevant to the product or company. You can find recommendations for bold fonts for logos so your design will increase brand recognition among consumers.

Best Bold Fonts for Logos

Another significant point you must pay close attention to when creating a logo design is its unique simplicity so it will give an elegant display. Moreover, the logo must also have good readability. 

You can try the following recommended fonts to create logos, such as food, drinks, barbershop, and other products. Look at the bold font recommendations below that will spice up your logo!

1. New Sushi

1. new_sushi



The design of each letter in the New Sushi font is simple, without additional line strokes. Also, simplicity supported by excellent readability makes this font worthy of your choice for logo design.

New Sushi font comprises uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. The lines in the New Sushi font are not all bold but instead use thin lines on one side. Hence, this combination of extremely bold and thin lines makes it look unique and lovely.

2. Excited

2. excited



The next recommendation comes from the Excited font with a handwriting-style design. This cursive letter suits boutique logo designs, clothing lines, online shops, etc.

Furthermore, this font design is stunning and sweet without many curly lines. On the lowercase letters “i” and “j,” a love ornament replaces the dot. Therefore, it’s best to use capital letters at the beginning and lowercase letters for the rest to make the design more elegant.

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3. Sunday Sports

3. sunday_sport



Other bold fonts for logos that are suitable for designing sports logos or sports items are Sunday Sports. This font provides only uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. In detail, all the letters have the same thickness and are a very simple design.

Besides, the uniqueness of this font is the accents, such as uneven or faded paint. Using the Sunday Sport font, your logo design will look masculine and artsy.

4. Pantelleria

4. pantelleria



A bold font with excellent readability for logo designs is Pantelleria. A logo that uses this font can evoke a feeling of nostalgia because it comes with a classic design. This font feature is complete because you will get uppercase letters, lowercase letters, punctuation marks, and symbols.

Interestingly, this letter design concept that combines classic and unique emphasizes simplicity because there are few line ornaments. The upward snaking line ornament like a hat is only found on the lowercase letter “r.”

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5. Cute Rabbit

5. cute_rabbit_2



Are you working on logo design for children’s products? If so, try using the Cute Rabbit font to make your design lively and adorable. Cute Rabbit is part of the best recommendations for bold fonts for logo design.

The spacing between letters is quite light, so it supports good readability. In detail, this font comes up with uppercase letters only and symbols.

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6. Super Candy

6. super_candy



Another super bold and adorable font choice for a logo design is Super Candy. This font only provides uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers. Each letter has a tapered design but has rounded corners. Apart from that, the bottom of the letters looks fat and puffy, giving an adorable and cheerful feel.

7. Rough Villain

7. rough_villain



The last recommendation that you can bring a rough and masculine feel to your logo design is the Rough Villain font. Not only is it bold, but every letter of this font is also wide. What makes the Rough Villain font unique is the design of the letters using sharp angles.

Meanwhile, the horizontal part ends with a concave design. Another reason this font is worth considering is because it has good readability, is neat, and is not boring. The good thing is that Rough Villain font has full features enabling you to use lowercase, uppercase, punctuation, and numbers.

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Do You Want to Get Bold Fonts for Logos?

Those are seven recommended bold fonts for logos you can create to build product identity and grow brand recognition. What if you need more recommendations? Worry not, you can get more stunning font inspiration on Creatype Studio

Interestingly, these dashing fonts are offered at pocket-friendly prices. Now, let’s scale up your design by choosing a creative and eye-catching font!

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