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25 Engagement Post Ideas to Increase Your Sosmed Traffic

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Winning social media engagement and traffic becomes an uncanny thing! This post compiles proven social media engagement post ideas you can observe, modify and apply right away. 

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Benefit Better Traffic from These Inspiring Engagement Post Ideas!

This article will discuss the engagement you can do on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may also find the tips for improving engagement on social media in common, Without further ado, let’s jump into the discussion! 

Facebook Engagement Post Ideas

  1. Facebook polls to involve your audience in product creation, naming, picking a favorite, or even determining a new post or content topic they want to see. 
  2. Challenge the audience to create captions for photos you post, whether it’s a funny photo, a user-generated photo, and other kinds of stock photos you have.  
  3. Surprise the audience with BTS posts (Behind The Scenes) of video bloopers, video or photo making, to how the product or service is delivered. 
  4. Ask a question post to interact with your customers or followers about things related to your business with simple questions in a refreshing approach. 
  5. Share the company milestone celebration post to attract an audience and allow them to know your company or brand better. This is also a great idea to engage your audience. 
  6. Dedicated video posts can help you improve your engagement rate on Facebook, for example, a basic stop motion video. 
  7. Disseminating content from your company blog still works to engage with the audience through Facebook. 

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Engagement Post Ideas for Instagram

  1. Share a video clip from a podcast your company established as a preview and way to capture your audience’s attention. 
  2. Answer the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) through a Live stream on Instagram and take direct AMA (Ask Me Anything) from your audience during the session. 
  3. Share a countdown on Instagram Story to a product launch, a new vlog, a podcast, or a new blog post. 
  4. Post a #ThrowbackThursday post once in a while with the hashtag.
  5. Throw a prompt in an Instagram post or Story, you can start it by inviting the audience to share their opinion or stories about a specific thing, whether it’s a random one, a slice-of-life, or a topic related to your company. 
  6. Provide a carousel post with infographics based on trends, FAQ with helpful and shareable content.
  7. Make a collaboration post with an influencer with the Collab feature provided by Instagram to broaden the reach and increase your engagement. 
  8. Pinning up an informative, educative, inspirative, or your best post at the top of your find to catch viewers’ attention when visiting your feed. It simultaneously triggers curiosity and provides better reach. 

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Twitter Engagement Post Ideas

  1. Making an announcement post on Twitter will work when you get ones related to your followers’ interest. 
  2. Let your follower know about an upcoming event presented by or featuring your company (product or service) by mentioning concisely in your Twitter post. 
  3. Greet your followers during a celebration and holiday that relates to your followers. Use the demographic data to broaden the spectrum of your holiday greeting post. 
  4. Through Twitter for business, spread a sale or promotion code for your followers. Many love to save money though!
  5. Retweeting interesting shout-outs from your followers can attract attention and spark more interactions. Hence, use this to cover if you accidentally had no better idea or see something interesting for your business.
  6. Share a product review (negative or positive) you stumble upon across Tweets or other media platforms. 

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Common Engagement Post Ideas for Social Media 

  1. Inspirational Tweets also still work on Twitter. You can apply it as a visual post form on Instagram and Facebook as well. 
  2. Try to make a how-to, tips, or tutorial video and share it through Facebook, Reels Instagram, or Twitter. The video content is kinda hype everywhere. 
  3. Quizzes or contest posts are versatile kinds of content.  Even if they were small ones, they encouraged people to react and respond.
  4. Do GIFs and memes still work to engage with your followers and audiences?  Indeed! Define the purpose and set the context to make it relatable and engaging. 

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Consider These Factors to Engage Better!

There are other factors you need to observe before utilizing the engagement post ideas above. The first is a solid understanding of your audience profile and behavior. Then, timing also holds the key to reaching the intended audience.

In addition, deliver content with relatable and catchy visual elements. Put on ideal visual elements proportionally, images, fonts combination, and colors are essentials. If you’re looking for a recommended font type, look no further than purchasing the one from Creatype Studio. So let’s make hype content to engage more!

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