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8 Coffee Shop Branding Ideas You Have to Know

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A coffee shop is a perfect place for people to hang out, meet with family and friends, or a comfy place to get work done. And it’s all because of coffee. Coffee is on the rise these days, and as long as coffee is still popular, it’s a good time to start your coffee shop. You can build your coffee shop branding using these ideas.

8 Ideas to Build Your Coffee Shop Branding

To make your brand reflect who you are, you can use these coffee shop branding ideas:

1. Highlight Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement is the foundation. It is how you base every single thing about your coffee shop. This has to reflect your business perspective, how your employees relations with customers, and what message you want to send. The main important thing is why your customer needs your coffee.

If you already have answers to those questions, you can start thinking about the more detailed things, like what makes your coffee shop special. Is it the menu? The vibe? The customer service? Things like that. 

Try to create a story without words but using decorations, smell, and color scheme. You can put up a short motto too. These factors stand with your brand identity coffee shop

So when a customer steps through that door, they already know who’s your target, where are you coming from, and how they should behave. 

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2. Position in the Market

The first idea aims to find coffee shop branding from within you. This one focused on consideration factors from your surroundings. From the placement of your shop, you can adjust your price and best-selling product. 

Then, your promotional methods can also include some local culture. This way, you can find what makes your coffee shop different from others around you. 

3. Focus on Values

It’s the application of the first idea. It’ll determine how your business is. It involves your staffing, marketing, and the source of your menu ingredients. Your value should be part of your coffee shop branding strategy and mission statement.

You can show your value to your customers or try to communicate it. Try to make their experience in your space memorable and most importantly, show them that you meet your standard.

4. Look and Feel

Your unique brand starts here. Your brand’s logo and aesthetics should reflect your mission statement. You can use these fonts from Creatype Studio for your logo. Here are some of the best font examples: 

a. Jabottabeck


Jabottabeck is a monoline font with a vintage touch that’s perfect for your coffee brand. Its unique touch will add more eccentric feel, grabbing more consumer’s attentions. 

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b. Broster


If you’re looking for more of a slab typeface, use Broster. The pack is loaded with ornaments too. Indeed, this font’s boldness will be one of the factor to attract people coming to your shop. 

c. Thrello


Other than a perfect coffee shop branding, Thrello also radiates an adventurous vibe. The font is monoline brush, so it’s both assertive and wavy.

Remember that your logo should be printed everywhere, from social media, menus, bags, coffee sleeves, and interior. Why? Because it’s a form of marketing too!

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5. Menu

It’s better to offer a simple menu that highlights your mission statement than big unorganized options. It is also crucial to be knowledgeable about your beans, their origins, and how they’re processed. Coffee lovers are more likely to come back if you understand these things. You can also strike up a conversation about it. 

6. Online Presence

These days, an online presence is essential because people tend to look it up first. Showcase your logo on as many social media as you know. Your interior decor, menu, and activities inside your shop can be great content.

It can also become another means of marketing. You can share your coffee shop branding values and prove to the world that you lived up to them.

7. Create Your Uniqueness

Here are some ideas for creating a unique factor for your coffee shop: 

  • You can make your own coffee shop rules, such as: the more polite they are, the less they need to pay.
  • Provide a unique charging port placement.
  • Use coffee for ice cubes rather than regular water.
  • Provide seasonal menu.
  • Use a custom-made coffee cup.
  • Provide unusual seating, like bean bags, gym balls, etc.

8. Create a Brand Book

This idea is mainly to maintain all the elements of your coffee shop brand. A style guideline if you like. All details like what font you use, code of color, your mission statement, your logo, and everything. 

By storing your coffee shop branding, you can keep being consistent about your brand’s identity. It will be a reference for your whole team moving forward. 

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Start Your Coffee Shop Branding Npw!

That’s our take on building your coffee shop branding. These ideas are just general information, but you can always find and create another way to be better. If you need more font selections for your coffee shop logo, visit Creatype Studio. You can get a font for $1 only. There are a lot of options that’ll suit your needs. So, get them now! 

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