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Top 20 Font for Clothing Brand, Most Luxurious and Elegant


Own a clothing line? Make sure that you use the fonts that represent your brand. It appears as an unimportant thing, but choosing fonts for clothing brands is one of the branding key parts. 

Find out one of a font kind for your clothing business branding element in this post!

20 Best Fonts for Clothing Brands in Exquisite Styles

Here is the list of curated fonts that speak elegance for your clothing branding. 

1. Bulgatti


Bulgatti comes in medium weight in each of its glyphs, with solid ligature, and smooth stylistic alternates. Besides, little swashes that look natural to each of the characters add a sophisticated vibe through simplicity. This font is a flawless choice for exclusive and elegant apparel such as suits, tuxedos, and even accessories. 

2. Estrela Signature

Estrela Preview 1

In case you’d prefer to use handwritten typefaces for a feminine clothing brand, Estrela Signature will do the magic in catching consumer attention. The weight and height of the characters are different, it seems like realistic handwritten letters which bring an intimate feeling effortlessly. 

3. Montrelo

Montrelo Font

Fancy the sans-serif typefaces? You can ignite the stylish and classy tone of your apparel brand using Montrelo sans serif font. Although sans-serif can be boring, Montrelo surely has a distinctive vibe. The typeface provides an exclusive mood whether you use it in large or small sizes.  

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4. Estylle Madison

Estylle Preview 01

Calligraphy fonts are always suitable for branding, editorial design, and also logos. The prominent reason is the features they have, like the swash forms both in the initial and final characters. Estylle Madison by Creatype Studio comes with flowy ligature for lower cases and various kinds of swashes for your clothing branding and logo.

5. Massyabhan

Massyabhan_Cover 1

Looking for a distinctive font for a clothing brand logo? You can create an exclusively elegant look for the logo by using the Massyabhan Arabic font. Some of the glyphs come with ornaments like visible and thick dots, which mimic the actual Arabic letters. Still, this ornamental font is legible and classy. 

6.  Connecticut


Connecticut is the serif font that instills suave touch in a modern way. This font is the right vintage typeface to incorporate with clothing products that have the 60s and ’70s feelings, especially for men’s apparel. 

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7. Mossley


The fact that handwriting fonts are timeless is undeniable. But Mossley comes with a natural handwriting look with its oblique typeface style. Implement Mossley typeface, and its harmonious ligature in your product packaging and design will help you highlight the classy look of your brand. 

8. Aksana


Using brush lettering fonts for clothing brands is not taboo. Rather, the thicker brush strokes it has a match to sound a louder branding statement. Aksana has that manly dashing mood. Hence, it is applicable for clothing items’ labeling, packaging, and photography. 

9. Modest

Cover Modest

You may consider letters with gaps between their joints and strokes to appear informal. In fact, that serif font style called stencil functions as a high-legibility font. 

In addition to that function, Creatype Studio creates Modest stencil sans with supple alternate choices you can put as elegant ornament for the clothing brand design and branding project. 

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10.  Mackyloo


Stamp your elegant and formal clothing items in consumers’ minds using Mackyloo typefaces. As a script font style, Mackyloo comes with versatile decorations. Pick this font for clothing brand if you want to synergize casual touch with classy vibes. 

It still is amazing to represent especially feminine clothing products, such as wedding dresses and dresses.

11. Chanceux

Chanceux Font

With a casual touch, this old-looked serif font style fits the clothing product branding project, both for women and men. You can use Chanceux as a web font, or apply all the extensive glyphs in product labels, photography, and packaging. 

12. Porcelain

Porcelain Preview 01

When you examine the Porcelain typeface carefully, you’ll see that each of the characters has a different weight and width which make the strokes look sleek and clean. Those characteristics make this font look humbly elegant. It works well with women’s luxury clothing brands.

13. Dastend


Dastend is a combination of brush and script font styles that become a versatile yet classy choice of fonts for clothing brands. Along with the tag or product label, use this font as the text element in brand advertisements or packaging to leave the brand marks in mind. 

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14. Sebastian


Looking for a classical ornamental font? Sebastian Fashion Modern Serif is here to serve you. The stylistic alternate and swashes of Sebastian come with a thin sleek width which brings the lap of luxury. Perfect for a luxurious clothing brand packaging, and logo. 

15. Broadway Vintage

vintage font

Another vintage typeface you can opt for to represent an elegant clothing brand is Broadway Vintage. Although it is a monoline typeface, since inspired by the retro and chic Broadway style, you’ll get extensive options for glyphs including simple ligatures and stylistic alternates in clear strokes. 

16. Kingston Brush

Kingston Brush

Another brush typeface that you may want to have as a branding element is Kingston Brush. This font looks like handwritten-made letters using a thin-brushed pen. Adding the swashes or combining the regular glyphs with the loose alternate version will make your branding design appear elegantly attractive. 

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17. Moores


Moores has that geometric style touch while being in the serif typeface family. Yet, the decorative version actually makes this font look stunningly lavish. 

18. Magnifyco


Magnifyco incorporates script typeface style in bold mode. The thickness of the stroke of its characters provides better readability. This aspect makes this font versatility more presentable. You can use it for rough items or feminine ones in luxury or casual brand products. 

19. Kulldesak


This typeface seems more playful rather than elegant. Yet, when you combine Kulldesak with a serif typeface, you‘ll be surprised by the result. The minimalist touch of its stylistic alternate version simply puts a sophisticated touch on your product branding. 

20. Hurtley


Hurtley presents you with a chunky version of the script typeface style. Even though sometimes chunky font widths make them look playful or cheerful, this typeface can still bring an energetic aesthetic vibe to a luxury clothing brand.  

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What Font is Used for The Champion Clothing Brand?

Many references reveal that geometric sans serifs are their primary choice. The reason is geometric sans serif is highly eligible yet quite eye-catching. However, there are tons of plain and decorative typefaces Creatype Studio has created to portray the elegance, exclusivity, or luxury of clothing brands.  Explore more of them on the official website!

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