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Watercolor Font: 15+ Vibrant Fonts for an Artistic Branding

Watercolor Font 15 Vibrant Fonts for an Artistic Branding scaled

A watercolor font is a decent choice to make your brand look more creative and expressive. Many watercolor fonts have brush or script-like styles to add some handcrafted feel. Moreover, a watercolor-like font can evoke various atmospheres. Thus, you can highlight any expression you want to share in your projects. 

Check our list below to see the most fitting one for your branding!

16 Stunning Watercolor Font Choices for Designer

Let’s look at our curate nominees of watercolor typefaces in the following list below! 

1. Brighnesy 

Brighnesy font, the water-color font

Add Brighnesy font to give your branding and marketing materials a classic and elegant touch. With its brush-like strokes, your overall design will look natural with paint or watercolor themes. 

2. Mandhy 

Brush-like font, Mandhy font

Mandhy font has upright strokes with brushy texture which makes the design look artistic. Additionally, the font will look great in watercolor or ink effect. You can employ this font in headers, posters, or social media posts for an eye-catchy branding  element.

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3. Gorock 

Hard brush font, Gorock font

Gorock font has the natural quality of the brush style. Plus, it has various ligatures and swashes to improve the charm. Thus, this font matches the paint-themed design. 

4. Grayson 

the Grayson font

Grayson font will be a perfect choice If you want a watercolor font that blends with a fun and playful theme. The characters have textured effects that can fit in a painting or watercolor design. On top of that, the fun design of the font will be suitable for children or kindergarten design products. 

5. Hildany

the preview of Hildany font

Hildany font has solid strokes with a grainy texture similar to chalk or stamp effect. However, it is still a match for painting style design. Thus, the overall design will look more casual yet modern. 

6. Jattayu

the preview of Jattayu font

Jattayu font is a rough brush font to boost your design. Its catchy design will be a decent option for numerous design projects, such as merchandise, labels, watermarks, and invitations. 

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7. Sunquish

Sunquish brush font

The next watercolor paint font is Sunquish font which has distinguished texture and neat spacing. As a result, the font is suitable for evoking an elegant and fresh atmosphere. 

8. The Brown Fox

The Brown  Fox brush font

The Brown Fox font has a simple design. However, its simplicity highlights modern and outstanding vibes for your brand. Explore the font utilization for various projects, like posters, labels, or product packaging. 

9. Samanthy

The elegant brush font, Samanthy font

Samanthy font is an elegant font with astounding loops and swashes. This font can be a perfect match to highlight watercolor or painting themes in your projects. The refined shape of the font will make your project feel more intimate.

10. Kayooh

Japanese-style brush, Kayooh font

If you want to make a Japanese-style design, the Kayooh font will complement your project. This font will exude a Japanese vibe to your work. Thus, you can create some Japanese watercolor designs with this font. 

11. The Brand Quest

A fancy brush font, The Brand Quest font

This brush font is charming and fancy. The brush strokes look natural. In general, the Brand Quest font would fit invitations, school projects, and quotes, and design with feminine and warm mood or tone, including design in watercolor theme. 

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12. Merlyan

Merlyan brush font

The following watercolor font is Merlyan font. This font has a distinct texture that looks like a brush shape. Although the typeform seems untidy, it makes the design look like an actual natural handwriting. Therefore, this font will suit casual and fun design projects.

13. Byonlhy

The water-color brush font, Byonlhy font

Byonlhy font employs a robust design with its messy lines. As a result, the font has a vibe of bravery and masculinity. However, the delicate lines of this font could go well with a watercolor theme in your branding. 

14. Wildrock

A Hard brush font, Wildrock font

The Wildrock font is a font that looks like watercolor since its characters’ shapes mimic the shape of the hard brush strokes. With that attribute, this font evokes freedom and power vibes. By using this font in your watercolor design, you can create a warm yet empowering message to your audience.

15. Misrelly

Misrelly, an elegant water color brush font

Give a feminine nature to your brand with Misrelly font! This font will heartily give a sense of peacefulness in your design. Thus, your brand will have a more personal and friendly look. 

16. Holyson

The classic script font, Holyson font

Holyson font will evoke a pleasant vibe but still maintain its professionalism. This font is for you if you want a classic but casual font. 

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Discover More Fabulous Watercolor Font Collections in Creatype Studio!

Using a watercolor font will give a fresh impression to your branding. Your business will look more expressive about what you want to share with your audience. 

Expand your font choices for your branding by visiting the Creatype Studio website. We offer a broad array of wonderful fonts that will add charm to your design. Let’s shop or try a hot $1 deal to try out all of the fonts now!

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